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  1. I should have mentioned that the whole thing is fascinating - lots of great photos - I look at the latest every day - the code on the parachute was interesting, Discovering the TB is a bonus. It will be interesting how is appears on the lander.
  2. As soon as I log my discovery of the Mars TB, I will be deleting my name from the "Watch-List" for the TB. Who needs 14,000 messages that the TB was discovered
  3. I have several of the GC5HVZF - Pi Day Marathon Geocoins available for trade or sell. I am looking to trade for the following versions. - RCGD5 Pi Day - 3.14.15 - GC5J6QZ Atlanta, GA - Portugal - SAD Edition - I8 sum PI Hawaii - South Africa Sunset - Region TRIER - Manitoba, Canada - Tampa Bay Florida - Novago Pi Day 2015 I have enough extra Marathon Pi Day Coins to cover these trades and several more - Please contact me through my geocaching profile
  4. I still have several Nova Scotia 12-12-12 Event geocoins for trade - both versions (V1 & V2) - bronze and copper. (from my event GC40F9F - 12-12-12 Event - Northern Ontario Style)(Coins ordered before I left Nova Scotia for a new job in Ontario Canada Looking to trade for other 12-12-12 geocoins Do you have any left from your event to trade? jleecollins
  5. My only point in all of this, if we are going to count Tree Plants as CITO Events, lets get it specially put in the Guidelines. It is not there now. The only trash that I have even see taken out in any Tree Plants I have been involved in, is maybe the garbage after any meal we had with it.
  6. I still do NOT think a Tree Plant is a CITO events. There is no mention in the guidelines about a tree plant or anything like it. A CITO event is a environment trash clean-up event. Your interpretation just does not cut it for me. I have been involved with many Tree Plants activities with the Scout - it is a great weekend and lots of fun. We typically planting 1500 to 2000 trees each year. Several years ago when I tried to have a Tree Plant as a CITO event, it was rejected by the reviewer, even though I mentioned in my notes that my event was modeled after an event in Southern Ontario by a well known geocachers. The reviewer went even as far to state that he probably should not have approved that event. We did go on to have our event as a regular geocaching event, but we could not mention that a tree plant was involved.
  7. Since when has a Tree Plant Activity become a CITO Event? There has been at least one CITO - Tree Plant Event published lately? This is what is stated in the cache guidelines: "The CITO event cache category was added to differentiate cleanup events from other types of event caches. Use this category when you are asking geocachers to show up on a particular day to pick up litter at a park, remove piles of junk near a popular waterfront, etc." This is even stated in the section on "CITO Program". http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#cito There is no mention about Tree Plants in the guidelines for CITO Events. Several years ago I tried to have a CITO Event which involved a Tree Plant but it was refused by the reviewer.
  8. If you download this way to a Garmin Oregon, you can switch from GC Codes to Cache Names by going into "Setup" on the GPS. I wonder if you can the same way with a Garmin60CSx?
  9. Why does "Gia-Pet" come to my mind?
  10. My wife "pnutbeagle" and I geocache with our 2 beagles (Spike and Peanut) so much that they have their own account as "The Monster Beagles"(with >400 finds). They are welcome companions with the other geocachers in the Thunder Bay area, also. They also make so much noise that we never have any encounters with any wildlife (bears, etc.)
  11. I have lost more caches to bears than muggles. But that is a way of life in Northern Ontario. The bears make poor geocachers - never up the cache back where they find it - think it is food sometimes and try to eat it (any cache containers have been treated to remove any "smellables") - don't provide any maintenance if they break them - stay around the cache location so other geocachers can not get to the cache location - attract too many muggles wanting to take their pictures.
  12. Yea, I knew what the original question was. I thought it was about time everyone got back to the original discussion.
  13. So what exactly where we talking about here in this thread?
  14. He wasn't so lucky in this case was he?
  15. While out doing cache maintenance today, I found a wrapped unused condom in a well-used wallet in one of my caches. I disposed of both shortly after.
  16. I think it is about time to divide the caches in Ontario between Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. which probably be 0.0001 or less in Northern Ontario and 0.26 in Southern Ontario GTA is probably over 0.50 for density
  17. Is there a problems with the website that the Ontario Trails Maps are on? Can't seem to go get into it at the moment
  18. So, a Platinum Membership is like a "secret society with a secret agenda"!, not unlike the __________.
  19. Sorry I give the wrong Cache Number for the WWFM VII - Polka Dots at the Pagoda It should be GC232C1
  20. My WWFM VII - Polka Dots at the Pagoda Event GC232W0 in Thunder Bay Ontario on May 15, 2010 was approved on February 17, 2010
  21. Check out: http://www.theobserver.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1680060 If this isn't an opportunity for a geocaching event - what isn't? Date should be August 15, 2010
  22. My Old Magellan Meridian Gold use to max out at 999 km/hr but didn't go any further since it only had 3 digit for speed. Don't ask how I found that out.
  23. Cache Machine - Transfer Some Cache - by Flotsum & Jetson - GC1WM4D is one of these caches located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba
  24. Does this count? My sister and I were geocaching at Oak Hammock Marsh - north west of Winnipeg this past summer and we got into a nest of wood ticks. Between her, her dog and I we must have picked up about 150 ticks. It made for interesting driving back to the city - picking off ticks and throwing them out the window. I think I was finding ticks for hours after.
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