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  1. I have a 60cs, and it is a great unit! But.. 1. the tracklog should not be limited by size. If I want to fill up the whole memory with just one log, I should be allowed too. 2.When storing an active log internally in the gps, it gets compressed! That means all timedata is lost! This is really stupid for pilots like me who uses logs to confirm flights (elevation,location,time). Garmins code really should be open so groups with different needs could get their own configurations/features, like with linux: If it's not there, somebody somewhere is going to programme a solution.
  2. Same thing here. The lines in my topo-Norway maps seem to be almost gone. This sucks, so I hope they fix it. Maybe it is possible to flash my 60cs back to 3.10? Will contact Garmin and let them know.
  3. The highway page is very nice when navigating on water and I only need to follow a stright line from waypoint to waypoint. I have used it a lot when saltwater fishing.
  4. I have the regular automount for my 60cs, and it works fine. Seems sturdy. The only drawback is that it is somewhat cumbersome to attach/detach the external powercord.
  5. I also got my new 60cs from getfeetwet.com. $440 including int. postage. From Los Angeles to the outback of Northern Norway in 5 days! Great service from Colin and the getfeetwet team!
  6. I am now waiting for my 60cs that I ordered online from www.getfeetwet.com. For a few days more it is possible to take advantage of the $20 "preorder discount" and therefor get the unit for $395. Their 2 year warranty is also a nice touch. If you saved a buck from this tip, please feel free to mention my email address in the "Special Instructions" box during the "checkout ;-) Thanks. (I don't work there or know any who does, I just like their service) Regards kjellsve33@hotmail.com
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