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  1. I didn't like the stock map on my Legend, not enough detail, so I got the Roads and Rec. disc and loaded it up and now I'm more than happy. I believe that it doesn't really matter which one you buy that your going to want more detailed maps than the stock unit gives. Might as well figure on buying the discs at time of purchase if ya want detail. Might want to keep an eye at www.gpsworldsupply.com , sometimes they offer units with a disc as a unit for a very good price. Nick T
  2. Just got done measuring a fire with mine, accuracy was at 9ft. but it seemed to take forever for it to lock my position. Nick T
  3. No need to download anything to log a find. Just go to the caches' page, click on the cache log button, and type in your find. Oh, and congrats on locating your first cache! Nick T
  4. On the joystick, it takes a little getting use to but it really isn't a problem. The text is about as good as ya can expect on a small screen. I have no problem reading it but I keep my waypoint names small and to the point. I'm sold on Garmin units. Not saying anything about the others but my Legend takes a beating from daily use. Had to send it back in once because the screen went out on it and their customer service is second to none. Got a brand new unit back in one week with all my waypoints pre-loaded into it. Nick T
  5. The gas prices in my area are probably some of the lower in the country and it's still going to effect caching, well any extra activities really, if it keeps climbing at the rate it's going. It's high time for something to be done about it. They can't eat sand over there. Nick T
  6. My 2 blown knees don't hardly hold a candle to carleen and scout master. But anyhow, can ya post a picture of your walking staffs? Nick T
  7. OK, I didn't know this. Where does the inaccuracies start showing up? Lives depend on the accuracy of the information I give them from my unit, I don't only use GPS for play. I'm using this in a relatively small area, one state, and it has been flawless so far. Nick T
  8. You know you're a geocaching addict when ... your idea of a work day consists of planning caching routes and printing off cache pages and maps.
  9. Keep seeing all these posts with thisx60= seconds and such and can't figure out why more folks aren't using UTMs where 4+2=6. Is there some sort of advantage of using Lat/Long that I'm missing? The UTM maps and system are really easy to understand and learn, expecially for someone that is new to GPS/Map applications. What's the deal with this? Nick T
  10. Don't know if your unit will do this but maybe try setting the unit to UTMs and see if you can inter all the coords in that format. All I've ever dealt with is UTMs in navagation and it seems to be alot easier to use maps with over lat/long. Nick T
  11. I see your point on this Gizmo, didn't really take in consideration the fact of folks having multiple caches. Maybe what mistaken4sisters suggests is a better way of doing business........ I'm new to this thing also so I'm not real set in the way I do things yet and always lookin for things I can do to better the enjoyment of the sport. I know if someone took my signature card and pin from a cache that I've visited I wouldn't be upset. Thanks for posting up. Nick T
  12. In the deep south your usually caught "P"ing on a nearby tree, so the usual greeting is running the opposite way the other cacher is approaching in a very strange manor while while trying to keep your GPSr from falling out from under your armpit, then returning and submiting a VERBAL greeting and pointing the other guy in the wrong direction. Nick T
  13. Personally I tend to stay away from signature items in caches. I feal that the signature items are left specifially for the cache owner and the other items left by the cache owner and visitors are good for the trading. I'm not saying that I'm right or anything, this is just my way of doing business. Nick T
  14. Thinking of going with one of these 2 to go paperless. For the price of one of the better PDAs I can get a pretty decent laptop, and with a 12V converter I can have it up and running in the truck. The laptop would give me alot more capabilities, but I notice that a bunch of ya'll around here are using PDAs. Am I missing something? Nick T
  15. That unit totally stinks for geocaching! You need to box it up and mail it to me quick before it explodes and someone gets hurt!!! Mailing addy is..... HEHEHEHEHE, very nice unit, you will enjoy. Nick T
  16. Personally, if I visit a cache that has signature items in them I leave them alone if they're identified as such. I feal that these items are property of the cache or its' owner because it was placed there in trade for an item that was placed there by the owner. I'm new to this game, only been out and found 2 caches so far, and maybe I'm looking at this in the wrong way. I've placed my first cache and its' had its' first visitor, and he left a signature item. Now with this being the first find on my first cache I'm going to take that item, probably put it on my bullitin board, this'en has a special meaning to me. Is this wrong? If I see and want to grab other signature items from my cache would this be wrong? I have a full list of what items I've placed in my cache posted on the ID page so folks know what to expect to find in there. Not really trying to start a full fledge debate here, just want to know what's exceptable before I commit a cacheing fopah' (SP?). Nick T
  17. What's right, the stuff left by people visiting the cache is property of the owner of the cache or property of the cache? The way I see it is that if something is left by someone visiting in return for taking an item and the cache owner is good about keeping the cache restocked then if the owner decides he wants to keep the momentos it's OK. What's ya'lls thoughts on this? Nick T
  18. I'm new to geocaching but have used a gps for about 8 months now at work. I've got the Legend and the maps from the Roads and Rec. disc. The stock maps kinda lack, but when I loaded up the Mapsource stuff it made all the difference in the world. The 8MB memory is plenty with the detail provided on this disc, not too much detail but plenty for my uses. For $175 shipped I think they're hard to beat. Nick T
  19. Funny callin them "Crawfords" I help handle Crawford County here in GA, and out of the 3 people stationed there ya couldn't make a computer literate outa them if ya combined all 3 brains! Nick T
  20. "If gas prices don't start going down I bet I won't be the only one caching this way." or...... "Where's the color coordniation button on this thing." Nick T
  21. Hi ya'll! I've heard of this game before but just started poking around a bit and looks like it could be a load of fun. I've had a GPS for a couple of months now, bought it for measuring fire sizes at work, woodland firefighter, and also marking hunting spots that I can't seem to find while boating in the dark. The set-up I'm currently using is the Etrex Legend with the Roads and Rec. maps loaded in it. It's served its' purpose well and doubt I'll have to upgrade anytime soon. If anyone has an extra cig. lighter power cable that'll fit this unit please let me know. It loves batteries! I didn't realize that there was so many people in the central GA area that is Geocaching. I did a search by zip code and a cache found yesterday is only about a mile from where I work, knew exactly where it was by the discription. Noticed that the GA Association is having a meeting in Macon this Sat., is this an open meeting or do ya have to sign up before hand to show up? My work has been hectic the past week and not sure if I could make it there or not but if I can break away I'd like to attend. Notice that one of the main points of conversation is going to be UTM coords. and this is what I use at work and am pretty versed in their use. I find them alot easier to learn to use than Lat/Long in my applications. But anyhow, sorry for the rambling. Just really wanted to say howdy and I might be setting out some caches in the central GA area that'll be pretty challenging. Nick T
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