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  1. I have noticed on many user prifiles an X amount hides are distinct with a few not falling into that distinct catagory. what is the differance between a distinct find and ones that are not distinct? how would one go about sorting out your finds that are not distinct finds and converting them over to distinct? thanks... ~
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    I have a suggestion. Create a souvenir for cache owners who have kept a cache up and running (active) for a period of 10 years or longer. I would also like to see an ICON on these vintage caches (10+) when doing a search, as many cachers now like to seek these older hides out. thanks ~ desert dawg
  3. So what you're trying to say is you want to know who's continuously watching your hides AND see who's sporadicaly glancing at them? I've asked "what's the difference" for some time now. The audit function is the only thing I personally would like to see gone. - Well, I'm not too fond of challenges either, but that's off-topic. I'm not trying to say anything but what I say.. But YES, enjoy the game and I do want it all. I think privacy issues are generating way to restrictive rules. Just where will it all end? If this issue is really a problem, may I suggest Groundspeak place a checkbox on members profile page, something like the situation on friend requests, so a cacher can "opt out" of having his GC handle show on these various lists. I would like to see the defalt as "your in".. Unless you check the opt out box.. just an idea. ~ thanks you ..
  4. gee, don't remove the audit log feature.. its a great premimum member perk... I have been planting caches for over 10 years and have had no privacy issues complaints to date.. <<< thank you >>>
  5. What about audit logs on premumum caches? CO can see who visited, first date visited, last date visited and how many visits a cacher has made to his listing? and a big blue link to the visiting cachers profile... how can watch lists be a privacy issue and not audit logs? Someone could ask a cacher why he had visited his cache listing XX amount of times?
  6. I feel it would be a big plus if premimum members could view a list of who is on " watch list" for their published caches. I know I have caches with 9 to 12 cachers on the my watch list, I would really like to know who is watching my caches. ~ desert dawg
  7. BookHud, I applied for the Sams club rebate on line @ SamsClub.com. then click on rebates, they will walk you through the process.You will need your dated receipt. Nothing to mail. ON the magellan $50. rebate, you need the barcode off the clamshell pack only. There is no bar-code on the topo cd only on the GPS box. Magellan told me to just send the code in off the bundle, not each seperate item and a COPY of the reciept. Good luck, Dawg
  8. I also received my $100 Sams Club rebate yesterday, (Sportrak Map) as you did not need the bar-code to get it, I also sent in for a $50. Magellan rebate that required just a copy of the original sales receipt and the bar code. That $50 magellan rebate ended in Dec 02. You had to buy the unit and the Mapsend topo, It all came in the Mapsend Pack. I called Magellan and they advised me to send it in, but I am still waiting for the check. Magellan advised me it will take up to 10 weeks to get their rebate. With both rebates, ($150.00 total) it makes the package a sweet deal. BW
  9. Joey, Sorry It took me awhile to respond. I found them at the Sams stores in Layton Ut and Ogden Ut, both had them for the $ 100.00 rebate During December. You might try the Web-Site for Sams. Good Luckk BW
  10. Was in Sams Club Yesterday and they had lots of Magellan Sportrak Map Bundle packs for $249. with a $100. rebate from Magellan. Your final cost is $149.00. + sales tax. These come with the GPS/Carring Case & belt clip/ MapSend Topo CD and PC cable.
  11. New Sportrak constantly turns its self off. Some times it will run 10 minutes but usually after only 3 to 5 minutes is shuts it's self down. I have the auto power off timer set to OFF. In a half hours time I have to Re-boot it mabe 4 or 5 times, this is gettiing old. Is this common or do I have a defective unit. It's only 20 days old. Thanks DD
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