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  1. I have to say, v3.70 is the first firmware upgrade I've been satisfied with since v3.40. The versions in between had a bug that made it impossible for me to drive with guidance text turned on. Also, with v3.70, a side benefit has been that my 60cs seems to find the sats quicker and implement WAAS differentiation much sooner. Overall, I must say I'm extremely pleased with v3.70. Sorry to hear it has caused you guys lockups, because believe me, I know how you feel. I suffered with the "locks up when approaching certain roads" bug for -- what has it been, 6 months or more since v3.40?
  2. Today, I drove through three of the places where my 60cs used to lock up every time (actually, two of them were the same spot, but approaching from opposite directions). No lockups at all. The new v3.70 has definitely fixed the problem -- I'm happy. GOT GPS - I agree that the data fields get in the way of the map, but I use two fields when routing, one that says time until next turn, the other that gives the ETA. I find both very useful. The time to next can give you a heads up not to pay attention to it for a while, or when you need to be ready for the next turn. The ETA is useful for obvious reasons. Also, I like the guidance text on when not routing because it tells you the names of cross-streets before you get to them. I turn off the data fields when not routing (a feature I wish for is data fields to appear only when routing). The lockups only happened at particular roads, so you might never get a lockup unless you found one of the "hotspots," so I'm not sure it's worth trying to get it to lock up. I just happened to figure out the problem because one of the hotspots is on a route I drive every day. Glad that v3.70 fixed it!
  3. Holy cow -- this time they really did fix the lockup problem I've been having since v3.43beta! I tested it this morning at a location where it locked up 100% of the time before. See my old thread here about the problem I was having: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=90319 I am pleased I can finally use the guidance text "always on" option again while driving! Thanks, Garmin!
  4. Following up on this old post with the new v3.70 software. I am VERY pleased to say that the bug has been fixed (finally!). This bug has been around for a long time, and I have to say that my hopes weren't high when I tested it out today, but for the first time since v3.40 of the software, I had no lockup at the "hotspot" on my way to work. I am extremely pleased. That was the only bug I've had with my 60cs since the very early versions of the firmware.
  5. Well, they had posted that fix once before, for the beta update last month, and it got me all excited. But it wasn't fixed, at least for me when approaching certain roads with guidance text "always on" and not autorouting. I exchanged e-mails with Garmin (thanks to one of my posts here and some help from a Groundspeak member), and was told they were aware it was a problem and this time they fixed it, and it would be in the next non-beta release. I'm assuming this v3.70 is the release they meant, and this new fix is why they listed it again in the release notes. I haven't had a chance to test v3.70 yet, but my fingers are crossed. It will be easy for me to test -- one of the spots where it locks up every time for me is on my way to work. Firmware v3.40 and earlier doesn't lock up, but the betas that followed v3.40 and everything since has locked up. As I said, my fingers are crossed, and I'll definitely post here if it actually (finally!) works for me! At the very latest, I'll find out Monday when I drive to work.
  6. That's normal. The basemap is far from exact, just a close approximation. You'll notice the roads are a series of connected lines, too. Try some of the detail maps for your area, and you'll see they are much, much better. Unless the cache coordinates are wrong (unlikely), they won't display as inside the lake boundaries.
  7. ... or 60cs. I assume the 76 series is the same.
  8. You are correct -- if it is on any page but the map page (or if it is on the map page but either is routing or has guidance text turned off), then it won't crash. For a while, I would quickly hit "page" to go to the compass page before driving through the hotspot I always hit on my way to work, then I'd hit "quit" once I passed through it, to go back to the map page. The problem is that I would forget to do this all the time. Not to mention I shouldn't have had to do it in the first place. I've found the best solution is to put guidance text on "only when routing." I just wish I could turn it on and leave it on, as I could in the earlier firmware versions (v3.4 and earlier). As I said above, supposedly Garmin has already fixed this bug, and it will be in the next non-beta firmware update. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Maybe the newer versions of Mapsource are different, but in my older version, there's no need to cut & paste -- you just select maps from one mapset, then click on the drop-down menu to change to another mapset and you can select the maps from there, too. They all go onto a list of what you'll upload when you finally click on the upload button. On my 60cs, I have City Navigator maps, 24k East maps, US Topo Maps, and marine tide point maps, all overlapping. I didn't have to do any cutting and pasting or run more than one instance of Mapsource to get them uploaded. HTH!
  10. If you turn off the display of City Select (or City Navigator) maps, you can't autoroute. Did you do that by accident? Go to map setup and make sure your CS or CN maps are turned on.
  11. I thought I was done adding to this thread, but Vlad's contact at Garmin cartography wrote me back today (thanks again, Vlad!), letting me know he'd forwarded my bug report to the 60cs engineers. Immediately after I sent a thank you to him, I received a note from the 60cs beta s/w engineer that he was aware of the issue and had recently fixed the bug -- specifically, he said, "It was a problem, like you said, with approaching certain roads with the navigation text displayed. I sent software to someone else for testing and they confirmed the problem was fixed. I hope to have a non-beta release out soon." So it sounds like it is indeed fixed in the next release. I am keeping my fingers crossed -- the current beta on Garmin's site has in the release notes that it "fixes a lockup that occurs when approaching certain roads," but obviously it didn't fix the lockup I describe, since I'm running that beta s/w now... so I hope this is a new fix. It sounds like it is, so I'm cautiously optimistic. If you are reading -- thanks to Garmin for responding!
  12. One last update, then I'll shut up about my problems with my 60cs. I tried what I said in my reply immediate above this one -- deleting all maps and loading just the CN maps for my area. Then headed out to one of the hotspots. Still crashed at the same point. Oh well.
  13. Interesting. I was able to pinpoint two more places where my 60cs locks up, and both are where two major roads cross, as Multi-GPS suggested -- Rt 123 N (haven't tried S) crossing under the Dulles Toll Road, and Rt 7 W (haven't tried E) crossing over the Dulles Toll Road. The original one I mentioned above was Rt 7 E or W crossing over the Beltway. Each spot is one major road crossing over or under another. Interestingly, it doesn't lock up when I drive through the same spot on the other road. All three of those spots are within about a 5 mile radius. Another thing Multi-GPS mentioned is that he has a lot of maps loaded. So do I -- US Topo, Ntl Parks East, CN 5, and tide points. I think I have an overlapping CN, US Topo, and tide point map for this area. I will try deleting all maps and loading only the CN maps for the area and try again to see if somehow they might be affecting things. I doubt it will work, but it's worth a try. It's worth repeating that my lockups occur only on the map page and only when guidance text is set to always on. When I turn it off or "only when routing," it does not lock up at those spots.
  14. Thanks, Vlad. I've sent him a note. I am sure that if I removed CN v5 that it would not lock up in those areas, because I think it has to do with the "always show" display of the guidance text cross-street info -- if I turn off guidance text, it won't lock up, either. Nevertheless, I don't think the problem is with CN because the earlier versions of the 60cs firmware (v3.4 and earlier) worked with CN v5. In any case, thank you for the e-mail address for Matt. I hope to hear back from him, since so far Garmin has not replied to the few e-mail bug reports I sent. I don't necessarily mind not getting a response, I just wish they could acknowledge they know about the problem and that there may be a solution.
  15. Thanks guys, for the additional information. I'm going to keep plugging away with Garmin and see if they can figure out what the problem might be. I'll keep the group posted on my progress and hopefully this will get cleared up in a future f/w update. In the meantime, I will just (reluctantly) turn off guidance text on the map page because I don't have the older f/w on my computer anymore.
  16. I've had mine in very cold weather, and although I can't say it's warmed up super quick, I'd be surprised if that's what caused the crack. When it was really cold, the plastic was probably more brittle than normal. Are you sure you didn't bang it on anything in your coat pocket? When I hike, my 60cs smacks against stuff all the time, despite my reasonable efforts to keep from bumping it into anything.
  17. Just to follow up on my thought to try deleting all waypoints, tracks, etc., I booted up this morning while holding down PAGE+ENTER to reset all user data, then changed nothing except going to the map page, zooming to 500 feet (the view I prefer), and turning guidance text to "always show." And... Unfortunately, the 60cs locked up at the same place as usual. So I can rule out my personalized setup. Now, assuming Neo_Geo did the same (i.e., guidance text on, not during a route, driving on Rt 7 and approaching I-495, not the other way around), then I guess it must be the fact that I'm running City Navigator rather than City Select. Something they did in the update from v3.4 to one of the 3.4 betas must not like CN, because none of the earlier versions locked up. I don't suppose Garmin is listening? I'd be happy to try anything they suggest or send as much data as they want.
  18. Hello, Neo_Geo. Thanks so much for checking. I'm frustrated it might be happening only to me. It locks up for me every time, going both east and west on Rt 7, and it locks up right before you go over the bridge that crosses over I-495. So when traveling east (towards I-66), it locks up right when you get to the bridge, just after you pass the ramp to go on I-495 S and before you get to the ramp for I-495 N. If you're driving west, it locks up right after you pass Magarity Road and the ramp to go on I-495 N, just before you get to the bridge. To describe what's happening -- I am on the map page and have guidance text set to "always on," so the crossroads are displayed as you approach them. If guidance text is set to "off" or "only when routing," it works fine. If I'm routing at the time, it works fine no matter what the setting is for guidance text. And if I'm on any page other than the map page, it works fine. Also, it doesn't lock up when driving on I-495 and approaching Rt 7 (passing under it) from either direction. Only when driving on Rt 7 and approaching I-495. The lockup is that the screen goes blank and doesn't come back. It looks like it's shut off, but pressing the on/off button doesn't do anything, you have to press it twice (as if the first time turned it off "for real"). One time, it actually just reset the unit, as if I turned it off and on, but every other time, it blanks the screen. I drive this way every morning and evening, so I can say for sure the lockup happens 100% of the time on my unit, so I would think it would happen to you, too. But if you also had guidance text on, were on the map page, and were not routing at the time, then you passed the test that mine fails each time. At least that may narrow down the possible bug further -- your experience tells me that perhaps it's my City Navigator (v5)? The thing is, earlier versions of the 60cs firmware (going back to 3.4 and earlier) work fine. Also, there is at least one other location where the same lockup happens, but I always notice it too late to realize exactly where it happened. I think it happens somewhere in the Tysons area on Rt 123. Since I drive the other route all the time, I was able to pinpoint exactly where it locked up. I just had a thought -- maybe I'll try deleting all tracks and waypoints and seeing if that makes a difference. I don't suppose there's anyone else in the area that has a 60cs that can give it a try? I wouldn't ask except that this seems to be a strange bug that I have not seen reported around here except by me! ... also to Olar - FWIW, I haven't had that problem, but I feel for you! I can only hope Garmin is listening somewhere.
  19. I'd ask them to please, please fix the bug in the 60cs introduced sometime around firmware version 3.4.something that makes my unit crash when approaching certain streets with guidance text turned on. I was all excited that the release notes of the new firmware made it look like this problem had been addressed, but it didn't fix it (see my other post -- "60cs Beta Firmware - Disappointed"). The only fix for me is not to use guidance text (I like it because it names cross streets as you approach them) or to use an old version of the f/w. I'm really surprised this bug hasn't been fixed!
  20. After being excited that the new 3.61beta firmware would solve a problem I've had with my 60cs (the release notes say it fixed the "lock ups when approaching some roads"), the new f/w doesn't fix the bugs in my case. There are a few spots here in Northern Virginia that cause the 60cs to shut itself off when you have guidance text set to "always on." Just driving along the road, the unit will totally crash, and it always happens in the same spots. I've written to Garmin in the past, but never received an answer -- not even a "we got your e-mail." This bug was NOT in the earliest firmware, but appeared in one of the 3.4 betas and has been there ever since. I think it started at the same time the custom icons were introduced, but I doubt it's related. If anyone lives in the Northern Virginia area, I'd love it if you could try your 60cs to see if you can recreate the bug. I wonder if it happens with City Select as well as City Navigator (which is what I use). Mine shuts itself off 100% of the time. The location is on my way to work, so I see it every day unless I remember to turn off guidance text. I say "shuts itself off," but actually it crashes and looks like it's shut off, but you need to hit the power button twice to turn it back on. The one location I see all the time is driving along Leesburg Pike (Rt 7), crossing over the Beltway (I-495). Crashes the unit every time.
  21. Hallelujah! After literally MONTHS having gone by without hearing anything from Garmin, maybe they've fixed the strange lockup I get in Northern Virginia when approaching certain roads and intersections with "guidance text" set to "always on." This bug has been around since one of the v3.4 betas, and I've had to turn guidance text off since then.
  22. Just wanted to chime in and and say Garmin still hasn't fixed the software bug that causes a crash/shutdown at certain locations (at least in Northern Virginia) when you are on the map page with guidance text turned on. This bug has been present since the beta versions between 3.4 and 3.5, and remains present in v3.5. It is frustrating because I have to remember to switch from the map page to the compass page quickly before I hit the "hot spots" to keep my 60cs from shutting off! Actually, what I've done lately is just turn off "guidance text," but I miss it. I like having the cross-street names come up before I reach them. The other alternative is to go back to v3.4, which I'll do if Garmin never gives us a v3.6. For those in the NoVA area, one hotspot in particular is Route 7 crossing over I-495. There are others. And you *will* see it -- the crash happens every time, it's not like it happens only some of the time! I'm mentioning this again in case Garmin is listening. I've submitted a bug report to them, but never heard anything back.
  23. Add me to the list that likes the bean bag mount. I think it's great. However, it will leave a little bit of scuffing on your dash after a lot of use -- it just makes the area "less shiny," not scratched or anything (not a big deal to me, but probably a big deal to lots of others). No problems at all with it bouncing around or sliding off. I use one with my 2610, too, and have had no problems there, either. I give it a big thumbs up. I use it with rental cars from time to time, and I've found that some cars have low, sloping windshields so there's not much room to fit the GPSr on the beanbag. In those cases, a suction cup mount would be best. I've tried (and didn't like) the permanent and temporary adhesive disk mounts. I couldn't get them to stick to my dash.
  24. The above tips are great. Another I'll add is to switch to the British English voice. It is much more pleasant than the American English voice!
  25. Seemed that way with me also. I never had problems since April. It happened to me on Aug. 1st. 3.50 didn't come out til the 8th. Alhough I had the beta version. But also it could be the clips are losing some of there spring. For those who haven't had their 60c/cs shut off until installing the beta software or v3.50, please try to determine if it is firmware-related. I can confirm that mine shuts off in exactly the same location every time, provided I'm traveling on a particular road, have the map page up and "guidance text" turned on. It is a 100% repeatable crash, and didn't start happening until I upgraded to the beta software (and now, v3.5). v3.4 works fine. For a while now, I've known about one spot where the crash is triggered. I recently found a second spot in my area where the unit crashes and shuts off. The only thing the spots have in common are that they are where I am on one road and crossing over or under a major highway. However, this is outside a major metropolitan area, and there are tons of locations like that where the unit does just fine. I can't figure it out and I still have not heard anything from Garmin after I submitted a bug report. To illustrate (again) what happens with me: driving along Route 7 in Virginia, right before you go on the bridge to pass over the Beltway (I-495), the unit will shut off to a blank screen, requiring two presses of the power button to turn back on. Occasionally, it resets on its own to the start-up screen, but usually it just looks like it shuts off. The weird thing is you can be on 495 and pass under Rte 7 without triggering the glitch, so it's not the location per se, but the road you're on that matters. Since it works when you turn off guidance text, I thought it must be that displaying the ramp/exit #s as upcoming streets must trigger it, but when you're on 495 crossing under 7, those ramps are displayed as guidance text with no problems. The second spot in Northern VA (haven't tested this one much, I just noticed it the other day): driving on Rte 123 and crossing under Rte 276E (the Dulles toll road). Anyone who lives in the Northern Virginia area, please give these spots a try. As I said, the first spot (Rte 7 and I-495) crashes my 60cs every time, but I just noticed the second spot recently and I'll have to drive out there again to see if it happens again.
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