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  1. For Info...


    If maps are bought from Garmin on DVD the maps produced and sent to the GPSr get locked to THAT ONE DEVICE and can't be used on a subsequent device.

    If maps are bought from Garmin on Micro-SD the Micro-SD can be used in more than one device BUT you can't copy the maps to another Micro-SD card as the maps are locked TO THAT CARD - so you can't use the maps in two or more devices at the same time.



    I don't know about detail (I use TT OSM maps but haven't looked for that level of detail) but you would probably need 1:25000 scale to provide field boundaries. I believe that from Garmin this is only available for National Parks. Go to the Garmin website, locate your device then look at the Maps tab to see if any areas are suitable for your areas of interest.


    Regarding instructions - the supplied manuals (and the ones on the device) are usually somewhat out-of-date :D . Forums are usually the best - besides this one I would recommend http://garminmontana.wikispaces.com/


    Hope this helps


    And I'm loving my 650T - even though they're still ironing out the bugs................


    John R



    I have very recently just bought a Garmin Montana 650t and am just getting a feel for it after a couple of days. I have uploaded some maps from talkytoaster and these seem quite reasonable for free.


    Ideally I could do with field boundary's which I guess I need more detail or just different maps?


    A couple of questions


    1) Can I get that detail of maps for this device?


    2) what maps if any would provide that?


    3) Do maps ever come up second hand as at £200 for UK coverage compared to the free ones I am using seems a tad steep.


    4) If I had two devices, could I install a single Garmin map to both devices, or would I need to buy maps everytime I changed my device?


    5) Are there any better instructions for it than those provided online by Garmin, as my ones didnt even tell me about the file it creates when you log a cache and that you can load that back up online, I only learnt that from here.


    Thanks in advance


  2. you might gear one up using their auto mount or rugged mount and an AC/DC adapter. However, more then likely the battery is not unique to Garmin although it says Garmin, it probably was supplies by a major battery manufacturer. However, any aftermarket charger for it woiuld probably be more then the rugged mount and as/dc adapter combo.


    Thanks for suggestion but I want to be able to charge the battery out of the device. As far as I can see the rugged mount (and all mounts) is for mounting the device, with the battery in place. Chargers for Li-ion batteries are available for phone batteries etc. so I'm just hunting around for one. As you said, the battery is probably just a standard offering. I'll keep looking.


    thanks and regards

  3. Hi - I get all of what you're looking for with my Oregon 400T. Its biggest issue is with the screen but I've got used to it - it's best if you actually get the light reflecting off it. The 550 is supposed to be better but I haven't seen it. BTW, battery life doesn't seem to suffer with having the backlight on all the time, and the brightness up full - it certainly serves me all day - and with spare AA batteries in my bag I don't see any issues.


    I get the driving directions by adding a (Garmin) SD card. That's the easiest option to go for but functionally it's best to get the maps on DVD, to download to your own card (this leaves the rest of the card free to take other data etc.). Because the Oregon allows for different profiles it's easy to switch from geocaching mode to automotive mode. BUT, as someone else has replied, I agree that a dedicated vehicle SatNav is preferable.


    hope this helps




    Hello. Everybody was very helpful in finding my first gps device, but it's time for an upgrade.


    Okay, HERE'S a list of what I want, below. If no GPS device exists that has all of this, please let me know:


    by the way, I do Not want an iPhone.


    Paperless. The unit I get will have to be able to download waypoints from a computer, like from the pocket queries I can download onto my device.


    Computer connection cable. Bonus if the device does it wirelessly somehow, but if I must be wired, I prefer USB.


    Driving directions preferable. (Basemap) I've noticed a lot of times I just can't figure out how to Get to a cache.


    Displays all cache information through Geocaching Features. I really want to be able to see the title, the description, the hint, the gcXXXX code, the works. I honestly don't know if this is even possible, but it would be incredibly useful. I want to be able to get closer to the cache while still being able to look at the cache information.


    Handheld. Portable enough to go on a landyard or a belt clip or something. This one I'm a little flexible on. I just don't want it to be as big as a novel.


    Decent memory.


    Rocker Keypad or Touchscreen.


    Channels. Even my little geomate has 12 channels, I think.


    Color screen.




    Rechargeable battery, hopefully longlasting. I'm a little flexible on this on too...I just want it to come With a rechargeable, with the option for a car charger, or able to take rechargeable AA or AAA batteries.




    Does this even exist? Or does it cost a ton?





  4. I currently have a vista C and I'm curious if the "H" or high sensitivity model is really that much better? Most of the Garmin units seem to have made a switch over to the "H" models? Wonder if its just a sales ploy or if they are much better? any help would be appriciated. thanks


    It's early days for me with my new toy - Oregon 400T - but I've been having similar thoughts. I seem to get quite wild swings when approaching a waypoint/cache etc. and slow responses and ill-defined swings when I'm back-tracking and miss a turning. I had much more positive and speedier responses with my old yellow (non-H) eTrex - although of course it was no good when under forest cover etc. - my main reason for initially looking for an upgrade.


    Still wondering if I wouldn't have been better off with a Legend HCx or 60Cx :unsure:



  5. Apologies - hit the wrong button - :laughing:


    So, the common question comes about - what makes you delete a find?


    Some of our EC's are a little harder - you will need to crawl around on the rocks and find the locations of what we have described (honestly, who wouldn't want to do that!! :D ) In our description we say upfront - it's not the right or wrong we are looking for - it's the " I read it and tried my best" that we want. There are some who try and the answers are wrong - no big deal - I reply thanking them for trying and tell them how they did, etc. Hopefully this way they will learn something new and have a little fun.


    THEN, there are the ones - I forgot to take a picture, I didn't want to get out of the car so I took a picture while driving by (its a bike path along a 2 lane highway), or the ones who log and never send anything at all. I admit, I am a softee and I have only deleted one log because it was obvious he had never been there.


    What do you do?

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