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  1. Ok I am sure that this has been brought up before but I cannot seem to find anything on it. I am going on a business trip out of state and I am trying to find a good way to look up street address points on either streets and trips or mapquest. And convert them to gps cords that my 60cs can use.


    Streets and Trips gives me gps cords but they are in a different format, and I can't seem to find a way for mapquest to give me any cords.


    I do not have cityselect or anything like that, that would make this tons easier. So i am kind of limited.


    Thanks for your help.



  2. It is probably a problem with the way that windows xp is seeing the gps. I would go into control panels and go to the system control panel, then click over to the hardware tab and click on device manager.


    In the device manager locate the garmin gps usb device and delete / uninstall it. Then downloaded the latest drivers from garmins site and extract them onto your hard drive.


    With the gps plugged in the next time that you reboot or run the add new hardware control panel it will have you reinstall the driver. Point your driver install to where you extracted the usb drivers from garmin.


    Once you have done that then reboot the machine one more time just for good measure. Easygps should be set to a garmin 60cs (obviously) and make sure that the usb option is enabled.


    Then try and do the send and receive again. If easygps will allow you to send back and forth to the gps then the drivers are working fine. If it will still only allow you to send < 50 then it maybe another setting. If it will send back and forth at all then it is not a driver problem.



  3. I had a etrex legend that I really liked had no problems with it. But I to fell for the color screen and other upgrades. I ordered the 60cs and just got it a few days ago. It is a very nice machine it does everything that I expected and more. I loaded up all of wyoming and utah and had space enough to do it.


    I think that it is 6's at this point both machines work and do what they say they will.

  4. Thanks for the couple of posts, rogue_monkey I am in the US but I would like to find some more info out about the lebaron site, maybe a more specific link. I looked around and could not find the case in question.


    Thanks in advance


  5. I have been doing a lot of research on the 60c / cs, I am upgrading from a legend to the new machine (which is on backorder at getfeetwet.com). I was only really able to find a few people who had any real complaints with the machine. And in looking at the manual and different reviews that I found online I am excited to get it and test it out.




  6. This could definintly be done, when you are storing the notes on the ipod it is just a text file, you can use the isync area of your mac to do this or any number of 3rd party utilities on your pc to sync the text.


    Good idea, keep the caching, clues, and music all together.



  7. I looked around and saw others who had posted cases for the 60c /cs but none seemed to be what i was looking for.


    Does anyone have any insight on a case for the 60cs that will allow me to leave it in the case and still use the gps. I am upgrading from a etrex legend (which I loved by the way) that had a case available for it that let me use it in the case.


    See the following link....



    Anything available for the 60cs like this, it was really great to keep it protected but keep it handy for use at the same time.




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