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  1. ok so it does or doesn't charge it? What is the final result? Also wondering if it doesn't charge it does it give it another power that it is not draining battery (just sustaining) the battery that is there so you could not waste batteries while plugged in to a laptop say in the car. Thanks, kgag..
  2. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who didn't buy until recently and ended up with an intel based mac laptop. If that is the case hold off and until someone figures out how to dual boot it (X and XP) and then forget about all this. Thanks, kgag.
  3. You can get nRoute from here. http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=999-99999-10 Thanks, kgag.
  4. You can do either you can plug in the coords manually on the unit itself (the coords are listed on the geocache page). Or you can hook it up with USB and transfer them direct from the site. I would suggest getting another application called easygps to be the main transfer software it is a bit faster and less clunky than the trip and waypoint manager. Then tell it to find the waypoint you just created and choose either off road (no turn by turn) or follow road (with turn by turn) Good Luck! Thanks, kgag.
  5. Sold already. Thanks first sell on the forums and it went great. kgag.
  6. Pharos GPS receiver, and compact flash adapter, no other cables or anything. I will take best offer. Make me an offer you might be surprised. Here is a link with more info. http://pharosgps.com/products/accessories/...ivers/REC22.htm The cable you see in there pics is not included, but it is not needed to use with compact flash. If no one on the forums want it I will list it on ebay, but right now this is the only place listed. Thanks, kgag.
  7. Thanks for some reason I could not find it on garmin's site but I have tracked it down. Thanks again, kgag
  8. Hi! Have a chance to visit the UK in october, I am a city select / 60cs owner. What if any useful maps are available for the uk? Is there a city select united kingdom? Or united kingdom topo? Any help on this would be great. Thanks, kgag.
  9. local utah classifieds has some for sale. I really am not at all affiliated with the lister just noticed them and thought you would like to know. http://sell.ksl.com/cgi-bin/classifieds.pl...query=retrieval Thanks, kgag.
  10. Hi! Have a chance to visit the UK in october, I am a city select / 60cs owner. What if any useful maps are available for the uk? Is there a city select united kingdom? Or united kingdom topo? Any help on this would be great. Thanks, kgag.
  11. snag easygps, becaue it is free and uhhh easy... www.easygps.com it will help load up waypoints, routes, etc. kgag
  12. How does it make sense to have a whole forum for question and answer to put all the 60cs question and answer into one topic. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of having a forum. It makes it harder to search and read anything, and forces digging through 20 freaking pages to find answers. Just pointing out what seems obvious. Thanks, kgag
  13. The geocaching mode can only have one set of icons set (closed chest / open chest) but you can choose what icon you want set to each not found, and found. To change the icon used for found or not fount go to the menu>setup> geocache setup. if you want to use any custom icons you will need to load them up with ximage first. Thanks, kgag.
  14. I don't have a meridian (60cs owner) but I did want to help out on the definition of RTFM. He said "Fine" to be nice it is suppose to be Read the F***ing manual.... Hope this helps... he he. kgag
  15. Mapsource is mapsource, in fact there is not a "etrex" specific one on garmins site. http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/cityselect.jsp You can compare your product against the one found above. Thanks, kgag.
  16. uhhh ok I suppose I will help..... N 39.670007 W 104.874122 Which is also: http://www.easygps.com/view_waypoint.asp?l...638&y=5488&z=13 Quite a bit of caches close might want to hit them as well. Peace out, kg
  17. Where ever you are press mark, then change the lattitude and longitude that comes up to the lat, long you get from mapquest. (this will keep you from moving your cursor all the way across the map looking for a specific cord, that would take a long time) Thanks, kgag
  18. I have been using streets and trips with my 60cs, rather than getting a hardware serial to usb adapter, I got a program called Franson GPSGate that spoofs a serial port off of the usb connection. Works fine no problems. If you are looking into streets and trips also take a look at garmins product nRoute that works with your different mapsets it will do a lot of the same things and works a bit better with autorouting, etc. Also if you are going to get into streets and trips I would suggest you getting streets2gps as well, (can't seem to find the link) it will take saved pushpins (waypoints in streets and trips) and convert them to lat, long. This makes for a very easy way to convert street address to lat, long. Hope this helps, kgag
  19. How bout the one direct from garmin? I had this exact case for my legend before I upgraded and i loved it, it covers all the vital parts, leave access to all the buttons, and other ports. http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10314%2D00
  20. you can reformat the palm if you hold down the power button for 10 seconds it will boot up and ask press up to reformat, down to cancel. This will completely erase everything.
  21. Had this very question myself not so long ago, it is pretty easy and works great. You need to download an application from garmin called xImage. http://www.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=545 Good Luck, kgag
  22. Thanks, man wow this was only up for about 5 secs. kgag.
  23. I think that this option got added with Firmware 3.5 but when you set up a waypoint and assign it a symbol there is the option now for custom waypoint symbols that are just blank blue balls. Does anyone know how to add custom waypoint icons? Thanks, kgag.
  24. Wow that worked really well once I figured out how to use it. You do have to run it from dos but it is not so bad. Thanks Again. kgag
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