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  1. From the map page if you press menu once, then choose setup map, then move over two icons to the flag. You can turn off street labels, that will get all of the smaller streets. It looks like it doesn't turn off major highways. But give it a try and see. Thanks, kgag.
  2. If you have a model with a barometric altimeter, it is basing its elevation on the plane's cabin pressure. As you go higher and higher, the air gets thinner and thinner. The barometer senses the difference in the air pressure and that's how it knows what altitude you're at. Commercial airliner cabins are pressurized to around 5,000 feet so that passengers can all breathe in comfort without the aid of oxygen masks. The barometric altimeter is giving your altitude based on the plane's cabin pressure. Even though the plane is really at 41,000 feet, the GPSr thinks it's only at 5,000 feet. This is one of the reasons why I like the models that DON'T have sensors. Cool thanks for the response, I kind of like it actually because it doesn't screw up my max elevation. Like to reserve that honor for mountain peaks, etc. Thanks, kg.
  3. Not to take this post in a completely different direction, but I have used mine on a plane (near the window) but it never seems to give accurate elevation information? Is there a reason for this? Anyone else have the same experience? Thanks, kgag.
  4. No kidding? Well I lost my little button just yesterday as well.... What address did you email? Thanks, kg.
  5. You can find more about this particular problem here. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=123686 Thanks, kgag.
  6. Wanted to buy, one city select 7 unlock code. I would be willing to pay 20 bucks. No need to ship I have the disc would be done by sending it through email. Thanks, kgag.
  7. Mine seemed to work.... Sort of. I used a red and white AG as my .bmp named it the same as my .csv file and uploaded. And it did change the icon of my custom poi's but only to a tiny little corner of the A barely visible. but it is a tiny little red and white icon instead. One thought I had on what the difference maybe is, this is a custom icon I uploaded to the gps using ximage. So maybe it has to be a custom icon before you can use it as a custom poi icon. Just a thought....
  8. if you purchase the unit in the us it will work in the uk, however it will come with the US basemap. So I would suggest you also purchase a detailed mapsource product for your area (city navigator, metroguide, city select or the like). But yes the gps itself will work as it is based off of global satellites. Actually I live in the US and last summer spent a week or so in the UK (manchester, stockton on t's, york, scarborough, london) and it worked great everywhere I had it with the mapsource maps for the uk I had loaded. I have a 60csx and it is a great gps ( i upgraded from the 60cs ) don't let some of the bad things being said about it deter you from getting one, most are silly little things that really in the grand scheme of things just don't matter that much. Good Luck. kgag.
  9. This has got to be one of the cooler features that there is available. Works perfect, thanks for everyone's help / input. Thanks, kgag.
  10. Sorry to post like three times in a row but just a quick note, I figured this out I just made my corrections in the file, and reuploaded it with POI loader, based off lat, long (i think) it made the updates and did not duplicate the POI's. However just for future reference I did try a master reset first, and that does not work. How do you set them up in different catergories? Like I noticed you had a Costco Catergory, as well as a traditional, multi, etc? Thanks, kgag.
  11. This is the only list that I could find that had USA POI's http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=38618 Thanks, kgag.
  12. Ok, dumb question. I loaded some custom POI's up and they seemed to work fine. But I named them stupid and would like to change them, how do I remove custom POI once they have been added. Thanks, kgag.
  13. It is because when you are viewing the waypoint list you are only seeing the waypoints nearest to you. (Somewhere around 100 miles). So any waypoints over 100 miles away will not be seen by default. You can change the waypoint to find by name instead. Find, Waypoints, Menu Button, choose Find By Name. Maybe test the theory and plug a waypoint in a bit closer to your current locale. Thanks, kgag.
  14. The 60csx warnings do seem to be much shorter than my 60cs was. There is not a way to change it but it is something that has been brought up as a possibel fix in a firmware upgrade in other topics on the forums. I suggest dropping garmin a line and asking them to change it in the next firmware upgrade. Thanks, kgag.
  15. Regular ole sd memory Like the ones seen here. http://www.geocaching-supplies.com/browsep...n-Locators.html The new garmin machines use micro sd. Thanks, kgag.
  16. I have had my 60cs for a little over a year and the print is still there on all the buttons, all though looking at the new 60csx I just got today the buttons do seem a lot brighter. I think that you will find it will be a non issue. Thanks, kg.
  17. Maybe I am just a dunce, but what do you mean by paperless caching? I always download direct to my 60cs, from the website and go on my marry way. If you truncate it a bit you can even plug in the hint that goes with the cache. Another option that you might look into is Custom POI I saw a couple of posts around that spoke to create Custom POI's out of geocaches in the area. Thanks, kg.
  18. I have used the gramin maps for europe while traveling the uk this last summer and they worked fine. Thanks, kgag.
  19. Just took my 60cs (no x yet) with me to lunch after reading this, I locked on 12 sats, and had 35 hollow but would not lock. If my memory serves me right I had the good ole "D" on 4 and 34 and sometimes one in the 20's i think. dadgum I knew I should have typed this up as soon as I got back.... But the point being no 35 lock. I am in Northern, UT.
  20. That is not entirely true, getfeetwet has it listed for 362.49, however I didn't realize that they had lowered the price so I will lower my price to 300. New price is 300 dollars. Thanks, kgag.
  21. Can't let it go for 250 sorry ca_Ghost, no REASONABLE offer will be overlooked.
  22. Like new garmin 60cs, this gps has always been in a case under plastic, has never been dropped, and has always worked exactly as it should. In fact the ONLY reason I am getting rid of it, is I am upgrading to the 60csx. Will download CITY SELECT USA VER 7.0 to the unit (Auto Routing). Let me know what city to download. (note: only fit 56Meg) (NO CS 7 DVD inlcluded). I have all of the original packing and manuals, it will come to you as if it were brand new. I was hoping to get 350 out of this unit. Thanks, kgag.
  23. When I had my legend (but it applys to all of them vista, legend, c, cx) I really liked this case. http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10314%2D00 It keeps the screen protected without covering up any of the buttons. Very very nice. Thanks, kgag
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