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  1. Ok I will post a screenshot as well, because I have never even seen 35 lock before and I find it interesting that it finally has... And because it was not easy for me to get the screenshot while driving on the freeway... The way that it ended up going I turned on the gps I saw 47 for about 5 mins, and then it went away and 35 locked and stayed locked. Not sure if I was getting correct WAAS info (in fact my accuracy got worst). I have never really got more than 13 feet or so of accuracy....... Maybe one of the of WAAS experts can help me figure out how to best load an alamanc, etc. Do I need to do a reset??? Or just leaving it on now that I am getting WAAS sats good enough? EDIT - Oh by the way I am located in Bountiful UT. Northern Utah. Thanks kgag.
  2. Yup that is where you do it. Menu, Setup, Heading.... Change it to 0mph or after 90 seconds or some other time period and it will kick on the compass automatically after it has sat at 0mph for 90 seconds. Thanks, kgag.
  3. how do you do set it to do that? You go into menu, setup, heading. And change it so that it will switch to compass heading when you are at 0 mph for more than 90 seconds or whatever time period you want to use. Thanks, kgag.
  4. You know what after your post I just browsed through the map to look and you are right it shows the POI (in this case the ag) icon at 500 feet or so but highlighting it does not do anything. I apologize I was doing it the other way before where I was choosing a custom poi and then saying go to on map and it was showing the icon and the name... So mine is not working in the way you describe.... which is actually ideal for me because I want to be able to find these stores but will always use the find custom poi closest feature. I don't want them just showing on the map... (I like my job but not that much.) But hey look at the bright side if you ever need any color copies, you now have 250 spots to get them done. Thanks, kg.
  5. Mine is working. And I have a 60csx. I created the poi file in excel using Long, Lat, Name, Comment column headings then exported it to csv. As long as you have a csv, or gpx file with a properly sized bitmap with the same name, in the same directory, it should load up and work fine. You can use my files as examples if you would like, it will give you all of the AlphaGraphics Stores (my employer) in the us, uk, and brazil... Not that you really want that, but you can test the icons (which is included) AlphaGraphics POI
  6. I have a 60csx and had a 60cs before that. I use it for both geocaching, and hiking. As well as turn by turn when I travel for business. It has always worked with no problems what so ever. But..... It has never been because of the built in compass or altimeter that I was able to more easily find a cache, or an address. In fact I don't even have the compass on. I do like to check the altimeter and keep track of rate of ascents / descents so I think that is a nice feature. Long story short unless the altimeter really does something for you, get the 60cx and use the extra money you would have spent on a bigger memory card. but that is just my opinion.... And cue the people who love the compass and now in turn hate me... Thanks, kgag.
  7. In order to see the amount of space used you will have to have it in the sd card reader and plugged into the machine it won't work in the gps. It looks like you tried that towards the end and still no joy? When you plug the drive in does it show up as a drive letter? Can you still see it as a choice in mapsource to transfer maps to? As far as I can tell from looking at mine everything gets put into a garmin folder right on the root of the micro, you should be able to either get properties on the drive letter, or get properties on the garmin folder to see how much space is used. Or you can watch as you load the maps in mapsource it will tell you how much space is being used (bottom of the maps tab). Or with the latest beta firmware loaded it seems as though people have been saying they added a memory check to the gpsr itself, but I am not sure how it works. But I know it is only included in the latest beta firmware. *Edit - It looks like the memory check is in the tracks, setup, data card setup, section on the gpsr. Hope this helps... kgag.
  8. Grand Canyon South Rim. N 36 03.872 W 112 06.622 Hoover Dam N 36 00.965 W 114 44.232
  9. I think I answered my own question it seemed to load much faster than it does when it is in the gps. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. Thanks, kgag.
  10. I could have sworn there was a topic that covered this, but I can't seem to track it down. I just got a new 512 mb card for my 60csx and it works fine, I was just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to load city select or topo maps on it while it is in a card reader rather than the gps. Thanks, kgag.
  11. I believe it depends on the version of MetroGuide that you have as to whether or not it will route.
  12. When you build your route you need to tell it to use the "Follow Road" option. Even when I am using nRoute I use the gps to build the route. It is one of the options you can enable to have it ask each time if you want to Follow Road, or Off Road. I believe it is in MENU, MENU, SETUP, ROUTING, change to prompted instead of follow or off road. I don't have my gps right in front of me but that should get you close.
  13. I use franson gpsgate and it works great. kgag.
  14. It seems to me that easy gps will without any modification to preferences or anything else, download the loc or gpx file from gc.com open it in easygps, transfer to gps. And go find it. The coords may or may not be different when viewed in the easygps screen but should transfer to gps in the correct format. I think you will find it will work fine. Thanks, kg.
  15. Only way that I know of (and someone else might have a better answer) is to copy and paste the hint from the web into the notes field. kgag.
  16. From the map screen press menu and choose setup map, then press menu again, and you can enable / disable topo or city nav etc. kgag.
  17. I found the update to be fairly useful. It fixed the problem with 512mb or larger cards by allowing more map segments. It fixed the problem with the tide stations make the unit shut down when you clicked on them. I have not tried nRoute yet but it sounds like it has fixed that problem. Fixed the wierd autozoom problem (very annoying) where it would not hold the zoom level you were on if you paged to a different screen. it is all in how you look at it i guess, so they didn't add a stupid alarm clock, get over it already. kgag.
  18. Lake Powell Marine Electronics has it for 449.00 with a 50 dollar gift card to any number places. Just enough at amazon to get a bigger microsd card. Or if you send an email or contact Phil before hand he will just give it to you for 50 dollars off with no gift card. So final price being 399 http://store.lakepowellmarineelectronics.c...gpsmap60gp.html Me and a buddy have both ordered 60csx's from there and the customer service is great, and you get free overnight shipping. kgag.
  19. I'll add my two bits. I started out with an etrex legend which was a great machine but the more I got into caching and using it for travel the more I knew I needed something with autorouting. I sold my etrex and bought a 60cs which I had for about a year and really liked, it seemed to have everything that I wanted (once I added city select that is) and fits well in the hand, is easy to operate with one hand, and easy to read out in the sun. I have since recently upgraded to the 60csx mainly for the sirf chipset and mine has been working with out a single problem so far. I seem to get about the same battery life, don't care that it does not have an alarm clock anymore, and find the icons a bit cheesy but don't find myself sitting around looking at them.... Based off of my experience so far with garmin products i would highly reccomend them to anyone. Good luck and enjoy your new toy! kgag.
  20. Right on a 60cs save it before you send it, but when you save choose no to not include all the track info, and then choose a start point and a end point and give it a name.
  21. No you can use tracks but when you go to the tracks section of the gps, go down to save it then asks if you want to save all the data say NO. This will allow you to browse on the map and choose a starting point and a ending point for 1 section of track. And give it a name, then just repeat and download your saved tracks. This is how you do it on a garmin at least. Thanks, kgag.
  22. Thanks for the info my new button is on the way. kgag.
  23. Here is a link to a 1 gig micro. http://www.sandisk.com/Products/ProductInfo.aspx?ID=1841 kgag.
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