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  1. Original owner Garmin 60csx unit City Navigator 2010 (all of usa) loaded on 2gb microsd. GPS Unit, invisibleSHIELD Screen Protector, Garmin Windshield Mount (needs new sticky pad), USB Cable, Original City Select North America v6 with serial and City Navigator v8 update DVD. Small crack in battery cover (see pictures) but it has never been a problem because of the windshield mount bracket goes over it. Email me with questions kgibso01@gmail.com See http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=17486992&cat=411 for pictures and more info. Located in Salt Lake City, UT. area if someone would like to pick it up.
  2. Garmin Nuvi 750 NIB $365.00 + actual shipping costs to your area or if you are a UT. local we can meet. Here is a link to the garmin site for details and features etc. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=134&pID=10625 email me with questions kgibso01@gmail.com thanks, kg.
  3. you should check out www.fatfingers.co.uk for this it works great. kg.
  4. hmmmm.... nevermind I just reformatted the microsd in the reader and now it works fine... must have had something funky on it before that wouldn't allow it to work... Thanks for the couple of quick responses, and for others if you are ever having a problem just do a quick reformat of the microsd and mapsource will see it no problems. Thanks again, kgag. Oh by the way I found kind of a cool site through google while trying to fix this.... http://freegeotools.blogspot.com/2007/01/g...ard-tricks.html Seems that once you transfer a set once you can take the gmapsupp.img file from the garmin folder on the sd card, back that up and then just move it back when you need it again.
  5. It sees the drive as the g: drive and I can see that it has a garmin folder on it.... but mapsource does not find it as a device that it can transfer maps to....
  6. I used to be able to take my microsd card out of my 60csx and put it in a card reader, and then use mapsource or easygps or whatever as if the gps was hooked up directly. This was nice because you get twice the speeds as you do if you use the usb cable to the gps.... For some reason now this is not working??? Anyone have any ideas on how to get it back up and running I imagine it is something silly that I am just not thinking of.... Thanks, kgag.
  7. maps..... no (at least not in OS X directly) you can use Virtual PC, or if you happen to have an Intel based mac install windows and try that.... and such.... Yes! There is a variety of programs available to download waypoints, tracks, etc. Search around these forums and you will find quite a few topics that speak to this... It might be hard to find them however because you can't search for anything less than 4 characaters (i.e. Mac) Good Luck... kgag.
  8. the basemap on the 60 series should be just as good or maybe the same as the basemap on your vista.... But I personally would call garmin and see what they say it will cost you to get the your vista serviced. It sounds like you are happy with it, and it has served you well, and you may be pleasantly surprised with what garmin tells you. No reason to replace an old friend (your vista) if you don't have to. kgag.
  9. The little red arrow is still using the sats to find the cache it is not a true compass. If you have a gps with an electronic compass in it.. stand very still for around 90 seconds (usually the limit set to turn it on) and you will see at the bottom of the red arrow page that it will say "Hold Level" this is the only time that the true compass is on.... Otherwise you are doing the same thing as your friend just following the sats to a specific lat, long. You are just doing it in a different view. kgag.
  10. The with the 60csx now having expandable memory the only couple of differences are the 76 floats, and of course the form factor (buttons on top). I would go to a store that carries both models and see which one you like better. As far as additional software goes you don't NEED to purchase anything, but the base map is pretty limited so you may want to invest in a set of maps. City Nav, or Topo depending on if you want autorouting, street address finding, etc. kgag.
  11. There are two pretty easy ways to know.... you can check on the unit itself by pressing menu twice, then going into system, then pressing menu again. Or You could plug it into your computer and set up the drivers and run the garmin webupdater application found here. http://www.garmin.com/support/download_det...ct=999-99999-27 Make sure that your firmware version is 2.90 and your gps software version is 2.60 ( the latest when this was posted ) Enjoy your new toy! kgag.
  12. Disc Doctor http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4062503 Brand New MS Streets and Trips 2006 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4244439 Seems silly to buy a machine that may or may not fix the problem for ten dollars more than you can get a brand new set of MS Streets and Trips Discs... kgag.
  13. You can find a post here.... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=135289 Where there is a guy posted which pelican case he uses and says that it fits perfectly. kgag.
  14. A buddy of mine has this one.... http://www.ram-mount.com/gps_mounts/ramb30...ramb309ga16.htm And has been happy with it, I will ask him about vibrations and see what he has to say... kgag.
  15. who gives a s*** which you use... seriously use whatever you like and leave it at that... these types of posts never actually turn into anything constructive it is always just ends up being a pissing contest.... Magellan's better no Garmin's better, quit typing.... give it up and go find some caches..... kgag.
  16. it might be because USB is shorter than 4 characters and so it could be throwing the search off.
  17. you can make an empty custom poi list and run the loader again, the poi loader will always overwrite whatever poi's you currently have loaded..
  18. So did you end up with this one... Or this??? http://www.ram-mount.com/gps_mounts/rapb10...b104224ga12.htm And what is the difference??
  19. I have been considering getting a auto mount for my 60csx, and I was hoping to get a couple of opions on the best mount to get. The couple of things that I want it to do. 1. I want it to hold the unit stable and not have to think about it through driving dirt roads in the mountains to everyday street use. 2. I have multiple vehicles and travel a lot for work so I need something that is easy to move between my own vehicles and the many rental cars that I encounter. Plus it would be nice if were not huge so I didn't have to bring a seperate bag just to pack my gps mount. Right now I am using a cell phone vent clip with the button clip that came with my unit, and it has worked ok but I am finding more and more cars have built there vents in such a way that it either doesn't fit or ends up sitting funky.... Any and all opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, kgag.
  20. Count me in for Utah.... PM or email me what / when / where I need it and it will be done. Thanks, kgag.
  21. Can the etrex legend pull power through the usb port??? I was thinking it couldn't but I haven't had my etrex now for a year or two... Plus on the cable page referenced above it points you to this http://pfranc.com/usb/etrex.htm which seems to be a jimmy rigged way of pulling power.... I don't think you can pull power through usb on this unit so I am going to suggest that you just get a serial to usb adapter. Which is what that cable you linked to is, but there are far less fancier ones that might save you some money. kgag.
  22. What did you upgrade to? (might help others give advice because your new unit might have features that 1 of the old ones doesn't)... kgag.
  23. It may be your GPS had enough time to contact the WAAS sats and download the almanac. Which might not have happened before.
  24. The easy gps setup has it as one of the available gps's (so it will work).. But there is not a direct link USB connection but you can get the memory card reader (or any memory card reader) to move stuff back and forth. http://www.buytelescopes.com/product.asp?pid=6179 You can read a pretty good reveiw on this product here... http://www.epinions.com/content_194053901956 that also speaks to some of the troubles / success that this user had setting it up to work with the pc. kgag.
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