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  1. I got a foretrex day before yesterday. When I walked in the door my wife told my 2 year old to get daddy his package. I opened it and she didn't say anything. She didn't even question why I needed another one. My wife is the coolest!
  2. Until recently I thought that micro's hidden in the woods were the worst evil. I have now been to a cache that is even more evil. A 4 stage multi-stage cache with each stage being smaller than a micro because it is only the last part of the coordinates to the final. I know the final stage is a ammo can and I like ammo cans. Ammo cans are easy to find. Please note I'm not saying that these types of caches should not be allowed. I'm just saying its evil. All I can think about is getting back to it and finding the ammo can. In the ammo can awaits the log book. The log book needs my name....
  3. Try looking for one in the description that says the cache is a ammo can. Ammo cans are large and their is only so many places they can be hidden.
  4. Be wary of buying a sub $50 GPS. Many of the older units have one less decimal so they won't get you much closer than you can get by looking at a detailed map. I just don't want you to be dissapointed on spending what little hard earned money that you have on something that isn't going to be much better than going without.
  5. Nope! West Marine will match any online price as long as you bring them a printout with the price including shipping. They will even do it through their website if you email them the link to where you can get it for less.
  6. Well so far I like it LOTS! I used it last night and found the first stage of a multi-stage. We searched for the second stage but didn't find it. The sun was going down and it started to rain so I logged my first DNF. My GPS and my brothers Yellow Etrex were in agreement most of the time. I'll need to use it more though before I can form an opinion on its performance especially under different conditions. What I like so far is the ability to customize almost all the views. It has a nice card file type index for the waypoints so that the alphabet is broken into 4 chunks. I dropped the GC from the waypoints when I uploaded them to it so I don't have to scroll through the whole 500 list to find one. The display is very easy to read under normal conditions. I'll have to wait for some sunny days and some night time viewing to report how it works in those conditions. Overall the interface is intuitive and easy to use with major features and functions easy to access and view. It can show your bearing and your current Lat/Long so Garmin did not leave out those features like on the forerunner. I don't like its charging/data cradle. It seems that they could have done something better with that. One nice thing about that design is that replacement cables are reasonably priced direct from Garmin. I've never understood why they charge so much for their other cables. These don't even seem to be Propietary Garmin cables which might be why they are cheaper. The wrist strap is comfortable and the buttons are located so that I think it would be equally easy for a right or left handed person to wear it and use it. I'll try to write up something organized after I've used it some.
  7. GPS Tuner can take any picture and use it as a map. You just need 2 known coordinates on the map to calibrate it then your GPS will show where you are on the picture as you move.
  8. Its a couple bucks cheaper at Amazon $159.94- http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...garden&n=507846 and you can still get the rebate. Plus if you decide to order it from them it has free shipping. Won't WalMart pricematch their own online price?
  9. GSAK is indeed an awesome program for the pc. I was looking for more solutions for the PPC. Since asking the question I have found garmap ce and g7toce, both should do what I want.
  10. Left out what? the arrow? It's on mine.... No the bearing to the waypoint. The arrow is only accurate if your moving. You don't need to be moving for it to tell you what your bearing is. If you don't carry a compass you won't care that it doesn't give you the bearing. This feature is on every current GPS I know of except the forerunner. Also if the forerunner can't display your current coordinates it would be difficult to use it for hiding a cache. My tracking information now says that the foretrex has been delivered, I'm counting the minutes till I can get out of work.
  11. What software is best for getting and manageing waypoints between a Garmin GPS (foretrex) and a Pocket PC (Ipaq)?
  12. I was also hesitant about the lack of backup in the field until I found a battery extender to work with it. PC Mobile Foretrex cables With a way for battery backup I prefer the thinner unit with the rechargeable in it. I'm waiting to get it before I order any cables but I'll probably order the battery extender and a cable to attach it to my ipaq. I was planning to get the battery extender for my ipaq and bluetooth GPS anyway. Then I could use it for all 3. They left it out of the forerunner.
  13. Why must they essentially be the same? The foretrex is not identical software wise to the geko 201. Most people want certain core features in a GPS for geocaching. IMO the bearing to your goto point would be one of them. As77 its pointless to argue this. I'm hoping all the foretrex shares with the forerunner is its size and shape. According to my tracking number my foretrex will be here today and I plan to report back my opinion of it after I get a chance to give it a workout.
  14. I don't think we are getting the same search results because I don't get a positive feeling. I think Jeff summed up the limitations the best. The forerunner has a some unique features and Yes it will work for geocaching but it was designed for running and training. The foretrex on the other hand appears to have been designed for hiking and as such should be much more suitable for geocaching.
  15. This is the first reported instance of cache rationing that I have seen.
  16. How much does it cost to purchase a GPS in the UK? The etrex is normally $99 here in the US.
  17. What are you searching on to find these reports? I can find only a few posts and nothing that goes into detail on the performance of the forerunner. Also a geko 201 is probably a better comparison. According to Garmin's website-
  18. As far as I know the foretrex 101 hasn't been shipped yet. GPS City shows a May 14 ship date. I just ordered a 201. I didn't like the rechargeable battery and the fact that it didn't have a dc charger but I have found solutions to both of these. PC Mobile Sells a DC adapter and they sell a battery extender that uses AA's to recharge your foretrex battery. I've been meaning to order the battery extender anyway for my Ipaq so that I don't get stuck in the field without a backup battery for it. I'd rather have the thinner foretrex with the rechargeable integrated as long as I had a way to car charge it and a battery backup. The lack of car charging would have been a deal breaker for me.
  19. I just ordered the trex because its based on the geko 201. The trex dropped the running and training features that the forerunner had in favor of the features that the geko 201 has which are similar to what most GPS's do. The forerunner had a lot of features that were different and specific to running or training.
  20. I don't think I'll have to hold my arm any different. It should work while walking. It also includes a bigger strap so you could strap it higher up your arm if you want. Then it would be less likely to be blocked during normal walking motions. It shouldn't be different than other GPS's though, for optimum reception you have to hold it where it can get a clear view. I should have it tomorrow, that will give me 2 nights to play with it before the weekend gets here. The forerunner is very different than the foretrex. Its shares its size and shape with the forerunner but its firmware is very different. Garmin dropped all the running and training stuff from the foretrex. The firmware is based on the geko 201. I've read less than rave reviews about the forerunner for geocaching. I've read lots of good stuff about the geko 201.
  21. Well I orderd one, I'll get to see how it works.
  22. I use a ppc with Mapopolis platinum and GPX Sonar. Mapopolis routing and voice directions along with the accuracy of the street data is incredible. I'm not sure how the palm version of mapopolis stacks up against the PPC version.
  23. Well DC cables are available. PC-Mobile I'm not sure why Garmin doesn't offer one. I'm trying to sort through that page to see if they are compatible with the Ipaq but since I know they are available and reasonably priced I'm not as afraid to order the fortrex as I was. The only thing I don't like now is that it appears that the foretrex requires it to be snapped into its cradle to connect cables. It looks similar to the gecko connection but it must not be the same or places like PC mobile that sell the cables would tell you if it worked. If its in its cradle I don't think you can wear it. PC mobile also sells the battery extender and claims it works with the foretrex. This makes the rechargeable unit more desirable than the AAA unit, at least to me. Also since the 101 is .3 inches thicker the 201 is smaller.
  24. Has anyone found a dc adapter for the fortrex 201? If not does anyone know what voltage it is or if its an unusual plug? I like the idea the 101 using AAA's but I don't like the idea of the 101 being .3 inches thicker. edit: Well its 5v but what plug does it use? It would be incredibly lucky if it uses the same plug as an ipaq since that is also 5v and I have several of those.
  25. Who out there is using a foretrex for geocaching? Whats wrong with it? I'm looking at the 201 but might hold out for the 101 as long as the only difference is the battery. I'd rather have AAA's then a rechargeable that I can't carry with spares. Its supposed to be based on the gecko 201 and I've heard more good than bad about that unit.
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