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  1. Would a standard set of icons be required? Couldn't you just create a naming standard for the icons and then allow people to use whatever custom set they wanted and as long as they numbered or named them correctly then it would work?
  2. I use multiple DB's. One for my home state, I refresh it with new data from GCC once a week. Its possible to figure out which ones were archived by looking at the date they were last updated. If you reload your area and a cache doesn't get updated then you could assume it had been archived. I don't like to do that so I just flush the whole state once a week and reload from new querys. This is easy to do if you can load your whole state in less than 5 querys. I don't know how the guys in the bigger states do it. That and since Michigan is mostly surrounded by water I don't overlap my querys with other states. I use another DB for my founds. I occasionaly run a filter on my state db and export it as a GPX then import it into my found database. This way if a cache becomes archived its still in my founds. I use another DB or DB's when I travel. I recently went to Virginia and set up querys for the route and for the area I was staying in. I put this in a DB. Now that the trip is over I'll dump that DB after exporting the founds and importing them into my found DB.
  3. You all are obviously struggling with cramming your routes into your GPS's. Have any of you thought about using a PPC? A PPC with Mapopolis and a cable to your GPS can hold detailed maps of every road in the US. I just went to Virginia from Michigan and back with mine. None of the handheld GPS's can compare to what Mapopolis on a PPC can do. It gives you autorouting, voice directions, real time mileage left and estimated ETA. It knows where the off ramps are or if you have to go right to turn left. Its not the same as doing it only with a GPS but most everyone in this thread seems to be asking for more than what their GPS can do.
  4. I use Robo Geo. Its $23 and takes your track log and matches it to the exif data from your picture and can either stamp the picture with the location data, or add it to the exif data, or both. Heres a georeferenced photo of mine. You can try it for free to make sure it works with your camera and GPS.
  5. 1. Most of us have to navigate to get to the cache. So while color may not make a huge difference once your actually caching it is going to help you get that far. 2. You may not find software that will include every trail but why not push for software that does? or use the software that includes the most for the area your interested in. 3. The best bet on a topo map is a laptop. You can carry the world with you and zoom in to any detail level that you want. Next best and more practical for carrying is a PPC. A paper map is nice for a backup but since we're all GPS users here there is nothing better than being plotted on an electronic version of that paper map as you move or being able to precisely plot coordinates on the map.
  6. What kind of container is that? The large camo painted ones or the smaller one to the right? The large camo one.
  7. I didn't mean that he needed a list of elgible people. As one of his reasons for doing this was that he wanted to see how many local people had over 200 finds. Found counts mean very little. In Alaska or other cache poor areas 200 is probably a pretty impressive number. When I hear that you can go to citys like Atlanta and easy log 100 in day then 200 isn't that impressive. Where I live in western Michigan you can do 10 caches in a day without working to hard but I've done more of my caching in Northern Michigan where working all day to log one or two is more my norm. I don't like any of the caches with requirements like your proposing. In your area you may not have a problem but in some areas your going to find your cache missing the first time you delete someones otherwise legit found log.
  8. What is the fixation on the internal battery? My cell phone has been using the same battery for 2 years and hasn't had a problem. Rechargeable batterys today are much bettter than they were a few years ago. Your going to get several years out of a unit with a sealed in battery. You know your going to upgrade your GPS before that battery goes bad. I bought a foretrex 201 several months ago and am very happy with it. I could have bought the 101 but it was .3 inches thicker and I didn't want to go thicker.
  9. All the low end units should do fine under the conditions you talk about.
  10. 2 thumbs up for GPS discount. I've ordered from them several times without incident. They have respond prompty to pre-sale questions emailed to them a bunch of times and responded promptly the one time I had a post sale question. There prices are usually competitive if not the lowest everytime I've checked.
  11. Try Mapopolis(not free) and GPX Sonar (free). You'll like the combination.
  12. Don't do it. It will upset far more people than it will make happy. You won't get any type of accurate list of local people with over 200 founds. Join or start a geocaching club and collect stats. Celebrate when members hit mile markers. In Michigan we have the Michigan Geocachers Organization. Also places like Keenpeople.com collect and rank stats.
  13. The data cable is $15 direct from Garmin and you may find it cheaper elsewhere. It hardly seems worth hacking your own cable together for that much. The best price I've seen on the foretrex was from GPS City and Amazon was about $5 more. I don't know what either site charges for shipping to Australia. Edit: You may want to consider the 201. It comes with the data cable, an integrated rechargeable battery(+ charger), and is .3 inches thinner than the 101. Its only $20 more than the 101.
  14. That was called selective availability and it being turned off is what started geocaching. A guy hid a box and posted coordinates on the web as a celebration of SA being turned off. Clinton did at least one good thing while he was in office.
  15. Streets and trips requires Nema to be on, the other 2 programs would require it to be off(I think). Can you tell what com port your USB-Serial adapter is using? If you can't you might want to try a different adapter.
  16. The guy I sit next to at work ordered a 60cs after listening to me talk about geocaching every day for a month. He had not done a geocache yet. He has used a yellow etrex of his dads a few times in the past. JonnyVegas you constantly defend magellan, even now when they do something this stupid. I remember Garmin getting beat up bad for the Geko 101's lack of computer connectivity. Lack of computer connectivity in at least the higher of these models is a huge flaw.
  17. Often its not worth selling your GPS when you get a new one so I would venture to say most people end up with backup units after upgrading.
  18. Under tools-options-general you can change the default double click action.
  19. Would unstalling 2 instances of gsak in different locations work? If you did that could they point at the same database but still have different settings?
  20. How come no one has pointed out that the mericolor doesn't have a electronic compass? If you compare the price of the 60c to the mericolor its a better comparison.
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