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  1. When are you going to go out and find your first cache? You've got all these crazy ideas and no finds. Usually we call those people trolls, but you've been around too long to be called that He doesn't log his finds just so that people like you won't put him down because he doesn't have enough experience caching. It doesn't take much digging to find he is an active cacher he just doesn't like to log his finds online. You should read the whole thread before you slam someone... You pretty much perfectly illustrated his point of why he doesn't log his finds even though I disagree with him and would encourage him to log his finds out of respect for the owner of the cache if nothing else.
  2. Tournament caching would be cool but I don't see how you could enforce any tournament type rules on open caches. I say go for it but don't try to make new rules at geocaching.com for the public to play by.
  3. You wouldn't necessarilly have to have a actual animation of the real insp. gadget. How about you dress up as inspector gadget and make a video of you being gadget finding a cache? All it would take is a trenchcoat and a hat. Go go gadget GPS could have a GPS Fall out of your sleeve attached to a slinky. Make it absurd and fun. With just a little bit of simple editing you could "go go gadget skateboard" across the parking lot. The thing that would keep you from running a malicious program is your name and email address on the cd label. If someone was concerned about it they could email you first. Your also limited somewhat by what you can do in the autorun though I'm sure there are ways to be malicious if people try hard enough. If you can't trust a cache enough to run a cd from it then how do you know the cache itself isn't booby trapped?
  4. Did you know that the GPX file is emailed to you? I wondered the same thing the first time I did a pocket query.
  5. This site will show on the caches in the world and you can drill down to your area- Buxleys Maps This site allows you to create your own map from a GPX file. - Keenpeople.com Here's my map of both my founds - JeepCachr's Found Caches Using GPX files you can import them into most map programs and have them show up as waypoints on the map. The advantage here is you can create and print your own custom maps. Especially usefull for cache bingeing. The easiest way has got to be doing it the way hikemeister said. If you want to see them on a map click the icon at the top right corner.
  6. Thats a cool idea. Stock a special cache with some really cool swag and by making it members only you raise the bar a little. I think some people don't know any better. They either don't know they are supposed to trade or they don't know its supposed to be a fair trade. Then again they might think that dirty golf ball is a fair trade for a geocaching.com patch.
  7. Ouch... I am geocache newbie so I don't understand all this bitterness. You can all play the game any way you want. It is only a game. Its just sad that you can be so selfish as to not give back to the game for the enjoyment of others. If nobody were to log anything online and the cache had been there for 2 years I wouldn't go look for it. For those that don't log it online, do you read other peoples logs? Team 360 I would love to read your logs with poems and funny storys. How many cache owners or cache hunters have you given a smile and a good feeling when you took the time to thoughtfully log a find? You shouldn't let some forum bandit or cache owner natzi stop you. Do you enjoy reading the online logs of the 22 caches you have hidden? Its sad that their are people out there that would mock you for writing a silly poem but their will always be bullys and people trying to feel better about themselves by tearing down others. I have a neice who has travel bugs, she's 5. She loves hearing about her travel bugs. Next time you log a travel bug imagine a 5 year old girl having the log read to her and telling all her friends and relatives about how her bug is doing. As far as stats go they don't mean ANYTHING. I have 2 finds. The secound was a multistage. If all I was interested in was numbers I wouldn't do any multi-stages. I wouldn't do anything that wasn't a 1-1. The stats are interesting and fun but they will never be definitive as to who is the best cacher or the fastest finder or who the winner is. Here's my map of founds I'm proud of both of them- Found Map Anyway team360 you have inspired me to spice up my logs. Maybe in 2 years I'll be as burned out and negative as you, but I hope not.
  8. A aquapac is a waterproof case for your hand held device. Aquapac I use a PPC so I don't know what Cetus is.
  9. Trading card maker refill pack If you were right they would be very reasonable. But I'm afraid its only 10 sheets and 2 cards per sheet. I've found this on exact model number on several other websites where they explain more clearly what is included. The kit that includes the program only comes with 5 sheets (10 cards). You print these cards on one side of the paper and somehow fold them to create the card. I'm investigating avery ID cards right now. They are more reasonably priced. They won't look exactly like a trading card like these do but I'm not willing to shell out $1 each for these.
  10. A whistle is small, weighs almost nothing, and can often be foundvery cheaply. I don't think your going to gain much by skimping on this one..
  11. I found the exact thing I was looking for. Trading card maker Of course now I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. Refill kits for this are $20 for 20 cards. Thats a little steep.
  12. They used to be. They sold their mail order business to Cabela's around 1996 or 97. I remember because I was out at the main cabela's store that summer and they were having a tent sale selling a lot of Gander Mountain branded merchandise.
  13. Has anyone created a baseball card type trading card for their cache? If you have could you share it? It could have information like the cache page on the web. Then people could collect them. You could even place yours in other caches sort of like advertising your cache or for the owner of that cache to collect. If anyone is doing this I would love to see some examples. I can see it now Geocache Trading Cards
  14. Well its no different then them bringing a bag of trash with them to get the second smiley. This way your requireing people to trash out for your cache to get any smileys. Besides theres plenty of other caches that the owners don't watch their logs if all you want to do is pad your numbers.
  15. I'm only a newbie but I would vote no to multiple finds for one cache. It skews the system. Pretty soon we'll be earning points. It will be a constant arguement over what is worth more, 2 bags of trash or a difficult to find multi-stage. For a 4 stage multi stage shouldn't you get 4 logged finds since you did as much work as finding one single stage? I see no problem with requiring CITO to log it once but why is the extra incentive required to log it multiple times? Many caches make you jump through hoops to log them. Whats wrong with this being one of those requirements just to log it once? From the thread above it sounds like this has already been done so a precedent has been established for it. The only problem I see with a requirement like this is not everyone has a digital camera.
  16. What states don't allow hunting on Sunday? I don't think thats true. Most people only hunt the weekends. I'd say your MUCH less likely to see hunters midweek than on the weekends. Unless its the opening week of the season.
  17. The difference is you or your team found the cache and signed the log.
  18. I've only by geocaching a short time but I've hunted a long time and have been in and around the woods all my life. In general Geocachers would likely be less disruptive to hunters than alot of other other people out there. There are all sorts of motorized vehicles out there, quads, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers that hunters absolutely hate. I don't see how they can prohibit geocaching on the basis that your going to tick off the hunters unless the land in question is limited to only hunters.
  19. Just what I need a frying pan mounted on my dash...
  20. They aren't likely to get them anytime soon either. The data from the terra server is provided freely from the goverment. The color super zoom maps I have seen would be worth paying the $100 a year if you could have a interface like USAphotomaps to go with them. Thanks for the topo tip Timpat. I guess I thought contour lines and topo information were related when I skimmed the instructions. Their does seem to be some process to getting contour lines inputted but the topo info is very easey. Now all I need is a way to get more than one screen of data to d/l at a time. Though it soon won't matter as I will have all the data local for the area that I want. If I had wireless internet access then I wouldn't need it local...
  21. Cruz if you try USAphoto maps(mentioned above in this thread) to get the terraserver data you will never go back to the web interface again. Not only can you zoom into the cache site. You can import your caches as waypoints and have a point placed precisely on the map where the cache is.
  22. I haven't found a good topo program for the PPC. I absolutely love Mapopolis for mapping and routing. The voice directions work very well. I like streets and trips on the PC but pocket streets is aweful. http://mapopolis.com I recently found USA photo maps because of another thread on this board. It can import caches and export them on a topo map or ariel photo as a JPG that you can open on your PPC. That program gets topo and ariel photo data from MS's TerraServer. http://jdmcox.com/
  23. http://www.watertightcase.com/Armorseries.html I've only had it a couple days and I've played with it. Only time will tell if it works but so far I am very happy with it.
  24. Well I paid $750 (now its about $650) for my ipaq which is what made me nervous taking it caching. I feel a lot safer with it in this case. So far the only problem with the case is that the fingerprint security doesn't work when its in the case. Its a very minor thing though since I don't leave it in the case for extended periods of time and getting in and out is simple.
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