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  1. I like your card. I don't think anyone should remove that for rule violation reasons. A signature item should reflect the owner.
  2. The cross has significant religous meaning to me but it doesn't have to be a religous item. I wouldn't see anything wrong with that in a cache. Our money says "In God we trust" on it and its not considered a religous item. I do agree with RC on removing condoms, cigarettes, and religous tracts.
  3. So whats the cost involved in having coins made? This is a really cool signature item. I would love to trade these.
  4. Why does every store at cafepress always offer the thong? Does anybody ever buy them? CCC not to dump on you thread but the quality of the cafepress stuff leaves a little to be desired. In my experience http://www.zazzle.com has a much higher quality process for printing shirts. I haven't tried ordering anything else through them. I'm not sure they offer the thong either so maybe cafepress is a better choice for you...
  5. I'm a newbie (7 found) but I never knew that a travel bug motel needed bugs traded? If I found one I would have taken a TB unless it said specifically in the description that it was expected to trade bugs. Even then I'd question it because its not fair to the bug owner for his bug to be stuck in a hotel when it has some other mission. Is there somewhere that stuff like this is documented or are newbies like me gonna tick people off because I didn't know. I don't like travel bug prisons other. I know of one that was discussed at length here in the forums. It doesn't seem fair to me if my 4yr old neices bug gets put into a particularly difficult and dangerous cache for the sole purpose of keeping it from its mission.
  6. No actual experience with any of those models but I'm currently looking for a GPS with a compass and the meridian color doesn't have the compass like the plat does. Best price I found on the meridian color travel kit was $378 at http://www.compuplus.com/insidepage.php3?r....com&id=1001622, the traveler pack includes the map, the mount, pc cable, power cable, its a good package.
  7. I'm a new cacher. I've been reading the forums a lot. I got so excited when I found my first TB that I snagged him and promptly dropped him into the next cache I did that day. After all his mission was to move from cache to cache as often as possible so I thought I was helping him. I didn't realize I needed to write down his number to log him. Its all fixed up now and he's logged appropriately.
  8. Why make em? Just buy em- http://www.rockandwater.com/hollow_rocks.htm I know they are really expensive but one looks big enough for a person to hide under. Imagine the FTF'ers surprise if he found the cache owner hiding there waiting for him.
  9. If they are on your watch list why wouldn't you still want the emails while your gone?
  10. Criminal I don't get it. If you don't like the forums why do you read them? My brother has been a cacher for a while and is blissfully ignorant of all the controversy going on in the forums. There are far more people playing the game than the vocal few here in the forums.
  11. To each his own... I'd rather walk 5 miles into the woods to find an ammo box out in the open then spend an hour looking for a tiny cache in a parking lot. Thats what makes this game so great, is there is a little something for every one.
  12. Theres one of those on ebay right now... I wonder if my wife will notice it on the charge card?
  13. In my opinion it is by far the best pocketPC street mapping software and has some great cache related features. It will become the ultimate caching tool when it integrates with GPX sonar and it needs some better screens for getting to the cache after you get out of the car. Course those are just my wishes to make a excellent program even better.
  14. Perhaps they should get mixed up in some drug dealers where drug dealers stash gets mistaken for a cache?
  15. Rite in the rain books are cool and the small ones don't seem unreasonably expensive to me at $2.50. The big ones are really nice though with forms on each page to fill in and are worth a few extra bucks at $6.99 if your cache is big enough. http://shop.Groundspeak.com/category.cfm?categoryID=5&home=t Plus in my opinion they give it a little more impressive and official look if it gets found by a muggle increasing the odds of it not getting plundered.
  16. Perhaps the term micro needs to be quantified. Instead of giving it a size by dimension, give a size by volume. Say some thing that holds less than 1 cup (or another easily measured unit of volume) of liquid is a micro. Just as a guideline or example, not a rule, we don't need another rule.
  17. I'd say spend it if its something you like, if not place it in a cache. Trying to return it would be a waste of time. If you feel conflicted it will probably dissapear soon anyway. I don't think its a question of etiquette, not only is it within your rights its your responsibility in maintaining this cache. Do people really like to hunt for micro's this small? *WARNING PERSONAL OPINION ALERT* I don't think anything that is so small that a muggle would throw it away without knowing its a cache should be allowed. Its not even big enough to hold a description of geocaching or even a decent log.
  18. Agreed, I have a large (~4" x 7" x 1.5") Altoids tin as my "Lame Micro #1" cache. There is virtually no room for trade items, so I consider it a micro. Others don't think so. I might agree, if it wasn't the first of a series of 4 micros that get progressively smaller. So the smallest one has the logbook?
  19. I'm awefull with artistic stuff. I want to do a better card, maybe with a picture of my jeep on it. I'd also rather do a trading card sized card instead of a business card but I haven't found a source for those yet. I could just cut my own. Edit: the cards are laminated it just doesn't show in the picture.
  20. Theres got to be a better way to do this.
  21. For those looking for some small cheap swag that is still cool. http://www.knightdiscounts.com/novelties.htm I just placed an order with them and was very happy with it.
  22. What are you going to shoot with a nine? Are you going to shoot yourself before the cat can do you in?
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