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  1. While looking for software to stamp my photos with location codes I came across this. Camera with integrated GPS I thought it was interesting and looks very cool.
  2. I don't like rules and I'm not proposing that we add more. I'm just wondering how other people feel about caches that are camoflagued as other things. Like sprinkler heads, hollow bolts, fake electric outlets, ect... I'm only a newbie so I don't have the experience of some of you cachers that have been around awhile but it seems irresponsible to me for people to use these kinds of containers to hide a cache. They make caches really hard for muggles to find but they also encourage people to try to take things apart that could cause a lot of damage.
  3. Even if its free your still copying and distributing copyrighted material. If it could be limited to public domain MP3's it would be legal but based on the popularity of those sites on the internet I don't think your theme would survive.
  4. How are you making an elongated coin? Your talking about squashing it like they do in a penny press right?
  5. Only you can decide how accurate is accurate enough. Some people geocache without a GPS. Almost all current GPS's (I can't think of any that aren't) are able to display to the third digit. Common opinion around here is that is the minimum that you want. Waas can get you down from 30 to 10 depending on conditions. Many people are unimpressed with the Waas benefits so YMMV. It all depends on how your going to use it. Edit: if the unit your looking at is only showing 2 decimals make sure that is not set to only show 2, there might be an option to show that third decimal.
  6. Now thats a signature item! Have you thought about putting one in every cache you find?
  7. 2 things- Your SUV is not a Jeep, my Jeep is not an SUV All wheel drive is not the same as 4 wheel drive. Jeep is in a different category of vehicle then the other vehicles being talked about. I own a Wrangler and a Grand Cherokee. It depends on what the terrain is like by you. If your looking for a capable off road vehicle look at Jeeps and other similar vehicles. If your looking for a vehicle with good gas mileage that can handle a less traveled dirt road then just about any of the all wheel drive vehicles that have been mentioned will get you there if you drive smart.
  8. If all you want is your TB's mission attached to him try this site- http://sissy-n-cr.com/store.shtml Attaching a log to him doesn't seem like a great idea to me...
  9. How cheap? New 64's can be found for under $20 shipped, 32 for under $15 shipped. Smaller than that are hard to find since shipping is often more than the card is worth. Pricewatch even lists a 128 for $26 shipped. This 64 just sold on ebay for $5.50 with $5 shipping, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...3807826568&rd=1
  10. At a minimum I think you should go back and visit it and sign the physical log. Then it could be a legitimate find. I don't think you should log it without visiting it again. Edit: How many long time cachers haven't discussed a cache with another cacher and then gone and found the cache or gone with a group of people. You don't actually have to be the one to find it to log it. Generally its excepted that if you sign the log that you can credit the find.
  11. Double logging shouldn't be allowed. It should be either be a seperate cache page or a single multi-stage cache. Just my opinion. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Your bonus cache might be really cool but it sets a precedent for other people to allow multi logging on regular multi-stage caches.
  12. Get a crate for your dog, its much safer for you and him. If your not going to crate him consider getting a dog seatbelt. After all wouldn't you want your dog to have as much protection in a crash as your kids? Also a dog hurtling around the inside of a cab in a rapid evasive maneuver is not condusive to helping you avoid a crash.
  13. The forums are free. The only member benefit in the forums (that I know of) is to be able to change your forum title. Not a very big deal to me. I believe the forums to be a very small part of the overall storage and bandwidth that gc.com incurs. Your not stirring my ire, your allowed your opinion. Even if your wrong. I just took a look around and I don't see any advertising here in the forums. I would much rather pay to support the site than have to put up with banners and if there were pop-ups I wouldn't be here. Also banners and pop-ups don't pay what they used to. There is also very little advertising on the main site. The only 2 advertisements I see are for offroute and for Geoteaming. I don't see any GPS manufacturers support. Personally I don't like the 5-20% thing. How do you know what they are contributing? How many items are they contributing 20% on? Don't take this wrong I think its marvelous that they are supporting gc.com. Everybody has their own business model. Personally I'd rather see a % discount on their prices like other sites like GPS passion has arrainged for their members and then I could chose where or how to to use my savings to support the sport. Had you saved $30 by shopping around instead of ordering my offroute.com you could have donated that $30 to gc.com. If offroute only donated 5% of your purchase they would have contributed $12.50 to the site. You could have donated $30. I feel this way about many things. Like I won't give my money to the United Way for them to decide where it goes, I'd rather give my money directly to the organizations that need it. But this is just my opinion. We can all choose to support the site however we want. I like the idea of starting a cache for members only to reward others who are willing to support the site like i have. Oh yeah and the GPX files are the only way to go paperless. There is so much cool stuff you can do with them.
  14. It definately needs a grid, don't number the lines though because some people might like to write out a couple lines. Also your column widths are kind of off. You should make the date and time narrower and for sure make the notes column wider. I would also expand the form to use the whole page. Your form looks nice but you asked for feedback...
  15. The biggest problem with tuner is that it sorts the waypoints (LOC file) by the gcxxxxx number and then lists the name of the cache. The problem is when your looking at the list its only shows the gcxxxxx number as (g) and their is no way that I can find to reconfigure that. So you have 500 waypoints in a list that looks like- (g) little bobs cache (g) big bobs cache (g) A walk in the park To work around this I use GSAK to open my GPX file and export the LOC file with the cache number in front of the description. So in Tuner I now see somthing like this- (g) GC12j87 little bobs cache (g) GC190IK big bobs cache (g) GCE1EEA walk in the park Its working for me. I would love to hear how other people are using Tuner.
  16. Ummm we have links to all that already on the front page. You can't force people to read it.... Well you could require that the take a test as part of their registration and have the test be based on the fundamentals of the game....
  17. Well since you already own the magellan topo it would make sense at least for you that another magellan unit might be the best value.
  18. At the very least post a Sold message and I like the closed thread idea.
  19. I had a demo of GPS tuner and vito navigator 2, I registered tuner. Both demo's expired and I still wasn't sure which I liked better. So I registered tuner. Now I think I registered the wrong one. Tuner has a lot more features but navigator was easier to use. Since I've already paid for it I'm going to try to make it work. The biggest problem I have is trying to find waypoints. I'm not sure how it sorts them and scrolling through 500 is painfully slow. It wasn't that bad in navigator2.
  20. Do more research on the cobras. I have no personal experience with them but they are often put down here in the forums. Yellow Etrex can usually be found for $99 at Walmart. If you search around online you can find for a few bucks less. Occasionally you can get a new refurb with warranty for $80. Occasionally you can pick them used up on ebay for $60. My brother has 2 and they are great. Spending more is just going to get you more features and slightly better accuracy.
  21. Where is the rule that says travel bug hotels require to leave a bug to take a bug? This seems unfair to the bugs.
  22. This is how I get into those virtual caches on NPS lands. You'd be surprised how few people bother you if your wearing a hard hat and holding a clipboard with a few orange cones in the back.
  23. I believe educating cachers would provide the most improvement in the sport.
  24. Fly I'm not sure what your asking for. You seem dissapointed that this thread didn't go where you wanted it to. People are answering the question you asked. Around here if its local its usually found within hours. People will go out at almost any time of day or night to try to get the first to find.
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