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  1. Based on that site I would say that the person that left it wasn't the person that plundered it. I'd guess the plunderer took everything except the pamphlet.
  2. Is a 1 supposed to be handicap accessible or wheelchair accessable? Is there a difference?
  3. Epicuro read about pocket queries here- http://www.geocaching.com/subscribe/ Its like taking gc.com with you on your ppc. Vito should be telling you the same thing as your gps. After all it is getting the same information. Do you have them configured the same?
  4. Back to the origanel question. Make sure your using the same Datum that your UTM coordinates are. Most maps are NAD 27 but are slowly being revised to NAD 83.
  5. Here is a site that will let you easily add more attributes to your cache. http://www.9key.com/selector.asp Here is a site proposing a user rating system. http://www.digger.net/projects/gcrfs/ Here is a Handicap Accessibility Guideline Generator. http://www.britishideas.com/geocaching/handicap.php Keenpeople.com allows you to place a button on your cache that allows people to rate it. Its a popularity poll though, not a difficulty rating. A question I have is should a 1 terrain cache be handicapped accessible? If so what defination of handicapped accessible should be followed. I've seen places where some people say yes and others where they say no. Changing the rating system would be a monumental task.
  6. Is this creek big enough to be considered a waterway?
  7. UTM is good for small areas. Lat and long is better for world wide consistancy. The world is not flat, UTM maps it as if it were. Do a search for this its been explained before much better than I can. UTM on your GPS is not more precise than Lat/Long but yes it is simpler. Mostly just for map reading.
  8. How big of a memory card do the meridians except?
  9. I wouldn't want to trust bluetooth or any wireless on my navigation system.
  10. Wow if ever there was a push to add a rule to require more finds before you get a hide approved this cache will be used as a example.
  11. I drive a jeep and its loaded with lots of off-road gear. I can go just about anywhere that my winch cable will reach. I've even got compressed CO2 for running air tools and inflating tires. My next addition will hopefully be a on board welder.
  12. Sig items are usually considered fair trade items unless they are marked specifically for the cache owner.
  13. How do you make that charm? That is really cool!
  14. You don't have to be a premium member to download waypoints. You can download a loc file from the cache page that you want to find. Using many of the programs mentioned you can combine that waypoint with other waypoints files and d/l one or all of them to your gps. A LOC file is the coordinates, the waypoint name, and the cache title. A GPX file contains that information and more like the description, hint, and recent logs. GPX files give you the ability to easily get a file containing up to 500 caches based on a query that you can create to give you the caches you want.
  15. Its also quite common for people to print out a street map of the cache area. If you get a PDA with mapping capability you can bring the cache details and maps with you without printing. The biggest advantage to a PDA is the number of caches you can bring with you this way. Its also quite easy to keep your PDA updated with the newest information. So that you don't go to a cache that was recently archived or reported as missing. A lot of cachers will load everything within a 100 miles on their pda and can be ready to cache whenever they get an opportunity.
  16. You have to associate gpx files with gsak to be able to open them by double clicking on them. I don't know if gsak does that be default. A better alternative is to first open gsak then open your gpx file from inside gsak. Depending on how you use GSAK that would be the normal way to do it.
  17. Thank you to all those that debated this topic in a decent and civilized manner. Thank you to those that actually responded to my question. I never asked for censorship. I never asked for new rules. I never said that I was concerned about children reading the forums. All I did is quote the forum guidelines and ask a question about them. For all those that felt it was better to mock me by doing exactly what I was concerned about I can't really post anything without offending myself so I'll lock this thread now.
  18. I don't know maybe I'm being over sensitive but is a "*" even necessary? Are there not enough other words in the english language that the thought or responce can't be expressed clearly? One problem that I see with this type of language is that it sets the tone for the whole discussion and is most often associated with personal attacks or posts not on topic. I'm not necessarily say that the moderators should step in and edit or delete posts. I'm asking for forum members to think before they post and not encourage that type of behavior.
  19. Quoted from the forum guidelines- Foul Language and obscene images will not be tolerated. This site is family friendly, and all posts and posters must respect the integrity of the site. Are others offended by the posts that are allowed with obscene words intentionally mis-spelled especially when it is obvious that is the posters intent. I'm glad to see that caches don't seem to be getting approved with that language but it seems to common in the forums and often instead of it being discouraged people are quoting and LOL'ing about it.
  20. Some people log with their real names instead of their online screen name so its not possible to tell if they don't have accounts here. Its also possible that they got the cache coordinates from someone or somewhere else.
  21. Relative newbie here, 7 total founds. I am a premium member though so don't think that limiting your cache to members only is going to stop a newbie from spoiling it. Not saying that I would but I might not be smart enough to not. Personally I'd say to not place a cache that you think is to public because odds are its going to get plundered even if its members only.
  22. I've read your posts here. I've read your posts at the other site. Near as I can figure you archived them all here and someone adopted them there. So whats the problem? Do you want them unarchived here? If that is the case wouldn't it be up to the person that adopted them to ask for that? Or for that person to submit them as new caches? Then again like many of the people in this thread have posted I may not have a clue whats going on.
  23. Get a digital camera that takes SD cards and you can have this dream today. There is also software that will stamp the location on the picture today taking data from the picture and your GPS. Just think you could have your dreams today.
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