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  1. I currently have a handheld Garmin GPSmap 62st and an iPhone 7. I am leaving on a trip next week and want to check out a few Wherigo caches. The one cache in particular is an ‘anywhere Wherigo’ that I was hoping to do at home beforehand. I downloaded the app for the iPhone and am unable to download the cartridge since neither of my devices are listed as compatible devices. Do I have any options with what I have at the moment? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Can I create a hide that meets the guidelines of a geocache and a letterbox and have it published as both? (For instance a letterbox hybrid with geocaching.com and as a letterbox at atlas quest)
  3. What are the guidelines for caches placed in vases attached to memorials/ graves? I am very interested in placing a cache inside vase that is attached to my grandfathers memorial. The surviving family is all aware of my intentions and fine with its possible placement. I am just curious if there are restrictions that I am unaware of. The vase on the grave is allowed to be handled and bouquets are permitted to be placed in it at families discretion. Thanks!
  4. I will let you know. I just placed a deep freezer behind the mailbox geocache GC7BARX that I have. A lot of the larger items were not fitting in the mailbox. If I notice water intrusion I plan on fabricating some sort of skirt around the lid to direct the water away from the seal.
  5. We hope that you do stop by and check out all of our hides. This statement is very correct. Our inexperience in fully understanding how to properly post and set up a hide made it very difficult for all the bugs to be worked out in order for it to be published. We now have quite a few hides and with a few exceptions we are getting things down pat.
  6. We hid a geocache over eight days ago and it has not been published yet. Is this normal? How long of a wait is too long? How do I go about contacting someone to help the process along? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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