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  1. Hello! Im from southern oregon, I am interested in one of these. Going to look around a bit more but i will definitely keep these in mind! - Vaporizz
  2. So I recently purchased a 'tactical' backpack off amazon for roughly 35$ (obviously a lower tier quality pack) but seems to be pretty handy for caching day trips. LeisonTac Military Tactical Backpack I was just curious what packs/rucks you guys were running with for your caching adventures! Feel free to drop your setup down below! - Vaporizz
  3. To me I think it's definitely worth it.. I went out again tonight with a couple buddies i was trying to get into it. And there seemed to be quite a bit of 'premium' caches that they were unable to log, so we ended up not even finding. Not to mention all the great features you get on the website like finding new caches, and other customizational buffs. 30 bucks for a whole year is a pretty fair price imo! Hope you decide to pull the trigger and get it. You won't regret it if you plan on getting into it more seriously
  4. I won one as well... Can't wait to check it out, the toys themselves look pretty cool to dig up & build! - Vaporizz
  5. This is the coin I just bought the other day, it's a Taurus coin as my birthday is May 1st! - TB8WFCR TB8WFCR TB8WFCR This baby will be travelling me on all my major trips! happy caching! - Vaporizz
  6. Hello! Im (sort of) new to the Geo community! I learned about GeoCaching years ago from my teacher in middle school, and have stumbled upon a few larger caches by random in my outdoor travels... But just as of late have taken a huge interest in caching! For the first time in a long time I'm excited to get out and explore... Can't wait for fire season to be over so I can dive headfirst into these caches all along the west coast. Thank you all for making this everything it is! - Vaporizz
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