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  1. When selecting the number of caches for a PQ, I get an error that indicates a range of 1-500 when attempting any counts between 51-99. (It works for 50 & 100.)
  2. Thanks for the WAP portal! That's a big help. It still would be very nice for Groundspeak to make custom designed pages. I love that "map it" function - that would be so cool on a handheld.
  3. Wireless data is here and now. Odds are that if you can afford a GPS, you either have (or soon will have) wireless data capability. I imagine that I geocache much like the rest of you. I search through the caches in an area, and print out a page for each cache that I want to visit. I make the page "print friendly", enable the logs, shrink the text, and then print the 1st page (trimming the rest of the logs). But what happens when I don't have a chance to print the pages in advance? What if I don't know exactly where I'll be? Imagine instead, using your handheld wireless device and accessing the cache pages in real time. The only problem is that the cache pages are too complex for the micro screen of a handheld device (a palm OS device is typically 160x160). And the wireless data is a bit slow, so the graphics would be annoying. It would be very nice to have a web page view that is tailored to palm sized devices. Get rid of the borders and background. Get rid of the map graphics. Get rid of everything that isn't critical. (This would even reduce the load on your servers!) A suggested format would be: <a very small groundspeek logo/banner> <cache type icon> Cache Name by UserName N 33-05.427 W 96-42.727 Regular Cache Travel Bugs (if applicable) Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2.5 Cache Text..... Logs... Of course, it would be nice to have the "Seek a Cache" page reformed for small screens. Also, the "Map It" button would be great, but the map page would have to be reformed. With these 3 screens, true mobile geocaching becomes reality. Since most of the banners & ads would need to be removed, these micro-pages would need to be part of the subscription service. This would be a draw for many new subscribers.
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