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  1. I'll bring mine too... they will have a party together, Thursday night?
  2. Since I think you are probably talking about me as the source of the news (DeLorme PN-30 @gpsreview) , here is my source: http://www.google.com/products?q=delorme+pn-30 Looks like there are already about 20 stores listing it in their inventory systems (though not yet in stock) according to Google.
  3. Looks like REI has leaked information about the Oregon 500 series through a product flyer. Looks similar to the 400 series models but adds a digital camera. http://www.gpsreview.net/garmin-oregon-500-series/
  4. Very little... but that is just because of the way I chose to load it. I broke things down into five minute sections. In those five minute sections I loaded both b&w aerial imagery as well as color aerial imagery at zoom levels from 11-16. I was able to load about twenty sections (five minutes each) with that method. I didn't need wide coverage, so I was very aggressive with multiple aerial imagery types and lots of zoom levels.
  5. DeLorme PN-40 Review I've been too busy playing with it. So far I've been extremely impressed. The reception is very fast and I can get a signal where many of my other devices cannot. Watching how fast the aerial imagery redraws while driving down the highway is very entertaining. It is also amazing to put it into 'heading up' mode wither aerial imagery and spin the GPS around on a table watching the images adjust to the new heading every couple of seconds. I went for the SE model and have put about 5 GB of b&w aerial photography, color aerial photography, and NOAA harbort charts on it. The screen refreshes are much faster than the PN-20. Since the electronic compass is tri-axis, I still get accurate headings when it is placed in a not at all flat position on the deck of my kayak. No matter what position it is in I still get an accurate compass reading. From someone who has eight different GPS devices on my desk at this moment... the PN-40 is really amazing.
  6. Good try, but I think someone will earn this one. I don't intend to make it easy.
  7. Super cool looking coin. I have one in my hands right now... just deciding where and when to hide it.
  8. tflight

    Delorme GPS PN-20

    There are some screen shots here and lots more here. The data packets are about $0.25/sq km. With the device you get a coupon for 400 sq km ($100 value).
  9. tflight

    Delorme GPS PN-20

    Yes, I was surprised (but excited) to hear that in your review. I'm sitting with it here now right up against a window which has a great sky view and can only get one satellite.
  10. tflight

    Delorme GPS PN-20

    Sure, the screen is 1&3/8 width by 1&11/16 tall. But perhaps a better comparison is by pixels. The PN 20 is 176x220 (38,720) pixels and I believe yours is 160x240 (38,400) pixels.
  11. tflight

    Delorme GPS PN-20

    Nice impression. I had the same feeling towards the buttons. At first i didn't like them, but after getting used to them (and using them with gloves on!) I really like the buttons on the PN-20 better than those on the Garmin devices I've been using. Here is what I wrote for a DeLorme PN-20 review in case anyone wants to have a look.
  12. DeLorme hasn't told me anything more specific other than it is "definitely getting closer".
  13. tflight

    free software

    I think you will see the "catch" if you read the Program Requirements.
  14. I haven't seen any sites which do this, but it would be very, very difficult to implement. The first problem would be that the underlying map data between the API and your handheld would need to be in sync. Some roads might not exist in an older dataset or have changed attributes. Also the Google Maps API (typically) uses Tele Atlas maps while your Garmin will use NAVTEQ maps.
  15. Just recently saw this and thought I would pass it along to everyone who has been looking for an alternative to Route 66. RouteBuddy is a new GPS navigation application for Macs. Built with Tele Atlas maps an works with Bluetooth/USB GPS receivers. http://www.gpsreview.net/mac-gps-software-...ere-routebuddy/ http://www.routebuddy.com/
  16. Just remember though when it comes to phones not all GPS systems are created equal. A few phones have "real" GPS systems while others use a combination of GPS like technology along with information like what cell towers you are connecting to in order to determine location. The $10/month charges are for the software you download to your phone and for the technical infrastructure beyond the traditional gps system necessary to pinpoint your location without "real" GPS in the phone. So the $10/month charge is valid since it isn't "normal GPS". I've never had as good of results from those systems though...
  17. I did notice how old this thread is but I figure I will answer it anyway in case others have the same question. Like you said the biggest diffrerence is the XM traffic capabilities along with XML weather. The 2730 also includes the audio book player and MP3 player, as well as anFM transmitter.
  18. It is either a typo on one of the specs or one company was being more conservative with the specifications. Since they both use the same chipset they will have the same accuracy. Both the iFinder Go and iFinder Go2 have a 16 channel receiver (I couldn't quickly find which chipset) but the SiRF Star III is a 20 channel receiver so it will have slightly better accuracy and much faster acquisition time than whatever 16 channel receiver is being used in the iFinder.
  19. The SiRF Star III chipset is one of the best out there... may would argue it is the best consumer GPS chipset available. It is also the chipset that powers the Garmin 60CSx which everyone here (rightfully) raves about how great the reception is.
  20. Another difference is battery life. The 201 will last up to 12 hours while the 301 will last up to 9 hours. The 301 can also perform area calculations.
  21. That is exactly right, and the same goes for Tele Atlas. The mapping companies update their databases with new and corrected information pretty much on a daily basis. The companies who pay for the data then need to convert the data to their own proprietary formats and in the case of products like City Navigator get the physical media produced etc. That process takes time... however I agree it seems to take longer than it perhaps should.
  22. OLATHE, KS/June 27, 2006 — Garmin today announced an update on the launch of its application support for Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger." The company’s Training Center software is now expected to be compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger” by the end of 2006. Also at that time, we will announce the expected completion date for Garmin’s other hardware and software applications. We thank the Mac community for their support, understanding and patience as we work through these unanticipated delays, and we look forward to providing Mac users with direct support for their Garmin products.
  23. No, it is a SiGe Semiconductor chipset, the SE4100L model. I believe the SE4100L has 12-channels and WAAS enabled. The SiRF (not serf ) Star III chipset is a 20 channel receiver.
  24. I'm told the current target is "late this year".
  25. I wouldn't hold your breath. Wile I'm hopeful Garmin's announced support of OS X will convince other GPS manufacturers to support the platform I have not seen any indications DeLorme will. None of their current products support Mac and I haven't seen them advertising Mac developer jobs.
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