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  1. Unless a major earthquake has changed the topography, why do you need updates for Topo software anyway? It is also common knowledge that S&D is somewhat out-dated, as are most GPS mapping software, and a simple search would have alerted you to this.

    You bring up two very good points here!


    1st the topo software works well and I don't have a problem with that.


    2nd I did search and could not find anything on the age of the maps that come with the software and that there were NO updates available since it's production.


    Me being from a Technical background, which I guess I take for granted, have come to expect software updates at least once a year from a software mfg. This is the first software I have run across that does not get updated!


    Even the Map software Mapsco has gets updated atleast annually.

  2. Sounds like you were expecting too much. To my knowledge, all consumer GPS mapping software comparable to topo and S&D is roughly of the same age.

    I don't think I am expecting to much by needing some type of current map software at least with in the last 2 years.


    I mean common, if Mapsco, Randy Mc. and others can print a new map every year with current year streets, to include detailed city maps etc.. why can't the GPS MFG's?


    Maybe WE as consumers are sending MFG's the impression that we like medioker and are willing to pay a premium to get it?


    Maybe WE as consumers need to voice more displeasure with this type of mediocracy to force a change?


    You know the old saying, "don't fix what ain't broke" and if the MFG's think there's nothing wrong then they are not going to spend the money and time to fix something.


    I don't know...but I don't think I was expecting to much!

  3. I'm frustrated and gotta vent a bit!!!! ;)


    I purchased my SportTrak Map about 8 months ago and then spent the extra money on the cables, case, topo CD (since I hunt as well), and Streets and Destination software. Yea over $250 in acc.


    I called Magellan today to find out if there was a software update for the Streets and Destinations since everywhere I have been going lately the streets are not on the map yet the streets have been around since 2000 and these are also in a MAJOR city, Dallas, Tx and some surrounding cities. I was told that there was NOT any updates nor any updates planed since the vendor that supplied the maps to Magellan for the Streets and Destinations, they no longer use.


    So in a nut shell I can't return the SportTrak Map since it is 8 months old, I can't get any updated software with current or even somewhat current maps. So I'm stuck with this boat anchor with the year 2000 maps to work with! ;)


    I've spent well over $400 for/on this thing and now it's worthless!


    Magellan...What a poor excuse.


    They did offer a trade up program to go from the SportTrak Map to the SportTrak Pro for $179, then add the cables and carrying case for another $99, OH YEA add the $149 street software to that, then some current topo software...another $500+, I don't think so.


    Magellan is out of the GPS market for me!


    Can anyone recommend a Good GPS MFG that has regular updates to the map software that goes with it?

  4. Why I need a Hiking staff.


    1. I love to Hike, though I don't get to do it as much as I would like.

    2. I spend most hikes and walking trips carrying my son on my back, he's only 3 and cant hike that far yet, so the staff would really assist in keeping my balance.

    3. Since I have started GeoCaching we have found another avenue to spend quality time together as a family.

    4. Since GeoCaching my wife now sees a purpose for the GPS other than getting me out of the woods at night from a hunting trip.

    5. I'm a great guy...my wife tells me so

    6. My knee has never been the same since my second knee surgery. I never believed people could tell the weather but let's just say "I'm a believer now".

    7. I have never met a stranger and always give folks the benifit of doubt.

    8. I have made a new friend in you...(as I wipe my nose off) :rolleyes:

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