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  1. Looks like another case of engineers that keep "improving" stuff until it's no longer usable. Geocaching.com desperately needs a User Interface expert to keep things usable. There's nothing wrong with keeping things SIMPLE. Complexity does NOT add value.
  2. Reminds me of when I started caching and using geocaching.com took a lot of patience. Over the last couple years it got much better. Then over the last week it got much worse. Whatever you changed a week or two ago, undo it!
  3. I'm been getting the same error today. Verified in other apps that my username and password still work, but my Android App keeps saying it's not a valid username or password.
  4. I have a Colorado 400t that I've been using for the last couple years. After 4,700 caches it's getting kind of beat up, so I was ready to replace it. I thought I wanted the 62s or 62st, but after taking my Colorado to REI so I could compare them side by side, I decided I didn't like the smaller, lower resolution screen on the 62 series. I then thought about getting the Oregon. But I've borrowed my girlfriend's Oregon 550 for a couple trips, and didn't like it as much as my Colorado. I'm hooked on the rock and roll thumb wheel for fast, single hand operation. So I ended up buying a brand new Colorado 400t, keeping my current one as an emergency backup. They are now clearance priced, so it cost much less than the 62s or 62st, and less than half what I paid for my original 400t. Plus I figured I'd better buy it now before all the new ones are sold out.
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