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  1. How your life change when you enter a TB Race:


    In September 2009 my F2007 Ferrari Racing TB was placed in a multicache in Cullinan, Diggers Treasure (GC1RD8D). By the way, this cache is really worth adding to your list of caches to do.


    Because only certain geocachers enjoy multicaches, I was scared that the TB would get stuck there. With the help of MeganZA as well as my one opportunity to move the TB according to the race rules, I got my TB unstuck and moved it to the Lanseria TB Motel (GC1B6EW) on 18 October 2009. At the time it seemed like a good plan as the cache is situated near an airport and surely it would help to get the TB moving again.


    On 30 October 2009 the listing showed a log indicating that 2 TB’s were removed from the cache. My – “Aha! – the plan is coming together” soon turned to “AHGHG!” as the TB log never arrived. After making enquiries from other cachers logging their finding of the cache I verified that the TB was no longer in the cache. My e-mails to the cacher that I thought grabbed the TB also did not turn up anything. :(

    Just as I was about contact Peter to list the TB as MIA, out of the blue I receive an e-mail on 9 February 2010 in which the unfortunate fellow cacher explained the embarrassing fact that his caching bag was lost and that he only found it after 3 months.


    On Valentine’s day my TB resumed the race in Need and Iron Horse (GC1XCZQ) in Mpumalanga with a public apology by the cacher in question. By the way, this cache is situated at a very interesting geographical point in South Africa.


    In the mean time I have noticed that Fish Eagle has picked up the racer and that it visited the Ermelo caching event (GC24H9X) over the week-end. I must say it is a great honour for me that my TB is passing through the hands of a famous geocacher like Fish Eagle. :( Thank you to GerhardoosMPsa who has picked the TB up and will help it to gain some distance. :)


    It is probably experiences like this that make TB racing fun (I think). However, this is my first experience of his nature; I must say I am still recovering from the trauma and the frustration caused by waiting for my racer to show up again while struggling with the decision whether to throw in the towel and list the TB as MIA (I don’t think the grey hair I got will ever recover). :D


    If my TB makes it to the end (touch wood) it will surely be one of the luckiest TB’s in the race!! My fingers are crossed and I know my TB will in the last few months of the race put in an effort that is worthy of a racing machine of this caliber!! :huh:;)

  2. Drix and Bruce - Thank you very much for a super event - and also all the fun we are going to have with the caches in the following weeks. It was great to have my first experience of this type of an event and the socialising with so many cachers was great fun. Congratulations with the success of the event and thank you again to you two and all the other people who helped you to make it such a great event. :)

  3. Impressive history for the preparation of this Event! You guys rock!! :D

    MeganZA and I will be attending both the hunt and the braai in the afternoon. With all the time spent on planning my recent holiday I have not had enough time for caching so I can use the opportunity to add a bit to my numbers! To be honest the discussion is a bit intimidating - :unsure: we do not have a motorbike . . . I must say I was heartned by the reference to the 4x4 corsa - So I should be fine in my new Subaru Forester even though it doesn't have a turbo! B) Looking forward to seeing everybody at the event.

  4. Just for the sake of sharing: Slip 'n Slide

    I never knew that logs are limited to 4000 characters...


    Great log Jors.


    You do realise it is with logs like this that you cause other cachers to add caches to their list of must do caches - Slip 'n Slide is now firmly on my list of must do caches! :P:anibad:

  5. What an interesting discussion.


    As far as I am concerned the game is about sharing the experience of the hide and the find as well as the experience of the process and the location of the cache. The log is an integral part of this process. For me writing a meaningful log, even if it is short, is important.


    As in any game though, you get players with different styles. Long logs may not be everybody's style.


    For more thoughts on this topic - visit the following article:


    http://geocacher-u.com/content/view/14/33/ with the the title: How to Write Great Online Logs


    on the website http://www.geocacher-u.com :)


    I read about this website in Open your Heart with Geocaching by Jeannette Cezanne (2007 Dream Time Publishing)

  6. Welcome!


    I have been at the game exactly 1 year now. What I enjoy the most is the interesting places that I have discovered very close to where I travel everyday between my home and work - let alone the rest of the country! You will surely increase your skills as you keep at it. Some days I get 10/10 :D and a week ago I had a day when I found 0/4. :):P I have to say I think it is all part of the game.


    Happy caching.

  7. Thank you Wazat for the mention!! It was great to reach a ton on the same day the Jacques Kallis made his 32nd test 100!


    Also - congratulations Besem on your 1000 - we stand in awe and hope to get there one day.


    Happy caching all! [:D]

  8. I checked on Amazon - Not on DVD yet.


    Must say - no rave reviews on the sites that I surfed! I will probably still like to see it for the geocaching link to the movie.


    I wonder if the movie will make a big contribution to people taking up the game? :laughing:



    10 points for any TB left in a TB Hotel cache


    I see my Ferrari Racer is still in the Lanseria TB Motel. If theTB starts the month in a Hotel cache does it qualify for the points or only if it enters the cache during the month? :(

  10. I only started in January 2009, but my 9 year old daughter has now decided that she needs some independence! So welcome to MeganZA with her own new profile!! Happy caching. :rolleyes::lol:

  11. Thank you BlueDuece, your comment clarifies it.


    It would seem that the responsibility lies with the owner of the coin/TB to update the status when something goes amiss with the trackable item. Good to know when I start to send travellers into the world!


    Regards, JP

  12. I am fairly new at this game. In the last few weeks I have been disapointed a few times by not finding trackables in a cache for which the inventory lists a coin or a TB.


    For example I found "Peace Treaty of Vereeniging" (GCXP4C) today. The "Ladybug" is still listed as a TB in the inventory. When I followed the link to the TB it showed that it was dropped in this cache in 2006 by Crystal Fairy. I also saw on the log sheets that the owner of the cache noted in December 2006 that the TB's went awol when the original cache went missing.


    On the main search page, when a list of caches come up there are a number indicated as archived. Does a TB not get archived when it goes missing?


    Regards, JP

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