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  1. Hi I have used a Garmin GPSMAP 60cx and a Garmin Oregon 200. Both units work well but I prefer the 60cx. I know what you mean with the cell phones. I have used my Samsung 4s but it can bounce all over the place. John
  2. I Have used both and I find that the phone is great for cache information but GPSR is best for the actual hunt. My phone will jump all over the place when I am on the trail to the cache. The GPSR does not have that issue.
  3. I was a scout for one year as a youth. Became a troop scouter in 1991. Assistant District Commissoner for scouts section in 1993. Deputy District Commissioner in 1994 to 1995 Distict Commissioner from 1996 to 1999 Deputy Regional Commissioner 2000 Went back to the troop level 2001 and have been there since. I am now working on year 18 as a leader.
  4. Hi I have 3 geko 201 for sale. $50.00 each. Baston
  5. My scout troop is upgrading our GPS units from Geko 201 to GPSmap 60Cx. So we have 3 Garmin Geko 201 units for sale at $60.00 cnd each or all 3 for $150.00 cnd. These unit have not be abused and are in excellent condition. Thanks Scouter John Rothwell
  6. Baston

    For Sale Geko 201

    Only 3 left. Make an offer.
  7. Hi All I have 4 garmin geko 201s for sale. The units are in great shape. My troop is buying 60cx units so we are getting rid of the gekos. They would be great for a cub pack, scout troop or as a first gps for a new cacher. $70.00 each. I am located in the Brampton area and I will deliver within reason. Email me for details at john.rothwell@peelsb.com Thanks John
  8. A boat load of hog skulls. For some reason I find that some what disturbing. Baston
  9. Hi It is now 8:40 and I am at 66% in the download. Baston
  10. Hi I just started the bit torrent download. Seems to be working. After 3 min I am at .5%. I will let it run overnight and update you in morning. Baston
  11. Greetings When my Gpsmap 60c died, I sent it to the US. I had it back in 1 week. I have heard some horror stories about the Quebec repair depot. Just my 2 cents worth Baston
  12. Greetings When I bought my eMap from Walmart it was missing the CD, I had the case but no CD. I contacted Garmin and the they sent me a new CD within the week. Baston
  13. I would like to get the info as well Thanks 4th Georgetown Scouts
  14. Greetings All I got my 60C back on Friday April the 15th. Its a new unit. The software version is 3.7 and I have used it daily from Friday on. I have not had any lockups or shutdowns yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed. But I am wondering if there is an issue with the chipsets for the first couple of manufacturing runs. My old 60C was bought around April 15 2004 and it started to crash in Aug of 2004 and finally died in Dec of 2004. It was set for repair March 11, 2005 and I received it back March 22, 2005 and it died again one week later. Garmin then replaced the unit. It would be interesting to look at the age of the units that are crashing and locking up. Maybe there is more to this then a firmware issue. Baston
  15. My 60c with waas turned on get 3 to 5 meters (10 to 16 ft) on average. Baston
  16. Greetings all My first gps was a Eagle Map Guide Pro (Lowrance) which I bought in 1997 for $600.00. The reason I bought it over any Garmin or Magellan is the fact that I could download maps to the unit and use it real time nav. As time went on I have used Magellans and Garmins as well. I found that the Map Guide Pro would blow away most Garmins or Magellans with sat lock under heavy tree cover. I now use a Garmin 60c but if I am having an issue with sat lock then I will fire up the Map Guide Pro. This is my own personal observations. Baston
  17. I have had good luck with sending my 60c down to Garmin in the States. Very quick turn around time. Baston
  18. The stinking thing died again. I called Garmin. They are going to replaced unit with a new one. This has cost me close to $80.00 for shipping and insurance. Iguess the topo canada will have to wait. The same issues were present before it died. Baston
  19. Hi Olar I am going to be testing the crap out of it over the long weekend. I think I see a trip up to Barrie in the next day or two. But as of yet I have had no issues. And my time to lock after arriving at a call, turning off the 60 then anywhere from 20mins to 4 hours later turning the unit back on, is 6 to 10 sec. As well the unit seems to operate allot faster. But I will see. Have a good easter weekend. Baston
  20. Greeting All I just got my 60C back from Garmin after suffering a total system crash. But, before the unit crashed I had noticed that the unit would turn its self off at the same location every time. (Entering/Exiting the 400 highway from/to King Rd, in Ontario, Canada) The unit would just turn off and when I turned it on again it would run for 4 to 7 mins then turn off again. The only way I could get out of the turning off trick was to turn off the unit for about 20 mins then it would work fine. I lived with this for about 6 months then the unit totally died. Could not turn it on for love or money. On the 11 March I sent the unit to Garmin in the US and received the unit back on the 22 of March. (Warranty repair) The service fix listed on the work order is Master system reset. Upgrade to latest software ver 3.60 Before the unit was sent out, I had been installing all the latest software versions. When the unit died it had 3.50 as the lastest software. Baston
  21. I was having the same issue with my 60C. I would look at the screen, all was fine, look away then look back and the unit was off. I would turn it back on and it would run for 3 to 7 mins then turn off. It did not not matter if it was connected to ext power or running on batt power. If I turned it off for 20 mins or so it would then work fine for weeks at a time. But now I don't have to worry about it turning off because the dadgum thing would turn on. I checked the spring contact in the battery case, not an issue. The unit has not been dropped or damaged. When I try to turn the unit on, I see a faint flash of the screen but then nothing. So it is back to Garmin it goes. I am just glad it is still under warranty. Baston
  22. My 60c has started shutting down at random since Aug of this year, if it has been running for more that 30 min. At first I thought it was data related because the first time I noticed this, I had just completed a 3000 km road trip. I had my wife dump the track and it stopped shutting down for the rest of the trip. It doesn't matter if it is running on batteries or ext power. The unit will just shut off. I have found that if I leave it off for 15 - 30 min it will then work flawlessly again and I won't seen the problem for a few weeks. But then it come back. I will be upgrading my software tonight to see if that helps. Other than that. I have had not issues with the unit. Baston
  23. Greetings Do you still have the Rino? Thanks Baston
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