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  1. Hi everyone,


    Off to St ives at the end of september and looking for some nice circular geocaching walks. any recommendations? looking for about 5 - 10 miles so something that could be done easily in 6 hours whilst the women are shopping!


    Down St ives way would be ideal dont really want to travel for more than an hour!


    Thanks in advance

  2. I couldn't believe it last night when I turned on the PC and got an email saying that my geocoin that had been M.I.A. for about 10 months had been dropped in a cache near gillingham having last been seen on the Ashdown forest on the kent / sussex boarder. Goodness knows where it has been all this time! But really glad to see it again

  3. Hi everyone


    What with all the doom and gloom on these forums with regard to the proliferation of unimaginative micros or crappy locations I thought I would share a good experience and indeed recommend a series to you.


    On Friday I completed the DDC series around Devils Dyke which is a couple of miles north of Brighton. The majority of the caches required some standard tools and a small amount of brainpower.


    We did the series in 3 hours, 1 & 1/2 walking between the caches and 1 &1/2 at cache sites. We had a fantastic time. The caches themselves were fairly easy to find and the puzzles not to difficult to solve. It was just some good old fashioned fun and suitable for the whole family...Only one major hill which is at the end ;)


    I am not sure if sadexploration uses these forums but I hope he doesn't mind me advertising his series to the world. It really is smashing.


    Happy Caching everyone!



  4. I used to work for an american company. Two fairly senior execs flew over to visit the site near portsmouth, but ended up catching the train to Plymouth. They only realised their mistake when the taxi driver demanded £100 up front to take them to the Portsmouth Mariot!


    No comment about americans!

  5. Hi Everyone


    I know this is a regular question on here but.......... :D


    So I have been caching for about a year and have just over 100 odd finds with my e-trex (without the 'H')


    Its a good little unit but I want something Shinny and new! I have raided the piggy bank and have a brother who can get me discount at Blacks so the question is - which GPS?


    The new SATMAP system looks good


    or obviously the Garmin models (Oregon etc)


    What are your thoughts on the system of choice?





  6. Hi, Fellow Brighton Cacher here.


    I have just reached my century of caches so not as experienced as some but a few successful finds :o


    Drop me a PM if your interested in a joint expedition some time, always happy to help....I have some DNFs on seafront caches but haven't been down their for a while as I tend to head North onto the downs....Still on the radar though!





  7. Hi Everyone


    Hope everybody is well and enjoying the recent sunny weather.


    As a fellow cacher I wanted to share another one of my activities - It is like caching, only you look for people and you don't know where they are :anitongue:


    The real reason is to draw people who enjoy the outdoors attention to the many lowland search teams in the UK. Everybody knows about the great work that the Mountain Rescue teams do but did you know there are search teams in Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire, Hampshire and many other counties?


    As a member of Sussex Search and Rescue we are always looking for new members.


    If your interested in finding out more a good place to start is the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue www.alsar.org.uk


    Here you will be able to find a link to your local team.


    Many Thanks for your time



  8. Hi All


    This sort of fits in with the wierd caching stories but I want to know how you guys avoid sticky situations.


    I was out in Havant yesterday lunch time during, surprisingly, my lunch break.


    I had found a really tricky micro which gave me the final cache location, I was on fire, In the zone, nothing could stop me. And then as I was in a small clump of trees a group of local youth arrived. The general area looked like a youth hangout with cans and bottles littered around. I scotted around the back before they had seen me and tried to find an alternative exit but there were none. So I made to leave only to have a barrage of abuse etc as the 4 youth members started to kick off. I got out ok but it left me a bit shaken and question the value of Urban caching. I could quite easily turned back up at work with a black eye and less my GPS. Have to be honest it has put me off a bit


    What do you guys think?


    Stories / Advice welcome.


    The Street Searchers

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