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  1. I agree with Mouse


    I wont be going to the northern mega cos its too far away, I would however go to a southern mega. I suspect I am not the only one. It also works the other way round as i.e. notherners not coming down south. I also suspect that there are people who will go to both even if they are on the same weekend (There are some nutters around afterall). Similarily if they are not on the same weekend you will definetly get people attending both.


    This bickering is getting stupid though so I think you have two options


    1) Hold 2 Megas

    2) Get Groundspeak to adjudicate


    Either way it needs to be settled so that both parties can get on with organsation etc.


    This is afterall supposed to be fun...isn't it?

  2. Whatever you do make sure you go to the shop to try them on rather than just buying them online. I used to work in an outdoors shop on the 'Boot Wall' and was constantly amazed about the different shapes of peoples feet - even normal looking ones! I love my Merrells I have had about 6 different pairs over the last 8 years and they fit my feet perfectly. Salamons IMHO have gone downhill a bit in recent years. North face are good but the last pair I had didn't fit my feet properly. I knew that and still purchased them so I only have myself to blame!


    Bottom line - go to a good outdoors shop and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.



  3. I have a 300 - best thing I have ever purchased ;-)


    I too have had this problem so I now always check that they have uploaded. When mine wouldn't accept the GPX files I reset the device and it has been fine ever since. I think you hold the top left corner before you turn it on. There is another thread on here somewhere with the same problem and someone tells you how to reset the device.





  4. Good morning Cachers :lol:


    I have been caching for the last 6 months with an Oregon 300 and have been very impressed with the use of PQs for paperless caching - a vast improvement on my etrex days which lasted me for the first couple of years of caching.


    I have recently become the owner of an iphone 3G which does not include the compass available with the latest 3GS.


    I have had a look at the Groundspeak app for the iPhone but would like some UK opinion on whether it is worth purchasing or not. Barring in mind that I can access the geocaching.com website fairly easily from my phones web browser.


    I have had a look through the iPhone forum on here but would really like the opinion of some UK users on any pros and cons.


    Thanks in Advance





  5. Hi all


    The last couple of times I have downloaded my latest GPX list and then searched by geocache it only shows the GC number and not the cache title. Previously it has displayed the cache name...I have an Oregon 300.


    Any suggestions?





  6. I have only being doing this for just over a yar but I have seen the prolification of uninspiring caches placed for the sake of it. There is a small strip of woodland near me which now has 4 micros in it. It is not a particularly nice woodland but this hasn't stopped it from being covered in Micros...I have however done some fantasitic caches which remind me why I started this in the first place. It is a shame that you have to wade through so much garbage to find a gem. I would love to see a cache rating on each page that looked at location and cache quality. I know there has been a big debate on this already in another thread and there are always pitfalls but a cache that is rated 5/5 for quality has got to be worth making an effort for!

  7. After my previous success with the TT maps question I thought I would test you all again :D


    I have just got my premium membership - should I get GSAK or should I just stick with the GC PQs?





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