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  1. I came on here to get away from all the royal wedding drivel....and what do i find! :-(


    Sorry! :)


    That apology isn't grovelling enough. You tricked this poor person into reading your thread when clearly he has no interest in the wedding. I think you cunningly titled it 'Royal Wedding Geocoin' so that people would have no idea what it was about.......


    Exactly! I had to go home from work as I was sooooo Angry. On the plus side I did solve a puzzle cache in anger :D:D


    This is a lesson to us all - Forum post Titles should be accurate :D


    GoodNorth - Sorry, I was a bit Grumpy this morning :D

  2. Goooooddddd Morning Geocaching Fans


    A while back I seem to remember seeing a thread which talked about some caches placed in Libraries in the UK.


    I have done a search but not come back with anything.


    Does anybody know of any UK Libary based caches?





  3. An Event was recently held here GC26DEG


    The site is about a 10 min drive from Brighton - close to the excellent afforementioned Devils Dyke Series and has lots of other caches of various sizes very nearby. A couple of series were set up especially for the event.


    Whilst I didnt attend I heard very favourable things about the site.










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