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  1. An excellent Podcast as usual...not that I am biased or anything
  2. I use GCStatistic which I find excellent
  3. Sorry! That apology isn't grovelling enough. You tricked this poor person into reading your thread when clearly he has no interest in the wedding. I think you cunningly titled it 'Royal Wedding Geocoin' so that people would have no idea what it was about....... Exactly! I had to go home from work as I was sooooo Angry. On the plus side I did solve a puzzle cache in anger This is a lesson to us all - Forum post Titles should be accurate GoodNorth - Sorry, I was a bit Grumpy this morning
  4. I came on here to get away from all the royal wedding drivel....and what do i find! :-(
  5. It is an excellent podcast so I hope everything is ok.
  6. Ahhh rubbish Oh well - will have to log my caches on my own time rather than works :-S Thanks for all your help!
  7. Hi everyone Is there any way of reading field notes on the Oregon 300 unit? I dont have the data cable with me at work and would like to read the notes i posted for a couple of caches I found yesterday. Thanks! Chris T_S_S
  8. Hi Loopy Where abouts in Sussex are you based?? As Andy has said the monthly meets are an excellent place to meet people and get hints and tips. Another place to look is http://www.secaching.co.uk/forum/ Chris
  9. Will you be able to stream it live for those of us that cant make it ;-)
  10. Try the SE Caching Forum - there are a few 'southamptonites' hiding on there.
  11. http://coord.info/GC1VA4H There is one on the Devils Dyke Circular just north of Brighton...A truely fantastic series IMHO
  12. This agreement really shows the benifit of the GAGB - great work guys and thanks to you all
  13. Gotta get my moneys worth for the shipping. I'm sure I'll get through them all after a few trails are laid!!! Most people get theirs for free!!
  14. Not possible in Europe?? Have you seen the cache density in the South of the UK? I can only scroll out 3x before I go over the 500 cache limit on the goggle maps function!
  15. Goooooddddd Morning Geocaching Fans A while back I seem to remember seeing a thread which talked about some caches placed in Libraries in the UK. I have done a search but not come back with anything. Does anybody know of any UK Libary based caches? Thanks Chris
  16. Check out http://coord.info/GC1Y5B8 Great series we really enjoyed - fantastic walk and some nice caches to.
  17. An Event was recently held here GC26DEG The site is about a 10 min drive from Brighton - close to the excellent afforementioned Devils Dyke Series and has lots of other caches of various sizes very nearby. A couple of series were set up especially for the event. Whilst I didnt attend I heard very favourable things about the site. Chris .
  18. Thats cause geocaching babes don't exist - (sorry girls)
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