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  1. I would stick a needs maintenance note on it.


    A bees nest appeared next to one of my caches - about a year after publication and a fellow cacher and his family got stung a few times - I felt really bad and wouldn't want anyone else to go through that so I archived the cache straight away.


    Log here


    The older maps work except the cache page does not open up if I click on a cache on the map.


    it never did :blink: , when you click on it the bubble pops up and you click on the link in there to open the cache page

    If I click on a cache on the old map the "bubble" does not pop anymore. I just get the message "Parsing Cache Description" but nothing happens.


    Thats exactly the problem I have! - You dont work for a french company beginning with T do you :rolleyes:


    Anyway - doesnt look like I will be doing much cache planning at work anymore <_<

  3. Hi everyone.


    Up until the update I was able to view caches, both found and unfound, on the Beta Maps as this is how I normally decide where I am going to go caching.


    Today however all I get is the map and no caches..I have tried zooming in, zooming out, clearing my cache and cookies.....nothing seems to work. I have tried it on both Firefox and IE as well. Currently running Firefox 3.5.9


    I am wondering if it is something to do with the work firewall but find it odd that it was working a couple of days ago. (Yesterday just seemed to be really slow all day so I didnt do any serious map work)


    Anyone else suffering with this or is it just me?


    Any suggestions on how to resolve would be appreciated..the last thing I actually want to do at work is work!



  4. As others have said already, GPSr + coords really should make it unnecessary to mention the pub's name. What's wrong with referring generically to "nearby pub" etc. I regularly drive through a place where two pubs are virtually next door, but even then I'm sure you could distinguish e.g. a pub with "regal limbs" from "a large white bird".


    But what's the point?


    What's the difference between me saying - "Park in the Dog and duck" or "Park in the car park with the sign that has a four legged and two legged animal on it"?


    Or "cache placed with permission from the owner of the nearby building with windows and a sign with a lion on it"?


    Why not just call a pub a pub and if it is good why not say so...you are not forcing people to go in there!


    If someone says that the Golden lion in the village does some good grub then I may or may not choose to eat there..I am an adult and able to make my own choices after all! I would, however, be grateful for the cache owner pointing it out, especially if it is at the end of a long series.


    Not digging at the reviewers - I think they do a great job - more at the guidelines (Which I think need to exempt pubs :laughing: :laughing:)

  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to get 'publication' notifications sent to twitter??






    Yes it is.


    You need to register a 2nd twitter account and then link this account to an email address registered at www.twittermail.com


    Have publication notices forwarded to this new email address


    Such emails are then tweeted by this 2nd twitter account, so you then need to have your main twitter account follow the 2nd account.


    Ah I see - great, thanks for your help

  6. The best FTF prize I have been lucky enough to get was a home made keyring - maid from an old computer chip board. Part of the puzzle involved working out Binary code and I thought it was a really nice touch.


    You can also purchase FTF badges and the like from various online geocaching retailers such as Geotees (there are others so you may want to shop around)


    My recommendation is to go for something a little different if you can as IMHO it is much nicer.


    Good Luck



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