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  1. Yes, GAGB is handling the contact with other Police Forces. After discussion with Reviewers today about the processes needed to deal with incidents in the future, we'll be contacting Police Forces to put a standard approach in place. Dave (Chairman, GAGB) Thanks Dave
  2. That's using his reviewer title. He also has an alter ego as "Mancunian Pyrocacher" Honesty is the best policy I always say! All reviewers work under a seperate account name therfore the only finds that they show on their reviewer account will be the events they attend as a reviewer. This should be made clearer otherwise it is misleading It is clear if you spend any time looking! The reviewers do a great job and I just wish everyone would give them a break! Will the document be sent to every police force in the UK? If not please could I request a copy and I will pass it on to Sussex Police. Many thanks for all your hard work guys Chris
  3. Thanks Deci for the info - I thought you did great Is there a plan to disseminate the information to the UK MoD bomb disposal squads as well? I am sure the MoD, with their current budgetary pressures, would prefer not to be called out for Tupperware with tat in it?
  4. The Minority is here!! I live in Withdean, Brighton. I will drop you an email and we can arrange to go out :-)
  5. I know you said you looked at Follow the Arrow - did you use the MAGIC maps? Congrats on taking the time to do it right! rather than just plowing in and placing a micro outside your front door :-)
  6. I have a cache in a public library in the UK. To meet the guidelines you have to go to point one first using the GPS. This then gives you some more information to go and find the cache in the Library. I have had some fantastic logs - people really like it!
  7. I have a few urban hides at interesting sites in Brighton. Makes me wonder if i should archive them...or at least should there be a requirement to get permission from the local police force as well as the land owner??
  8. It will if the friends know where they live and want to impart that information on the geocaching community
  9. As always with a forum someone has to disagree If I find a rubbish cache I say so in my log..especially if it is a new cacher. For Example This one - http://coord.info/GC2MJZW Based on my log the owner moved the cache to a location 100 times better, how can new cachers expect to learn if you are not honest?
  10. For those of you as confused as I was by this... http://www.langleycastle.com/langleyknights.html
  11. This is the best one I have found - http://geocass.wordpress.com/ Good geocaching stories and useful hints and tips Also I don't get people on here - the question was 'what blogs do you read' why bother wasting yours and everyone else' time with inane comments like 'I don't' If you cant contribute the go play someone else!
  12. Yes, Chili-K, better known to people here as currykev until the change in the user name, has a habit of being a disruptor. Please drop the off-topic discussion that he has decided to interject in to the topic and please just get back to the question from the original poster if people would do that. Perhaps if he would stick to the topic at hand, he would not have to see the moderators step in to some topics. I wish I never had to post as a moderator, but once again I sigh and do just that. Please carry on with the original question. I assumed we were all enjoying a bit of good old British banter - i would have thought there was no need for a sigh or any moderation..Take a chill pill and have a great day - we were doing just fine
  13. Brighton has quite a few FTF addicts (myself included) I used to pretty much be guaranteed to get it every time but there are quite a few new cachers intent of spoiling my day How quick they go really depends on the time they are published - anything past 10pm will generally last till the next morning but anything before 10 is usually gone within the hour. The last two FTF races have been lost by 3 minutes (my mate got one but lost the other ) Add to that the arrival of mini street searcher and I have not been quite as prolific in recent months. Going to have to crank it up a notch and keep the new boys and girls on their toes!
  14. That's about 4,00000000000 times more expensive than a watertight 35mm film container. And if mine get's muggled I can replace for less than next to nothing. since when have film cannisters been watertight Some digital film canisters, ie SD card holders and the likes, are very much waterproof... not much room for a paper log, but maybe leave the card in so people can electronically leave a blank log on it! Sorry I can't beleive that someone wanting an Ammo Box is been pointed in the direction of a film can or similar. I have not found any to be waterproof even the ones with small rubber seals but I have yet to find a wet ammo box. Sorry Yorkie - Chili-K has got the hang of the sarcasm warning button yet
  15. I have the same problem with FF on the work PC. I cant work out what the tech weenies have blocked - let me know if you find a cure
  16. For the rather obvious reason that the trig was present at the time of visiting, unlike the hypothetical tupperware. The post by Mouse better captures what I was trying to say It has to be about the intent.
  17. My view is that you should only be able to log an OSM once it has been there I often walk down footpaths and think "that would be a good place for a cache" if one is then put there I still need to go and find it before I claim the Why should this excellent cache be any different?
  18. Latest podcast was published last night - another good listen, especially 'The Amazon's' caching adventure
  19. When I went to the US I just uploaded the PQ as normal and used the unit base map..worked a treat
  20. Just out of interest do many people listen to the podcast?
  21. The latest version of the UK Geocaching Podcast is available http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/ A good listen....even if I do say so myself
  22. And they are back again - good this is annoying
  23. Cache Icons missing again on BETA maps - this time on my home PC which has been fine previously. Anyone else having problems? Or any suggestions on how to resolve? Chris
  24. Have you read the post about the good Dr counting slugs??
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