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  1. Thanks for the message


    Because the last show was so popular it crashed the website. The website is now back up and running and the podcast is available for download.


    Alongside this we have looked at alternative hosting and identified a suitable company. We will be uploading the old shows to this new host over the coming weeks to ensure they are available on Itunes.


    For the most up to date information 'Like' us on Facebook. Search under 'UK Geocaching Podcast'

  2. Apologies for cross posting from the UK & Ireland Forum but I thought some International cachers may also be interested as the topics covered are not UK Specific


    The Latest Show of the UK Geocaching Podcast is now available at




    Or on Itunes.


    In this months show


    HandiCaching With Heather (Cache On Wheels)

    Cacher of the Month –Introducing Surfaboy

    Buried Caches

    Competition –with results of last month and the new contest (just for Geo Kidz this time)

    Another FTF race

    And more!


    Let us know if you have any feedback


    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



  3. That cache was out of action between October and January, so the "not been found for over a year" bit isn't quite all it seems.


    Thanks for pointing that out, I am sure it has improved everyone's lives immeasurably :unsure:


    Thanks for everyone's positive responses, it looks like some really great caches need to be added to my hit list.

  4. A couple of weekends ago my good muggle friend Edward and I left the relative comfort of Sussex and our women folk to take in the Mountains of the Brecon Beacons. Think Broke Back Mountain without the horses and the homosexuality. We had planned to take in Pen-Y-Fan and then see where our feet took us but with the general view of heading to Cribyn next.


    We started by tackling the biggest mountain in southern Wales, Pen-Y-Fan (886M).We walked up via Allt Ddu (550M) which was very pleasant as Wales spread out beneath us. The final part of Pen-Y-Fan required a bit of a scramble but nothing too taxing. The weather was glorious and we walked up in T-Shirts. From the top of PEN-Y-Fan we could see the summit of Corn Du (873M) very close by and despite it being in the wrong direction we decided to go and bag it.


    From there it was back up to Pen-Y-Fan and then a fairly robust decent via Craig Cwm Sere to 665M. It was during this decent it started to rain and as we climbed the next peak Cribyn (795M) it started to hail. Fortunately we were well prepared with waterproofs, good boots, and plenty of food and drink. We passed a lot of people not as well prepared and not having a good time. Cribyn is an amazing mountain and from the front looks exactly how a mountain should – all pointy and stuff. At the top of Cribyn we took stock, we were both still dry and feeling good. Lets do one more we thought. It does have a great name after all. And so it was that we descended Cribyn via Craig Cwm Cynwyn to 599M for taking on a very steep climb to the top of Fan-y-Big and the famous diving board. It was still raining heavily and by this time my ‘Sussex’ proof jacket decided it wasn’t up to the Brecons. Edds boots also did the same. So here we are having mounted a Big Fan y soaking wet (that kept us going for hours, so many Fan Y jokes so little time)


    We descended Fan-Y-Big the way we had come up and looked at the map. The car was a long way away and the path we intended to use looked more like a river. Well we couldn’t get much wetter and so off we trudged towards Bailea. It took us 2 hours from the top of Fan-Y-Big to get back to the car. It stopped raining when we got off the hills which encouraged the mozzies out to play!


    Anyway we had walked for around 7 hours and covered 4 peaks with significant ascents and descents. We were struggling by the end of the day and I re-learnt the lesson that I really should take into account those squiggly lines when planning my walk on the hoof. A great walk but both Edd and I suffered the next day & in reality we should have called it a day at Cribyn and come back for Fan-Y-Big the next day. I did get 2 caches though!

  5. What are the "security, regulatory and environmental issues" suggested by BT? All of the phone box caches I've found have been nanos, which wouldn't have any of those issues.

    I'm not saying that the ban isn't reasonable, but it's polite to give the reason for it rather than a list of vague issues.


    Seeing as it is their property they dont need to give any reason do they? I guess this means all those telephone box caches have been placed without permission in the first place, as have caches on the back of the green boxes.


    I will not miss these caches, but if you love a phone box so much and think people might want to see it, why not turn it into a nice multi with a big box to find nearby?

  6. I have had 2 great Geocaching experiences this week. The first involved this cache. It involved me and my mate blowing up his inflatable boat and paddling offshore to grab a number of clues. The sea was mill pond flat and we made excellent progress. My Son and wife watched us from the beach as they enjoyed the early evening sun. It was one of the best experiences of my life, such a beautiful evening. What made it more special was that we had DNF'd it earlier in the year when our boat sprung a leak in stormy conditions.


    Then on wednesday morning I was up early for an FTF hunt. The same friend had also solved the puzzle so we went together. We parked up and walked along a footpath past a field of sun flowers. Despite the early start it was warm with clear blue skies. As we walked through the valley the birds were singing. Arrived at GZ and made a quick find. We got the FTF and it was my friends 100th cache so he signed the log and I took some photos. It was a really enjoyable experience.

  7. well you would mate, with jack all to do other than collect the numbers.


    And so it decends into a personal attack - what next, you going to punch him in the face? Get back under the bridge buddy.


    As to the original question - The main reason I cache is to get out into the countryside for a walk. These 'power trails' provide me with a nice circular walk in beautiful countryside with the added incentive of finding a few boxes. I subscribe to the belief that caching is for everyone, it is different things to different people. What you consider as 'quality' some might not. I have seen favourite points awarded on caches I percieve as rubbish and no favourite points on caches I consider to be brilliant.


    Let it go..with so many caches I am sure you can find some that meet what you want out of caching



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