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  1. Thanks for the feedback chaps. Fairly blunt but we are all big boys and can handle it.


    I guess we cant please all the people all the time, we have had some feedback that people enjoy the banter That said we recognise that more caching content would be good (considering the title of the show).


    I think this month (May) has more content, but I can't promise we will cut out all of the banter. We want to enjoy producing the show and I hope that comes across to those listening that we are having a good time. If it was scripted, like some other geocaching podcasts, we would quickly get bored and jack it in. Whilst I appreciate that will have little impact for you guys we do have ~400 downloads a month so some people may miss us :-)


    As I said, thanks for the feedback and we will take it on board. If you get a chance to listen to this months show and have any feedback as to whether there is an improvement or otherwise that would be great.



  2. Ladies and Gents


    The March UK Geocaching podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Of course we would welcome any feedback and of cousre welcome any contributions to the show.


    Please also 'Like' our facebook page to be kept up to date with competitions and special listener offers.

  3. Hi everyone


    The latest UK Geocaching podcast is now available via Itunes or our website UK Geocaching Podcast!


    In this months episode, alongside the usual geocaching chat, there is an opportunity to win a camera bag from Coordinate Gear worth £55


    There is also a geocoin up for grabs thanks to our friends at Geotees


    Please take a listen and let us know what you think

  4. So has anyone listened? Any Feedback?


    I have, these podcasts are great, always listen in the car on my commute to work, and depending on traffic I can get the whole episode in on one journey. I did get confused this time though, was it recorded over a few days because it seemed it jump around a bit? That said as ever was great. Can you post a link to where I can sign up to the TB race?


    Thanks for the feedback, we are hopefully recording on just one day for the Jan show, the race can be signed up to on our website


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