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  1. I can not use the Send to my GPS any more. Every time I tried a Box come up. Delorme and it do not allow me to switch to Garmin therefore I cannot find the Garmin plug in. I reinstall Garmin Plug in try it again and it still the same not letting me to go Garmin. I was wondering if Delorme plug in was default or my Pc is not working right, I am using Window explorer, I am running Window 7. I use to do it all the time before never try it for two months just try it yesterday several time and today and still cannot make it working. Could any body help me out on this situation. Tank you
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    One of the options on the main menu should be "Mark Waypoint": If it isn't on the first page, you'll have to scroll to the right to find it. When you're at a spot you want to mark, just hit this button, and then "Save". If you want to change its name or symbol, you could hit "Save and edit", then make the necessary changes. Thanks its a start my next question is . Is it possible save it as a route or sort of a little map of line of trapping?
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    I have an Oregon550 Garmin and I love to use it while trapping to mark each trap that i set but connot find a way to do it on this unit.Can anybody could explain to me how to do it? Thanks
  4. I got a GPS it's an Oregon 550 I am using it for Geocache and work very well.My question is i like to create a route setting traps this fall and i don't seem to be able to do it.I try different way but always bring me back over the maps that i download from the Web. Don't know if i need to get a memory card. Or how to get in to the unit to make my own map for my trapping line. Hope someone could help me.Thanks
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