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  1. Personally I'd get the upcoming HTC Hero that's going on Orange. It's using the same software as the T-Mobile G1 and the Vodafone Magix called Android. You can then download for free a software package from the Android Market called Geobeagle and then you'll have one v. competant caching phone. I've got he T-Mobile G1 and managed over 100 caches, no problems, using the above Geobeagle software.
  2. I found that by uninstalling Virgin Media's own firewall/virus checker thing and reinstalling McAfee (which I used to use) that the website speed improved dramatically. So perhaps change the virus checker software you have (Virgin's software seemed fine with every other website mind....).
  3. What upsets me about these people/person destroying these caches (they'll no doubt be overjoyed to hear) is that their actions are so misplaced. To say that you're protecting the environment by destroying caches, just does not make sense when there are so many other daily actions amongst modern living that are actually much worse at destroying the environment - if indeed we harm the environment at all beyond sometimes a couple of extra miles on the car (which I use as sparingly as I can). As we know, cachers in general are wanting to look after the environment and caches generally are placed in positions that are nice to walk in and enjoy nature. My 4 yr old boy and I have had great fun walking along canals, walking through fields and so on. He's learning about nature with the diversion of the cache to find. Long journeys to Wales and so on have been enlivened with a cache or two en route. He's enjoyed the gliders at Launch Point near Sibbertoft - and got a cache 'treasure hunt' in to the bargain. Basically, this cache destroyer has upset my 4yr old as caches he and I so enjoy have been destroyed. If this person really has a gripe with environmental destruction, then why does this person not actually demonstrate where wholesale destruction is taking place? 600 new David Wilson houses in Harborough - where is our environmental protestor? The proliferation of Sunday shopping and the ensueing Sunday traffic jams - where are you, our environmental guardian? Fly tipping down several lanes from Desborough - c'mon GROEP, get out there and stop them. No no, far better to destroy a few caches and hide behind changing their user IDs..... Anyway, enough. I'm sure our cache destroyer will revel in their upsetting of me towards their noble but misguided ends.
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