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  1. Personally, I reccomend people have some form of defense with them at all times, especially when out alone. I agree with the earlier statement about being able and willing to use whatever you choose. I know how my reaction will go. I learned the answer to "would I actualy do it?" while in the army. Even out in the woods, I strongly suggest women have some form of protection, even if it's just a sharp stick.
  2. In Dec. 95' we deployed to Bosnia for Operation Joint Endeavor. To help us pass time and save what was left of our sanity, (nothing but snow and cold that time of year) we created our very own RPG. My charectors name was Xoles, and when I got back to the states in 97' the whole online thing was really taking off and I needed a screen name. I've used it up til now and probably will stick with me forever in some shape form or fassion.
  3. My 2 pennies here. I don't think it's elitist, and overly sensative and easily offended people are stupid and should be ignored. That said, this whole thing about only certain people get the info so they can be the FTF....not an incentive for membership, just an annoyance, and easily gotten over. Life is to short and there are to amny real problems in the world to go around worrying if something little like this is going to (heaven forbid) offend someone. It's your cache and you can restrict all you wanna. If people get offended or get thier feelings hurt, they can get over it, it's a growing up experience. I just realized something. So far I am the only one posting in this thread that is not a paid member, and I don't see why anyone should be offended about a cache being PMO. Maybe this is a sign. I can see valid reason for you wanting to post your cache this way, but I also see that you don't have to explain why. Just enjoy the game, and stop worrying about it.
  4. Army 93-99 7/227 avn rgt 2/501 avn rgt 8/101st
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