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  1. If you want some in the UK, let me know. I can help.
  2. There are a couple of caches within walking distance of the hovercraft terminal that we did last year. Only micros but great views from them.
  3. Thanks, I did email SmallOaks and this is the reply that I have just received. Just had this email from the person who put my coin in the stargate, doesn't really help. "I'm very sorry to say that this TB is not really n my possession anymore..it is only virtually in Geocache Stargate P60025 wormhole that is a place where I put all those tb's that have sent by postage to the next stargate. (well that is how this stargate system works) ..and Tb Collie was sent of by airmail in 28.5.2010..and it has not been picked up yet for some reason by the Stargate operator in Stargate P47122 TB Cache in Northwest Washington. I could contact there if they have received any postage from me... I can't think what could have be the reason for that..just that the postal sevices or customs have lost it. In may and June I have hoped that it could have been picked up and then I've forgotten the matter during the summer. Other thing I could do is to move it into unknown locations but it doesn't change the fact that this tb might be lost in space..too bad."
  4. I know that this is a longshot but does anyone know anything about this Stargate P60025? It is in Finland. One of my GC's was placed in it back in May without permission and when I have tried to look at the page it says I don't have permission as it hasn't been published.
  5. 17 days to go........pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and have a smiley weekend with us. The weather is now ordered, but bring your wellies, not for the campsite, for one of the new caches. Bring your flags, bring your barbie food, bring your general knowledge for the quiz. Caravans negotiated, now allowed on site. http://coord.info/GC2B8HZ
  6. My new UK geocoin is being released on September 10th. Was on the UK part of the forums but has been moved to Geocoin topics. You can see pics there.
  7. Have you bought any? Seeing that you are localish to us maybe we could meet up and do some of them at some point. not bought any yet - just doing some research - but we would absolutely love to meet up when we get some. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Do you have kayaks? any suggestions for what to go for?? Sorry I haven't replied, been away for a few days. Nope we don't have kayaks, we have a Canadian. Just seen your latest post, great to see you are on the way to getting sorted. Let us know when you are and we can meet up. The series we did would be a fun start for you all.
  8. Sorry it has taken a couple of days to reply I have been away with a really bad connection. Anyway, here are the details:~ The coins are £10 each, would like them to have been a bit cheaper but the cost was higher this time to have them made. Postage, UK £1.25 recorded delivery, £2.00 to foreign lands, no matter how many are ordered. The coin is 38mm x 30mm and weighs 28 grams In this metal 100 have been made Antique Gold There is a custom Icon for the coin They are only available through me at this time, you need to PM me. The website is being updated and I will post a link once it is sorted. Hope this all helps. Thanks.
  9. I have one in my garden as well The TARDIS. As others have said, all are welcome to knock on the door and come in for a cuppa. Many do and we have made some good caching friends through it. As for other cachers, I have only ever met people infrequently when I have been doing maintainance.
  10. Thanks ivanidea and DrDick&Vick, much appreciated.
  11. Brilliant.... now how about posting a photo that non-facebook users (Yes... there actually are some) can see? That's what I have been trying to do. Never mind.
  12. Can't get a pic on. So sorry about that.
  13. At least one!! I hope that you manage to do more than that, otherwise you will get home and be wishing you had done more, if you are anything like me anyway. Have a good holiday.
  14. I flit between the two, if I know something untoward is going on in this area I PM the caches for a while, then unlock them at a later date. TBH, I think I am pretty lucky, as my caches don't appear to suffer damage, unless malicious.
  15. Forgive me if this is the wrong place, but the new Caching Around The UK geocoins are being released for sale on 10th September.
  16. We are heading to Abergele tomorrow for the weekend in our Talbot camper, TB will be on the back, so anyone up there, keep an eye open for us.
  17. Don't take it like that! I've set 124 caches and must have spent quite a lot of money on them: hardly any film pots to be seen in the list, and plenty of brand-new commercial swag, geocoins, FTF prizes and the like. Even if it's only £10 per cache, that's still £1240. But I simply meant that I wouldn't do it if I didn't find it a pleasure (therefore, it's basically selfish). That's not a insult, it's just how it is. But if you really don't enjoy setting caches and only do it out of altruism, then fair enough if you're ready to retire. Sorry HH, got me on a bad day. Nope I didn't really take it personally. I enjoy setting caches, not just to get a nice log, but because I enjoy taking folk to new places. Cheers.
  18. Yes I find that I am a very selfish person, spending money on boxes, logbooks, pens and trinkets just to put a new cache out for others to find and enjoy. Silly me, note to myself, don't bother.
  19. That "Male Model" looks like Simply Paul I take it the tracking number will be vertical down the front, maybe slightly to the left, or right LOL
  20. Why, when we spend so long setting up caches that are in interesting locations, or take a bit of working out to find do people still just log TFTC, yet if they can't find one in a series go in to a long winded explanation about how they tried to find it.
  21. There is also this one which is similar. http://coord.info/GC197BF
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