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  1. I have tried changing the name back, but can't as it is already taken, (by me). When I log in as Jacaru I have basic membership, no finds and no hides. Just waiting for Groundspeak to get in touch and then off to the police. Thanks everyone for your support.
  2. Thanks for the support, we have two names to give to the police in the morning. From emails that I have kept that I have been sent in the past, the mincing word is one of their favourites. Hopefully yes, I am sure it will be sorted shortly.
  3. Just to warn people, as you will see from this forum post my user name has changed. This has not been done by myself. My account has been hacked and my name changed without authorisation. This is also a name aimed at my sexuality. I have informed my local reviewer and Groundspeak and it will be reported to the police in the morning. Please be aware as this could happen to you.
  4. Loads in Nottingham, I have a circular in Colwick Park, different sized caches, it isn't too far out of the city centre if the weather isn't too good. Look for the CCP series. Northking has some good ones around Nottingham too.
  5. Somewhere that has a bit of history, and a cache that takes us to somewhere on our doorstep that we didn't know existed. We found one recently that took us to somewhere in the middle of Nottingham that Wemnog didn't know about, and he has lived here for 30 odd years.
  6. I have used all of the above and also seen some more unusual ones. Magnetic warning signs and even false dog poo with a container glued underneath it. It's all good fun and cachers are becoming even more cunning in their nano containers. Happy hunting.
  7. What a good question, and I am sure there are other things above and beyond what is laid down in the rules by geocaching. I was looking at setting up a meeting in Frome for my local cachers, the problem is most of them don't want to meet in pubs, so I was looking at other local venues. Most wanted to know about tricky things such as, if children are coming will the adults there be CRB checked, what kind of ancillary insurance would I be providing, etc... *sigh* It is getting really sad isn't it when it comes to this. Time will come when there will be separate burger outlets et al for kids. Only staffed by accredited people of course. Likewise, I hope this was the venue asking as I do hope that cachers have a bit more sense!?
  8. Listened last night. If any of you haven't had a listen in before it is well worth it. Looking forward to the next one already. Great idea about the podcast for newbies as well.
  9. Someone once told me that if you have a parcel sent to you and it's addressed to e.g. Mr Reelcutter and family then you won't be so likely to be charged for duty/tax because it's presumed the enclosed items will be distributed between several individuals and so the total value of the contents are divided by at least 3... Anyone know if there's any truth to this? Any Revenue & Customs experts around? (Just in case I need to hand out my next import of "must have" glass geocoins to everyone in the house...) MrsB That sounds like a plan. Our dogs always want to set their own geocoins off
  10. Just looked at the website. I am sorry that you have had hassle, as you say, the two fingered salute is the best reply. Look forward to hearing the next edition. Carry on the good work.
  11. Yep, right on the doorstep. First we know is either when the dogs bark or we hear the ammo can rattling.
  12. Does anyone know of any caches that we can do in the Jeep along green lanes? Just fancy doing something a bit different one weekend.
  13. To help you out, I have two red telephone box caches. http://coord.info/GC1YD3Q and http://coord.info/GC1MBW8 I think that it is really sad that so many are disappearing that I think the ones that are left should be celebrated. So much so that I actually had a telephone box coin made (now sold out) so I am not trying to flog it on here. Good luck to you.
  14. I put out different sized caches, I have nano caches out, but at the same time I have ammo boxes out. The sad fact is that it is always the larger caches that disappear, yet the nano and micro caches last much longer. Having said that, I am not a fan of the just chuck a nano/micro anywhere brigade, and still prefer to put some thought in to where they are placed, hopefully with a bit of history attached.
  15. I did my 500th today, couldn't resist doing this one. http://coord.info/GC2ADPH
  16. I have to pay when I collect from the depot. Basically, you don't get the parcel until you have paid.
  17. I have had loads of coins made now and delivered from the US. It's all a bit of a confusion really, sometimes I get charged customs, sometimes I don't. It seems to depend on who the firm sends the parcel with as well. Some couriers I don't get charged customs, yet some I do. Parcel Force also rip you off for storage and handling charges, which, in my opinion is totally wrong.
  18. I can do the larger boxes just under 12" x 6" x 7" deep. £10 each + £5 courier charge for up to 3 boxes.
  19. Thanks. I've done that, got quite a snotty email back telling me that s/he received a few a while back and they have been stuck under a pile of magazines and they will get round to it.
  20. I have a cache on my doorstep. People use it to drop coins off for moving on. Not a hotel, just a drop off point. Sometimes we get a knock on the door, sometimes we don't. It does say on the cache page though that all are welcome.
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