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  1. When you touch the forward arrows you will get to it in the menu. It is a yellow and red flag and says Man Overboard. Not sure whether the PC brigade would like it, I bet they would prefer it to say person overboard!
  2. We have the MO on our Oregon 550t, having said that, we wouldn't use if for finding the car. If we needed to we would use the mark a waypoint feature instead.
  3. No I wasn't saying it in order for you to gain compensation, I meant that people need to be aware of this dog.
  4. With Premium Membership you get all the added benefits of being able to do pocket queries as well.
  5. Definately make a point of taking it further. I am a dog lover, we have three Border Collies. Dog (ownders) can't be allowed to get away with this. As others have said, it has done it once, it can do it again and most likely next time it would be a child and the consequences could be much worse. I would get photographs of your hip, a copy of your statement to the police, keep a record of the medication you have been given. Then either write to the house owner and see if you get a reply. If you don't, then I suggest that you contact your local CAB for some advice. I am not saying that you should sue the owner, but you should make sure that enough fuss is made that s/he feels obliged to do something about the dog, whether that be tying it up when it is out or fencing it in. As natterjacktoad says above, also contact the local press to make them aware of what has happened.
  6. Another good site that you can look at for if you want to do a route of caches is http://geocachetrails.com I have used this loads, especially when we are in an area that we don't know too well.
  7. It has happened to me once. No reports of a DNF, then suddenly getting queried as to why the container was different to the one described. Went to check and my container had gone and been replaced by something completely different! Never did get to the bottom of who did it.
  8. Hiya and welcome. We started with the Garmin Etrex Venture HC which never let us down. Then we decided to go paperless and went up to the Orgon 550t. You should get a cheapish unit first though to see if you are really hooked.
  9. If you did want to make it more of a caching walk as well, once you have decided your route do a Pocket Query and alter it so that it follows the route you will want to walk.
  10. Who's been reading my mind? I actually thought about this late yesterday afternoon, and it is now on my coin to do list. As currykev says, there are bound to be lots of takers stateside.
  11. When we first started caching, we put keyrings in with photographs that we had taken. We did this for the first 100 or so caches that we visited. Since then though I have to admit we have resorted to the usual swaps.
  12. Hiya Aaron, it would be worth you posting on the GAGB forum as well. www.gagb.com
  13. Where abouts are you. It may be worth posting on http://staffs-geocachers.webs.com/ That site has a good lot of members now and you may be able to find just what you are looking for.
  14. Welcome back, glad to hear that your interest has been rekindled. I am a relative new boy compared to when you started.
  15. Tell us more, without having to search, what is the GC number? It's GC1CAPD 'Who do you think you're kidding Mr Hitler' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...db-51b06ac84da3 Thanks, have put it on my To Do list.
  16. Summer = nettles, Winter = Lots of snow on the ground.
  17. Cornwall in December, sounds lovely, without the mass of tourists. Have a look at www.geocachetrails.com. I find this a pretty useful website to use when we are going somewhere different and want to do a circular walk.
  18. Well put, and I completely agree. Whilst I appreciate that the reviewers are simply trying to keep the reputation of caching respectable, it's all beginning to get very complicated. I'm tempted to place a cache in a memorial garden (without permission) that's a stone's throw from a railway station, and also inside a nature reserve which is also an SSSI! That's probably the largest number of UK-specific rules that can be broken by a single cache... LOL, is there a school nearby?
  19. Can you give the gc number for that one please?
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