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  1. Just a shame communication hadn't been better.
  2. I tried to join Cumbrian Cachers a while back but they don't want outsiders as members. Even though I explained that we visit Cumbria regularly.
  3. Go over to the Geocaching Assn of Great Britain site and have a look there. They have a list of permissions that have been granted in a section called GLAD (GAGB Landowners Agreements Database) http://www.gagb.co.uk/gagb/glad/index.php That may have the information that you want.
  4. Yet you can link to Groundspeak and your account (maybe not you personally) through Facebook, isn't that double standards?
  5. There is an active Midlands Facebook group that he may want to join. We have a lot of members from Northamptonshire so he could get some good advice on there. www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/groups/137568269677358/ and there is also Geocache Trails which may be worth him looking at. http://www.geocachetrails.com/
  6. Another good site for you if you want personalised TB's is http://mygeogear.com/ based in Australia they can do photo tags for you and having dealt with them myself I can recommend. Fast delivery too. Once you have submitted your photo/artwork they get the approval from Groundspeak and usually have it with you within 10 days of order, and sometimes a lot sooner.
  7. Have a look at http://www.cache4u.co.uk/ as they have had very good offers on travelbugs as well as cache containers.
  8. Have a look at www.geocachetrails.com for some routes. It's a good source for finding places out of your usual area.
  9. We have four border collies, age ranging from 10 months to 12 years. Sometimes we don't take the old girl with us, especially if we are doing anything more than a couple of miles. If any of them see even the slightest touch of the caching bag, or even the GPS being picked up, then they are by the door. On the occasions that we haven't taken them we have had major sulks from them for hours afterwards. They aren't very good at sniffing caches out though.
  10. My eldest son is currently on antibiotics after contracting Lyme Disease whilst on an Outward Bounds course in Scotland. Not nice. Thanks for posting this.
  11. It's happened to me also. I had a few ammo boxes go. Now I mark them with a UV pen. If I find an ammo box now I always check it, just in case.
  12. Part of the GC code is funny though given what the OP wrote.
  13. Update. I logged a cache on my phone on Saturday and didn't get the souvenir. I logged another cache today on my PC that I found on Saturday and got the badge right away. Maybe it's just a phone thing.
  14. Ours haven't shown on our profiles either. Then when my partner looked he didn't get one for attending an International Flash Mob event either.
  15. I don't remember to look for them all the time. We have one on our motorhome and on both cars. The funniest story though is when we got followed for a couple of miles by a police car. When we pulled up and officer got out, knocked on the window and said that he had been trying to log the TB but couldn't get close enough so had to wait until we stopped.
  16. Go on count us in, 4 Border Collies in our house.
  17. It is frustrating but part of the game. If you get stuck in that position there is another site that you could go to. TB Rescue. This site comes in very handy if a TB is languishing in a cache for a long time. http://www.tb-rescue.com/
  18. I only ever send TB's out now. My coin collection is growing nicely though. Looking back I must have had at least £200 worth, if not more, of trackables disappear over the last few years that I have been caching. However, it doesn't stop me sending the TB's out. Having said that I only ever send them out if they are in a TB race. It seems to me that people are better (on the whole) at moving them on quickly if they think that they are helping a racing TB than one that is just travelling.
  19. It might be worth you having a look here so that you can compare. http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/gps.html#whichgps
  20. I daren't lean on the signposts, hell with my weight they would fall over
  21. I don't think so - I wasn't commenting to your post but to the original one. I was commenting on one aspect, you chose to comment on a different one. Rgds, Andy Cheers Andy, sorry, my mistake
  22. I think that you are missing the point slightly Andy. From the way that I read it most of the replies to the thread are regarding the insinuations that people who are overweight are too lazy to place caches anywhere other than where they don't have to walk a few feet.
  23. I don't often post on this forum but reading this thread I felt the need to add my comments. I have a confession. I am a fat lump. Not by choice, not by diet, simply due to health issues. However, I am lucky enough that I can still walk some distance. Up until ten years ago I worked for Derbyshire Social Services teaching adults with learning disabilities. Part of their education was to appreciate the great outdoors. To many of them that meant just a walk down the street, often that was as much as they could manage. Now imagine, if I had been caching then what else I could have introduced to them. To you it might be a boring piece of nothing on a signpost, to them it would have been something that they worked hard to find. I too am one of those who find your comments derogatory and in future I suggest that you think more carefully about what you write, and as others have said, YOU have the choice as to how YOU cache. By all means go and find the big boxes in the countryside, but IF you are still caching in years to come, when your mobility may have become impaired, you may just appreciate the signpost caches that others have taken the time to place for others enjoyment. Alternatively, you could always just stay at home, getting fat.
  24. Welcome to the wonderful world of caching. We started with a cheap Garmin Etrex GPS so didn't have any of the problems associated with Smart phones. However we do use them to a certain degree now. The best thing you can do for advice in your area is join the North West caching forum. You will get loads of help, hints and advice there and they are a friendly group. http://www.nwcaching.co.uk
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