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  1. Not sure whether you have had your time off or not yet, but Shell Island is a brilliant place to camp. There aren't any caches on the island as it is a designated SSSI, but you have lots of great places nearby. We camp there loads, so much open space, and as long as it is off the ground, you can have campfires. Here's the website. www.shellisland.co.uk
  2. Not that we did anything with scouts, but our lads both got on with our Venture HC when we passed it on to them. As other people have said, it isn't paperless. I reckon that you are better off printing stuff off for a start to really see whether it is going to take off with your group. As for buying them, again as people have said, Ebay, or another place is Amazon where you may be able to get second hand or new units. Good luck, hope that it all goes well.
  3. Most people who know me would feel I don't need to hide in a sock, or on Facebook. So why use an alternative user name and not stand by the caching name that everyone knows you by?
  4. I am very happy to accompany any new cachers if they are in the Nottingham area. My blog, www.jacaru.blogspot.com
  5. Santa_is_DEAD = 3 finds and two emcache events organised
  6. I think it like their other sites, a private members club, no loss to me, I am more than happy here and on GAGB.
  7. A friend just copied this to me from the emcache shout box, so it is who we thought. [Today at 08:36:52 PM] Itchy: Tim, is UK cachers you and Dave? [Today at 08:39:58 PM] Tim: There is a few more than just two So it is the usual suspects.
  8. To be honest you would have been better off buying a cheap second hand GPS and forgetting the Iphone app. It's each to their own, but I find the premium membership good value for money. As far as getting caches published, I don't think that anyone can complain. The reviewers get so many caches to review in a day, and the longest I have ever waited to get one approved and published is around 12 hours. Not bad really for people who don't even get paid for what they do!
  9. I have a TB/GC drop off point on my doorstep. It isn't called a hotel, but people around here do use it. The reason that I have it is two fold, a) because it is on my doorstep and is secure, and, because I travel up and down the country with my work, I am able to move travellers on for people who have been stuck with something for a while. As you say Bear and Ragged, I think people are going off hotels due to the risk of theft and or vandalism.
  10. I didn't know about the geocache trails site, it is very useful. I have just submitted one of my series to it. The Colwick Park series here in Nottingham. Known as the CCP series, it is 18 caches of various sizes around the country park. Nice and flat, around 3 miles in total and varying degrees of difficulty. It has been a very popular series for local cachers so hopefully the trails site will direct people towards it if they are in this area. Would just like to say thanks to Queen Of Maps for pointing me towards the site.
  11. If they don't find him by the weekend they are doubling the reward money, it's a Raul Over!
  12. So Chris Moyles has got some people in to geocaching, hello and welcome. This must lead to the question what got you in to caching. Me, well I got in to it because of my chickens.
  13. ......and a very fine website it is too! it certainly is - have been lost in it for the last hour - fascinating stuff - I love this kind of urban archaeology Snap, Just got lost in the underground myself, what an interesting site. Thanks for pointing it out.
  14. Thanks for doing that, very interesting and some definately there on my to do list.
  15. Hiya and welcome. I have only done a couple of caches on the island, when we were over there very quickly to do some work, it was literally, off the hovercraft, do the work and then do the nearest caches before getting the hovercraft back. We do intend to visit again though, this time with the motorhome and stay for longer.
  16. There is also Hippo's Below, we haven't attempted this one yet but intend to. The logs make enjoyable reading. GC1C47M
  17. Extending by boat, or at least canadian canoe would be good please.
  18. We use the Oregon 550t. We find it a great little GPS that ticks all the boxes and we can even take photos with it if we don't have a camera with us. We found it cheapest on Ebay.
  19. There is also Notts Geocachers in Nottingham, they have much less formal meets, usual getting together for a pub snack and chat, but again they are a bit north for you.
  20. All I want to say is a very big thanks to Stuart for passing it on to us, and having stayed in many Travelodges before I haven't had any problems with them asking for ID either. Here's to picking up a good few caches. Thanks again.
  21. 400th yesterday, not bad, I only planned on doing 50 a year and I started 18 months ago.
  22. Yes please, we don't have anything planned, so we could do a days caching in the area. I will PM you as well. Cheers. I didn't get an email, but you're welcome to it. Email me (me AT theotherstu.co.uk) I'm sure Jacaru will email you in due course, but just to highlight he had said he had PM'd you. I remember from a few years ago that if you don't have your forum account settings set up correctly you won't get notification of new PM's arriving. Check the very top right of the forum page to see if you have any messages. Hiya again, I have tried emailing you at the email address you gave above but I get a message saying no match found. I have tried it from a couple of computers and get the same. I have sent you an email now via your GC profile. Thanks again, Daryl
  23. Yes please, we don't have anything planned, so we could do a days caching in the area. I will PM you as well. Cheers.
  24. If we had a naming and shaming thread, then maybe friends of the named cacher would have the opportunity to either put the record straight, or rescue the TB, then the name could be removed from the list. Perhaps another more suitable name should be found for the thread. TB & GC Recovery Thread?
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