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  1. Doesn't everyone bake their caches for 30 minutes, gas mark 5 or is it just us
  2. And how would the cache owner know what was in your mind? Wouldn't it be better to elaborate rather than just saying TFTC - whereby they're expected to know you thought the cache was ill thought out and the CO needent have bothered. Trimble on the BB gives an auto message for the field notes when you click on cache found - but it's published to the fieldnotes, not the cache page, so when we get home we can edit and log find at our leisure. I wish it did have the option to write more though.
  3. Oh Noooooooooo! Lets not go there again. See here Sorry Interesting reading.
  4. It would seem there's going to be 2 mega events in 2012. How close are these events together and how close are they to the Olympics? Is there a danger that one or other event could be jeoperdized by the occasion of the other?
  5. It's a travelbug isnt it??? Or did I read that wrong? In which case the cheapest we've seen them here is £4.50 so a 50p markup to raise some cache (ooohhhhh did you see what I did there!!!) doesnt seem so bad.
  6. Interesting question. My initial feeling is no, it's not a legitimate find, as you were there when it was placed so it required no effort or research on your part. But then again, I've been in a situation where a cacher didnt know a cache was near by, met a group of cachers on the hunt, tagged along, and when the cache was retrieved (something they themselves couldnt physically do on their own) they were handed the log and they signed it as a find. 6 of one, half a dozen of thhe other. Swings and roundabouts. Hey ho, ultimately you play the game for yourself your way so it's up to you. But I would say in the situation you are describing, no, it would not be a legitimate find. But if you think it is, sign the log, get the smilie, be happy and move on Ultimately, it's how you play the game that matters to you. What anyone else thinks is just that, what they think!
  7. Sounds interesting - have you got a reference for that one? Cheers
  8. We've found several caches looking exactly like that here in the UK that were placed by one cacher in particular. They were all placed years ago when security issues were not so much to the forefront. One we looked for was around an electrical Board instilation!!!!!!
  9. Huh?? If permission has been given then how can anyone be trespassing??? And how do you trespass in a public park??? I just wish we could attend your event.
  10. I went to check on one of our caches only to find a guy sitting on top of it, listening to his music!! I walked the dog around the hugeeeeee park, came back, and he was still there!!! Another round of the park, walked to the GZ, and yep, he's still there, so at that point I gave up but was well annoyed. Later, the next finder, reported the tree trunk it was in all smashed up - when I went to check on it it looked like someone took an axe to it!!!!
  11. Well given the ? is in the middle of the North Sea, I'd like to see what you think is further East (and attributed to the UK)....! Looking at the logs it seems the cache is in Wanstead park. If Im wrong then hey ho, but if the coordinates when collected are indeed in Wanstead park then no way is that the most easterly cache. As it's a puzzle, Ive seen the stated coords in the sea before on other caches, as youve got to give some sort of coords when listing. But when you solve the puzzle, the coords turn out to be elsewhere. I got the impression once all the coords were collected from the caches in the park, they would take you to the mystery cache, also located in the park. Maybe Im wrong. But this looks to be a contender http://coord.info/GC14DCG
  12. Not on all caches by any means, but on some, where I think I might have been rumbled by a muggle or am pretty sure I raised suspicion, I sometimes add that cache to my watchlist to check if it's been found after I found it. When I see other found logs, I feel relieved. It's over scrupiousness I know, but does this happen to anyone else!!!
  13. I kinda like the idea in principle. (I've had the thought alrready of having my gravestone a geocache). My worry would be will the remains be treated with respect. There's some very sick weirdos out there.
  14. No way can Wanstead Park be the most easterly cache
  15. This is the point at which I would have lost it with them. In effect, theyre implying your lying!!!! I would have described the scene in detail and then tell them to stick their event and their smiley! And to think they were using the event to raise money for Help for Heroes too!! They need a major attitude readjustment - but that's just me, I cant tolerate control freeks. You did good handling it the way you did... and you definately attended in anyones books!! The key thing is you said you had fun doing the caches, so dont let a ''control freek '' put you off enjoying further caches. As already commented, they'd be better off spending their time sorting out whats happened to the 19 TB's still showing in the event inventory!!!!
  16. Reminds me of a gameshow I once saw where the host said: ''Congratulations, you've just won a family holiday trip to New York. And the best of luck winning a trip back!!!''
  17. Another geocaching site hacked????? If that's the case it's now starting to look like there's a focused attempt to target geocachers and geocaching sites!!!!
  18. We've managed to enter a few days ago, but all in all it does seem to be an incredibly amaturish and poorly planned launch of a competition by such a world leading and high profile company.
  19. Your profile says youve been caching for 2 years and 9 months, and have 2 finds Now sure how that qualifies as getting ''tired'' - how many caches have you seen these in?? All 2??? We've never seen one promo (yeet!), but it wouldnt bother us if we did - as we'd just ignore it. We're there for the hunt, the find, and signing the log. We don't pay much attention to too much else.
  20. We've not done it, but then having 2 kids and a dog is great muggle distraction in and of itself. We were at an meet a few days ago where I overheard someone saying they had a high viz vest, and an official looking badge which said ''Official Slug and Snail Surveyor'' !!!!! Apparently anyone that approached him once they read the badge immediately gave him a wide berth!!!!!
  21. Regardless you should report the woman to the police. Her dog could be an absolute nuisence and does what he did to you regularly to others. I can tell you from experience the police do build up a profile of complaints and will eventually have a word. We had a woman who walked her dog in our local park every day - there wasnt a time you could pick that she wouldnt be there with her mutt. As you can see from the photos of our dog we muzzle him in public as he was a stray and we rehomed him, and he sees every dog as a threat and will attack them. This womans mutt was never on a leash and never under control. All the dog owners we know complained to the park police and the real police about her and her dog. Her dog provoked fights every 20 minutes in that park. When it eventually bit someone he was destroyed and she was banned from owning another dog based on the complaints. The RSPCA got involved somewhere along the line. Although the dog was a nightmare, it was the owner and the way she handled him that was at the root of the problems, for which the dog ultimately paid with it's life. There's never been a time in the last 5 decades I didnt have a dog. Our last dog who we had for 19 years was there at the birth of our children as they were born at home. Our current dog was about to be destroyed due to his aggression, but the kids fell in love with him so we gave him a home. That was 6 years ago. He's walked for miles every day, has a happy and fulfilling life, gets off the lead when we know for an absolute fact there isnt another living creature within a mile radious. We have no time for irresponsible owners in this house. When we have met people who couldnt control their dog, in that their dog wouldnt come back to them on command, and our dog was straining at the leash to get to it, Ive shouted over Im about to take the muzzle off and he's going to kill your dog in the next 5 seconds. That usually gets them to move their fat irresponsible backsides
  22. HA! Is it possible to get Eva Longoria or Angelina Jolie in a cache? You could put that inside a labyrinth of razor wire and I'd FTF it. For Angie I'd race you... She's here with me now - I'll let her know you said Hi
  23. Myself and my daughter dressed in our finest wedding clobber nabbed one in Delapre high up a tree while at a wdding reception. We also nabbed a nano on the gates of the church the wedding mass was held in http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...77-527111ca19e5
  24. That's worth knowing ...... By the way, since I've got your attention, would anyone be interested in a copy of the GS database that I harvested with my botnet? I'm currently trading as "TheFrogMustDie" out of Nigeria and will happily take stolen GCs as payment. ( just making even surer than sure that I'm well out of the running ) Yep, how much?? (Me too ) We told him to do it - so that's us out as well
  25. If my Auntie had wheels she'd be a bus. Fact is, you found it first, you signed the log first, it's yours for the claiming. Based on your friends logic, we could scour the land here for nice hiddey holes, then wait, and wait, and when a cacher puts a cache in there, we'll claim first to find as we actually spotted the hole in 1786!!!!
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