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  1. Anyone else unable to send to GPS this weekend? Just getting the "plug-in was not unlocked message" whenever I try. Never had this before. My laptop can see my Etrex Legend HC just fine, the latest garmin communicator plug-in is installed. It was all communicating fine last weekend, but with nothing different at my end (same device, same laptop, same version of the communicator successfully installed), I cannot get the site to send GPS coords today or yesterday. Is it site maintenance, part of the recent upgrade or outages? Not seeing the message boards covering this. Any help appreciated. j. EDIT: Decided to install a different browser. Sure enough it now works fine with Firefox, so it seems IE7 was the problem for some reason, although it never has been before.
  2. Sent. Fingers crossed. Off to bed. Night all.
  3. Thanks for the answer Tsun. I've no doubt you'll easily sell all you can mint, they are such beautiful coins. Anyway, not long now guys. Anyone else starting to get F5 finger cramp.
  4. Hi Tsun, Fingers crossed it all goes well this time, and I for one am staying up late to get my email into the big turtle lottery. But your post above can't help but prompt the question (and apologies if it's a noob error) but why for such a limited item - with such huge demand - set the purchasing limit so high, at 4 turtles per design per person? Personally I'd love one of each. I can imagine some people might want two of each design, one to keep, one to send travelling, or the spare to use for trades etc. But 4 of each type? Doesn't this just reduce the number of eager people on here who can gain easy access to your work, increasing the number who will be disappointed that they missed out on one, as someone just before them bought 4? Surely even if you restricted it to one each you'd still sell out within minutes, and more people could enjoy the pleasure of ownership. I appreciate that some people are picking them up for others, but 4 still seems a little high. Anyway, as I said, you've done this before, so you must know what you're doing. Just interested to hear the background.
  5. Not really, the forums have a real lot of people on them right now. I guess you're right, being in the UK I only normally access them when most of you guys are asleep!
  6. Odd that the forums are a little flakey too...
  7. Nothing from the UK either. All getting a bit tragic now isn't it? I figure this was my last chance. 12:40am here, stayed up for the big moment, but bed beckons. Good luck, guys. Maybe seeya on ebay little turtles.
  8. That is some serious bad timing!! I'm sure all will be fine for the 3rd try. Thanks for the update.
  9. Weird that it's accessible and fine now...is it cos' we all gave up for a while after Steph's post? Start the sale now Steph. Go on!!
  10. This is England calling. No luck from Blighty either.
  11. I'm guessing the site is borked, and nobody will be getting one today. I was on there fine at 7:37 MST, hit F5 and haven't been back on since. If it ends like this, it'll be a real shame for all the effort tsun's put in.
  12. Yep, looks like it can't handle the traffic. This is going to be a lottery isn't it?
  13. Lovely. I'll be having a handful of these, perfect for sending on their travels.
  14. Had our green-on-gold CToL for a few days now, and it is truly stunning. I keep picking it up just to gaze at it, and let my eye follow the detail. Magnificent work. Might as well just add my name to all presales of all future scavok coins!
  15. You nearly had me, you swine!
  16. Sweet. Another great design from you guys. Ordered.
  17. Can't believe what these are going for on ebay. Just got out-bid on my 9th straight auction for an RGB or AE. This latest AE went for $37. Thirty seven US dollars... Thirty. Seven. Are these buyers for real, are there really other people out there as desperate for one of these coins as me? Or is this some kind of seller shenanigans? I've started bidding crazy sums, cos no matter what I do, I still get outbid at the last minute.
  18. When all the delivery dust have settled we might have a few extra Birka's to put in the store. I will post in this thread if I put new Birkas in the PolarDesign store. Later this year we might do some all new Birka versions. Fingers crossed on the spare Birkas in-store, I'll be visiting quite often then!
  19. Hurrah! Red on gold NAWWAL ordered for me, and light blue on silver for my better half. And presumeably my green on gold celtic tree of life will be on the way soon too! Good times indeed
  20. Motocycleboi, are you ever planning to remint these? A load have appeared on ebay this past week, but are going for serious money. I've now been outbid for 4 RGBs and 1 AE, all finally going for 20 - 28 bucks. Speculators, huh. Starting to lose hope of ever adding one to my collection. So if anyone has a spare, name your price Or let's all start bribing MCB for a remint.
  21. Got mine yesterday. Keeping the penguin company - many thanks.
  22. Lovely design. Ordered a copper puffin to keep my eclectic penguin company!
  23. Ah man, really gutted to miss out on these truly beautiful coins. Please please please do a remint soon. I'm for a fair few of these if they come back round again.
  24. Apart from the AE one, I can't work out which are LE and wouldn't be reminted. Any pointers? They are all gorgeous to be honest, but I would love a red enamel/gold tengwar coin if that is up for reminting - as well as a couple of the silver and bronze ones for trade and sending out there. Also, delighted that my Journey coin is on its way. Cant wait til it wings it's way to Blighty. Keep up the great work.
  25. Order placed. My first ever bought GC. Can't wait. Followed up with the equally lovely Celtic Tree of Life coin, elsewhere on the forum.
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