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  1. yes please nfa OK as soon as Canada / Provinces are in.
  2. Robertlipe. Is this a bit like we discussed ? or I like this second one quite a bit, but think it looks a bit like a smiley ? So I tried something radical to get away from looking like a smiley.
  3. Can this include free camping areas ? I know a free campground near my place. Can I list it ?
  4. I was browsing through some clipart, and seeing this image remided me of your request. This is found clipart, not custom, but perhaps you'll like the gfx.
  5. For Rockymountainflea By way of explanation. Replace the word "Arkansas" with the map, and the avatar reads "Arkansas Cache Crew". The Apple blossoms are (of course) the state flower of Arkansas, so I made one with 4 blossoms to represent each member of your family. The green colour of the map of Arkansas is meant to represent it being the "natural" state. I hope this works.
  6. Did you get this one KC0GRN ? I brough GPS and cam to work today to make a quick run out. Looks like in the forum here you have already got it. edit: - yup checked the cache and see that you have it. happy caching....
  7. cont... is there a way to go back and edit the old posts to update links ?
  8. NOTICE - hosting of avatars created by Dino_Hunters is changing. I am posting all AV sized jpg files here with links to GC.COM hosting. If anyone sees a broken IMG link in this thread to a graphic that they did not get downloaded, please send me an e-mail and I will get you the file. Please download or link all the AV files from these next posts. Thanks.
  9. I made a avatar sized one for you with the grey background trail hound.
  10. Adult Continuing Education, also know locally and Extension Courses, are not credit courses. They are offered to the public as interessting things to learn often with important skill enhancements as well. Having been a teacher in this program in the past (computing not geocaching) I can say for sure the instructor does not get all the registration fees. There are costs involved in running a college however. Keeping the electricity on, the heat/ac (depending on location), buying the computers hundreds a a time for student use, bandwidth etc. It may at first seem like it would be easy to teach a class for less than $110.00, but not if you supply a connected PC per student, possibly supply a GPS, software licenses if you use any, supplies, and renting the space.
  11. I also hesitate to comment, since my normal style is very much based on "live and let live". Just some observations that I feel might be important to someone at GC or the GC community at large. a: Whenever a company starts charging for a service that was previously free, there are going to be customers who see it as a "bait" situation. In the early .com days ccompanies that offered free e-mail for instance would have packages where you could get "enhanced" features for a fee, and then started whittling down the services offered for free until the users either payed or left. These companies mostly no longer exits. b: This particular situation is a bit different than a normal company/client relationship. I observe in the forums that cachers feel they have an investment in the success of this site. After all if there were no caches (put out by cachers) than really there would be no GC.com. I may be possible that since the clients feel they have invested in the success of GC.com the process when implementing a change should be different than the process that IBM or MS might follow. c: There is probably a silent group of members out there who are not going to post (I almost did not), but who are feeling badly about these types of moves. It's this silent group that can make or break a company, and they are the hardest ones to figure out what they are feeling. Odds are if there is a vocal minority hurt by this move, than there is also a silent group right behind them. d: Small and seemingly un-important things that can leave a bad taste in the mouth can linger on. I personally checked the Silliness thread out a couple of times only, so no loss for me. On the other hand clicking on a thread re: a frequency scanner that looked interesting and getting the "access denied" screen is not what I prefer. Why can I see the thread title in this forum, but have no rights to read it ? Me - I'm just gonna keep playing geocaching in whatever way best suits my recreational needs. Less likely to become premium now than before.
  12. FisherBear - The list is on page 11. For Robertlipe. Try 4 - added other elements - too busy in my opinion - I do not like it. Try 5 - Tried moving the sat out of the exchange path and just indicationg PC and GPS exchanging info - also too busy for my tastes. Try 6 - Changed the globe to better make space for the sat. This one does not look bad to me - Still like #3 maybe, but 6 would be my second choice.
  13. So I worked on a couple from the bottum of AmishHackers list, I thought I'd start on one from the top (oldest) part of the list. For robertlipe 1st attempt. 2nd attempt. remove the hands 3rd attempt. change arrows (possibly my favorite of the three) and as an avatar...
  14. I started this one for DomHeKnows a long time ago, and got too busy to complete, but anyways - here's another option for you DomHeKnows.
  15. Just a thought... Although I agree that you have already made a great effort in this case, if you still felt like doing more, you could employ a metal detector capable of going in water at least the coil part and wade around the river. The TB tag should trigger a metal detector no problem. - There is another thread already on here in the geocahing topic where contacting metal detector enthusiasts is dicussed. Remeber they like to find an excuse for a hunt as much as cachers do.
  16. Cool - I wish there had been caching when I lived up there. I've hiked up the slims river from Sheep Mt. to the Kaskawalsh (sp?) glacier and back, and also done the scout lake road a few times. Loved camping back there. Kluane NP is one AMAZING place geocachers.
  17. Hi again - I'm back from my trip, and would like to give this on a go. I like to work in line art (vector gfx) best anyways. Just posting so you know something is in the works.
  18. That's a good story and neat and all, but really I find this to be one of the best things about geocaching. We get to find all those cool spots that the rest of the tourists don't.
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