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  1. LSU Fan Sissy is going to want a B&W version (like below). E-mail me your e-mail address and I'll send you an EPS file in B&W which will be what Sissy would like to create a stamp. And don't worry 'bout the dinner - this thread is all about volunteering !
  2. How's this for an attempt ? avatar version Just e-mail me if you'd like an EPS file to send to a stamp maker.
  3. I love the frog but do think you could replace the catfish with a fish I found but don't know how to upload it to message boards I think that you could put a gps in its hand because its holding a fishing rod I have the image in my profile. but thank you for making this one for me OK - well I could not really work with the file that was so small in your profile, but I think I may have made an improvement anyways. What do you think of this one ?
  4. Well.... Here's a catfish jumping (I know I know) over a frog, who is holding an amo-box cache. I'ts an interpretation of the request at best.
  5. Well I did'nt get every thing in, but here's something that might work...
  6. might be a bit much for 75 pixels mudcat...would you settle for some elements ??
  7. Thanks for the input gang. I pretty much figured as much, but you know it never hurst to get a little validation. I'll make sure and include a simple "you are not required to go west of the fence to find this cache" in the desc. etc. etc.
  8. From the guidlines... "Caches hidden in close proximity to active railroad tracks. In general we use a distance of 150 ft but your local area’s trespassing laws may be different. All local laws apply. " I did a search for railroad, and read a lot of threads and did not find the answer to this question, so I am asking. Feel free to Markwell me. Just wondering if the following circumstance would likely get approved. Cache would be near a public fishing pond. Cache would be within 150ft. of an active railroad. There is a fence between where cache would be and track. Crossing the fence would put you on RR land, but staying on the pond side is public access. Access to the pond and parking have nothing to do with track. This would be the only/best hiding spot since it is the only grove of trees near the pond, and the rest is mowed lawn.
  9. I wrote in the "Is Abject Silliness Dead?" thread which is now locked so I can't quote. <<"Less likely to become premium now than before.">> At the risk of repeating myself..... #2 --> Less likely to become premium now than before.
  10. I logged this one which is similar to what you describe.... GC7B09
  11. You could try posting a request for grfx assistance in the Avatar request topic. It's in this forum. There are folks there helping with stamp requests as well.
  12. I have two suggestions. 1: Keep your eyes open for deals - I just bought 12 compases on keychains which are really neat at a liquidator. I'm not even going to say how cheap I got them. 2: Homemade items. I've seen ideas in other threads for making cool items, and I personally would think that most of them would be cool. Anyone who takes the time to create something for a cache is trading up IMHO.
  13. This is the stove I have as well. I found a pot that is just big enough for the stove to fit in. I then wrap the stove in a dish towel to keep it from rattling around (handy to have in camp anyways) and fit in in the pot, and pack. If it were to leak (which it has not yet), then the fuel would stay in the pot and soak into the towel. I know there are lighter stoves out there, but I like this one, and the weight is worth the ability to simmer. It goes low enough to toast bagles on the burner. :-)
  14. What Briansnat said.... Just a note that a good pack can be a lifetime investment. I have been using my NorthFace internal for about 15 years now and it has seen A LOT of miles. My reasons for buying internal was basically because I used it a lot on skis in the winter and needed the balance, and did not need the coolness on the back that some external frames can offer. See GCJJ2C for some pics of one of my favorite places to use my overnight camping gear. Also don't forget about some other backcountry equipment that might be important also. - water filter pump - sleeping bag - cooking stove Since there are overnight required caches out there, this thread seems on-topic enough for me.
  15. Biggest difference between GC.COM and the phone company is that the phone company puts up it's own cell towers. Students did not build there own classrooms and schools. I believe that the feeling of "ownership", be it appropriate or not, comes from the fact that in GC.COM business, the users are the ones building the physical components of the game. If GC.COM built and placed all the caches this feeling may not exist. disclaimer: ....and so that my intent in this posting is clear, I am not commenting here on any GC.COM policy or guidline, only on the subject of where I believe the feeling of "ownership" may be coming from....just a thought.
  16. Larger version with brick tavern.... If you have a specific photo in mind as a background - point me to the URL, and I'll make it background if you wish.
  17. My new one... is made just to keep up with the Jone's. (in this case GPSaxaphone.)
  18. OK - the arrow through the lon/lat lines does not work. Way to busy. Instead I tried to make some changes to the arrow to make it look less like a smiley. Changing the arrow heads, and making the line thicker, and well as dashed seems to have worked IMHO. What do you think ?
  19. Dino Hunters


    I use a 1225 Fisher. A good basic reliable unit.
  20. Dino Hunters


    My experience has been somewhat different re: the ownership of school property. (I also am on a school board) At least in one case, the community helped fund the building of the playground on school property, and the outdoor skating rink. Since the community funded some of it, there is an expecation that the grounds are open to public. (Of course this would be expected to be after hours. ) For the most part around where I live school play areas are treated like public parks after school hours. I take my kids there to play, skate, and I've even metal detected on properties without issue to date. The only time I've been approached by Police while metal detecting was in a public park. An overly cautious neighbor called in a report of a guy lost in the park with a "weed wacker". The officer and I shared a laugh over that one. This may not mean that they are the best places for caches, just my experience. It may vary by region, and unless the school yard is in a particlarly interesting location, what's the draw? I'd rather find a cache in a cool place, and in the process learn about an interesting location.
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