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  1. To have the head without a bar you'll need to use an adhesive to place it there before painting. (spray I imagine ?)


    I use a can of low tack spray adhesive from WalMart that will turn anything into basically a stick-it type of thing.


    Also I find that overhead transperency sheets can be cut into nice stencils. (in case your looking for a good material) They're very durable for lots of re-uses.

  2. What AuntiWeasel said...


    So what if there is no ammo can at the end.

    I'd be happy with nothing but a big list of nice virtuals.


    Hikers are already sharing GPS routes for hiking trails and locations.


    There is NOTHING different between cachers and hikers IMHO. It is very hard for me to believe that the ammo cans are destroying anything temselves.


    Hikers are out there sharing coords to interesting viewpoints, and features which will continue with or without caches.


    ...Dino Hunters...

  3. Thats awesome!  Is there anyway I could get that same thing but bigger so I can try to edit out the chest and the wing pointing out from behind his head?


    I've been trying to do the same thing basically but I guess I don't have enough photoshop experience .

    which bit is the chest ?


    I can remove bits, since it is a vector on my computer.


    Maybe like this ?



  4. I still use my really old version of Micrografx 4.1 that I purchased 12-15 years ago. I think it ran on Win 3.11.


    Anyways it is the easiest (maybe cause I'm used to it) vector graphics editor for me to use, and I create all the drawings I work with in vector (line art) mode.


    This allows me to edit the image as needed in this state, and then last thing I do is import it into photo-shop which rasterizes the artwork into a bitmap, which I can save as a JPG for avatar purposes.


    I don't know photoshop well, so I do no editing in there, just use it as a translator.

  5. Mine may be tricky.. normally I can do what I want but I'm having trouble making this one.


    I want a good cthulhu avatar to use as a stamp/sig card as well.


    I want it in the style of my current avatar (kind of cartoonish I guess) but a little different.


    Here is a picture of my cthulhu tattoo - what I think cthulhu should look like.


    Remember I want it to be kind of simple so it could possible be a rubber stamp and in a similar style to my current.. but I'd rather not use my current as my permanant logo as I do not know the source of where the image came from.

    Is this one "simplified" enough ?


    I could probably knock back a few details still, or am I even on the right track with this ?


    As always - I can e-mail you the line art in EPS format, just e-mail me a request if you need it for stamps, cards etc.



  6. Dunno, but your local caches will be getting some action next week when I get up there... In Calgary right now, on the laptop in the hotel room planning for some caching tomorrow.


    What is with this crazy weather? +14 and no snow at all, when I got off the plane I almost melted. And to think I brought my cross-country skis and my bunny boots! LOL...




    Gonzo - I'd be honoured to have a fellow Yukoner (I'm a former) stop in Lacombe on the way to Edmonton and find one of my caches.


    It would be cool to see your log.


    BTW - One cache I found in Edmonton had a pretty long staircase involved in getting back to the vehicle. It can't be all flat.

  7. There is no "original size" to speak of since it is all buit in vector format. I can send you an EPS file in the original format, or a JPG imported and rastorized to any amount of pixel width you'd like.


    Feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know which of these you'd like.


    Here is what it might look like in a circle format....



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