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  1. Like this maybe ? ... P.S. for those still waiting for a request in this thread, might I suggest adding some ideas to the request. I can't speak for anyone else in here who has created an avatar, but I need a little more to go on. Concept ideas, sketches (no matter how rough), examples etc. will be very useful for myself (and perhaps others creating avatars) to help us get started on your request.
  2. Thanks for bumping this thread, since I was similarly disapointed after finding a cache at an event last summer, and not being able to view the cache. This loophole is good, but not really the best solution in my mind. It still creates two classes of geocachers, and hence the game is not equal for free .vs. paid members. I appreciate these instructions all, and GC.com for not closing the loophole !
  3. Maybe like this ? - Took some liberties with rotation etc. for a better fit @ 75 pixels.
  4. This was an attempt to illustrate your Class A motorhome. Would you like the VW instead ? Like this ?
  5. Not a bad plan - also I tried this. Just stretched the vertical and unstretched the horizontal a bit. I don't think the overall concept is too changed.
  6. This is an absolutely true story. When I was working as a lifeguard at a public pool, I had a young boy walk up to me and ask me what time it was. I responded with "it's a quarter to three". The boy says "can you tell me that in metric ?" I reply sure - "two forty-five" With a "Thanks" the boy walks away fully knowing what time it is in metric !
  7. As one of those "metal detector guys" I can tell you that I and many more do trash out those pull tabs. We also trash out sharp nails, and rusty stuff from beaches etc. If nothing else we don't want to find the same darn pull tab again if we return to a site!
  8. In addition there is a project underway to create a public domain collection of vector based clipart and make it available to all. The filetype that is getting collected there is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which is somewhat of an open standard file type. Some browsers can now view SVG in web pages. SVG can be converted to WMF. The collection is called "Open Clipart" and can be found at Open Clipart. You can place requests for specific graphic too. Since it's all done by volunteers etc. response may vary on requests. Another editing program that is open source is called Inkscape
  9. Hi gordonparsons... I don't think anyone has responded to this request yet, so I gave it a shot. I tried to work in some elements here. The obvious hairdressing icons, the colours mimic the Labrador flag, and the overall layout is meant to mimic a layout that might be done by a scrapbooker. I hope your daughter likes this effort.
  10. OK Here's the guy with glasses .... Here he is at less than 10k, but looses some quality... Here he is bigger.... and while we are at it... how about a line art black and white version..... Enjoy !
  11. I got an idea forming in my head on this one.... :-) wait for it.
  12. Since you said you were open to other suggestions..... how about something like this?
  13. Tonights challenge reminded me of my second motorcycle which I brought home in a number of boxes in the back of my truck ? Having another GPSr related challenge would be fun to watch. Not the whole show being GPS driven though.
  14. This is actually not a bad idea folks. If you can make a sketch with crayons, scan and post it, there are folks on here who can turn that into a spiffy graphic too. Sometimes it's the ideas I am at a loss for, but I can turn a napkin sketch into a reasonable image usually.
  15. This one inspired an image today - - I hope I have the who's who correct....
  16. I drew this one for an open source clipart project that I am involved with. Public domain! You can e-mail me for the source line drawing files if you like it. D.H.
  17. Helen Keller - "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Wanted to confirm this quote so I googled it. Came to quotationspage dot com and then did some searches. Louis L'Amour - "The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail." Horace - "Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even." Frank A Clark - "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." Hosea Ballou - "Weary the path that does not challenge." There are likely more available as well. Hope this helps. DH
  18. Yup, as I understand it, JPG does not support transparant backgrounds. Perhaps TPTB would enable GIF avatars, or really move forward to SVG if the software supprts it :-) Here's the worm on the opposite BG...
  19. One thing I did with my avatar on another forum that has every second message in a different background was to have a gradient background on my avatar so that either the top faded into the background or did the bottom depending on if I posted an "even" or "odd" background colour post. This worked OK, for the most part my avatar appeared to blend out of the background quite nicely. BTW the current two BG colours are ... RGB 238-242-247 and RGB 245-249-253 The effect can be seen with this worm graphic....
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