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  1. I ask this in the spirit of honest questioning. (since I was thinking of helping GeoCyclist) Would anything using 4 shapes each coloured with one of the 4 Groundspeak colours be considered a derivative of the logo ? Something with none of the black part of the logo, but using the 4 other colours ? From the logo usage page.... "All Groundspeak Geocaching logos are to be used "as they appear" and are not to be cut up or resized or altered without express written permission of Groundspeak. All Groundspeak Geocaching Logos are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, even if modified or merged with other graphics. The user shall not alter or remove any copyright notice, digital watermarks or proprietary legend contained in/on any of the logos. " From this I would answer my own question with a YES - even using the 4 colours would be considered a "chop", but I see lots of avatars using the 4 colours as part of an otherwise unique logo. How does Groundspeak see this concept ?
  2. I would find a cache that looks like this in the exact same light I would find a TB that looks like this one. "To be immature, unnecessary, and in bad taste."
  3. Why would this be considered crappy ? - I ask because I am planning a new cache, and thought that in order to show cachers around the area, I'd do a multi where clues could be derived from plaques that are along the trails. Is this considered generally bad form for a multi ? Is it better if I hide containers at each stage ? etc. etc. ?
  4. Thing is, this problem is not limited to geocaching. Many types of activities make the neighbors wonder. I had an encounter last summer with the local police while out looking for pennies in a park with my metal detector. Apparently someone called in and reported that someone suspicious was in the park and looked like they were lost with a weed-wacker. Once the police understood what was going on, of course it was no problem. Funny thing was I could see this old couple out on their deck on the apartment building across the street talking to each other in a suspicious way, and pointing at me and the police as we chatted. My friend had the police called on her for "lurking" while she sat in her car to warm up while watching her daughter sliding on the nearby tobbogganing hill. So there are lots of ways to arouse suspicion in suspicious people.
  5. I have two rods that I have repaired myself. Good to meet a fellow garbologist! - no it won't be near a kiddie park. - edited for spelling.
  6. Thanks for the replies and ideas folks. - no it will not be near a prison. - yes kind of a survival themed. - yes garbage bags can be very useful for more than hauling garbage. - no I do not plan to leave a pocket knife. Additional ideas I have - fishing items - gloves - headcoverings - socks. Never know when a soaking wet/cold cacher may need one of these items eh?
  7. Just a question for the more experienced in the forum... Are matches a universally bad item ? I ask because I am planning a cache of items that would actually be useful to people who are along a hike 7km from the nearest road. One of the items I was considering was some matches in watertight containers. Quote is from the geocaching FAQ. "Explosives, ammo, knives, drugs, and alcohol shouldn't be placed in a cache. " Since matches are not listed, and kids will not stumble upon this cache, and since matches might be useful to a hiker way back here, would it be an OK cache item ? Other items I am planning - bungy cords - sleeping bag straps - emergency blanket - rain poncho - garbage bags (emerg raingear) - printed topo maps showing trail out - home made wax/wood firestarters - bottled water possibly - bandaids - duct tape - plastic tarp - etc. Please reply if you have any other ideas for truly useful items in a "survival cache". Thanks
  8. My friend and I also metal detect. One day (really cold and windy) we were detecting along a beach (wearing waders and jackets) and this mother waves me over and asks if it's OK for her little daughter to swim. (why she would want to on a freezing day ?) I reply that I can't think of any reason why not, and wonder to myself why she would ask. Later it strikes me that I am wearing my windbreaker from the swimming pool with the word "Lifeguard" across the back in large letters. She must have thought that us "Lifeguards" were up to some official searching business for unsafe items on the beach.
  9. I was looking for this question/answer in this forum..... I am busy tonight marking caches near where I will be vacationing in July, and got all excited to see a TB in one of the caches near my coord search. Knowing that this is a pretty remote area, I thought there might be a good chance to find this TB and move him along. When I open the cache page I see note after note saying that the TB is no longer in the cache. I'd like to see this feature too so that caches can be as accurate as possible. P.S. Would it be good form to e-mail the TB owner and ask him to grab the bug and move it to a graveyard ? - just a thought.
  10. I seem to remember reading a series in the past where folks who did not have magical abilities were called "Mensch". In the books it was a bit of a derogatory term because it was also a lower class of creature that was unable to obtain magical powers. I find words and terms from popular culture in use all the time, so the adoption of Muggle to mean anyone who is "not in the know" will be fine with me. In fact I can see it becoming a general term for more than geocaching. For instance fisherman may start calling other folks who are not into fishing muggles. Just the way language evolves. BTW - I have not read HP or seen more than 1 movie. Interestingly I did a lookup of Mensch on dictionary.com and here is the deffinition. A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose: I am sure most muggles also have admirable characteristics.
  11. For those of us you out west, or anywhere in Canada. There is an online store called GPS City. They currently have the legend listed at $237.95 If any stores near you will price match (like Future shop, Canadian Tire etc.) you could get a good price, and if no stores near you will price match they don't deserve your business anyways so you can order from GPS City. That's how I got mine from a local price match at Future Shop. http://gpscity.ca I guess most folks here probably already know about this place, but just in case....
  12. My friend when he lived near the Alaska border used to have fun with tourists by telling them about the Canadian aluminum (sp?) termites. He would always mention to get a can of laundry soap or something to sprinkle in a ring around their RV whenever they camped at a campground in Canada. Must have been some dumbfounded campground operators for a while.
  13. Well that list is good and links to my college library online card catalouge, but does not mention that you can do walk up internet access there.
  14. I like the idea of a list of libraries or locations with free internet access. I wanted to start a list in a camping forum at one point in time about a list of free campgrounds or places to sleep over in your trailer. I have a free community campground near me,so I wondered if anyone else did too ? My college library has a few free access internet stations.
  15. I have been wondering the same thing. I'd thought of simply attaching an instruction card to please e-mail me when you see the Traveller. See this thread if it helps. \\http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=68000
  16. FYI - Magellan told me this spring that they plan to release a Canadaian topo product this year as well. Now that Garmin has the pressure is on, so it should happen. Of course a dash of "I'll believe it when I see it" may apply.
  17. Has anyone ever released an item with instructions to simply e-mail the owner with the cache last dropped in. Not very hi-tech I know, but could be a fun little way to play with a non TB hitchiker of sorts. Owner could manually do things like figure miles travelled, or make a web site with the adventures of the object.
  18. Sure now I find the answer - shortly after asking..... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=68000 In case anyone else is reading "Getting started" looking for the answer to this question.
  19. Just a quick question, since I have searched the forums and have been unable to answer this one. Do people ever (is it acceptable to) start their own hitchiker type of trackable object, and track it through alternative methods (say e-mail) other than the official TB numbered tags or GeoCoins ? Just curious - thanks.
  20. Just wanted to add an idea for others interested. The store where I bought my GPSr had a display of all the models, all of which were simply gutted shells. They did not work at all, but were the actual plastic shells of the models. I wonder if these might be available from the store after a model is no longer carried by the store. Just a thought - great thread btw.
  21. For me it appears to be up and down like a yo-yo. Same error screen as evertone else.
  22. janni93 - I made a log for the cach with the required pic. - nice hunt!
  23. Actually I just had to add this comment. There is a Nature preserve that includes that exact number. Just off of highway 2. J.J Collete Provincial Nature Preserve is the name. People are encouraged to take walks there and look for wildlife etc. I was thinking of placing a cache there once I find out about permission, if it's required or not. I will for sure get there this weekend. According to my Map SW parking for this location will be N 52-33.057 W 113 37.991 This is FUN!
  24. I am new to this - I found my first cache last weekend, and placed my first as well... This is my first find. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...B-01D2140FA4B3} This is my first cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=121331 As you can see 52 33.XXX will fall between the two. I should be able to get to this area either tommorow or over the weekend, since I drive that way Sat. at the latest. If the above links don't work (newbie here) Look for "Diamond Willow Trail" and "Cranna Lake Trail" Park2 - perhaps when you zoom up, you can be the FTF my new one.
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