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  1. A bit more work for Blue Grass Gyrl. This is a little smoother than my first posting... But at 75 pixels = much too small to read. Here's an attampt to make the idea taller and less wide. (also toyed with the colours a bit) Can this be read at 75 pix wide ? Or for something completely different...
  2. OK - I like this idea. Flag should be flying.
  3. I have limited tools on my laptop - so look for a nicer version on Mon. Here's a rough version for BlueGrassGyrl.
  4. So far I have purchased nothing except some cache swag just for caching. I bought my platinum for other purposes and discovered GeoCaching while googling around the internet for GPS pages in general. I have already most of the gear that people seem to use caching from before. I do a lot of outdoor activities so caching is just a new thing to do in the great outdoors for me. Beyond TB tags and swag, I'll let you know if I find myself needing caching specific gear.
  5. Hi Bus Rider. My personal take on your question is "Varies by individual". In my opinion a person who carefully reads the FAQs, reads the forums, and asks a question or two should have no trouble placing a cache without having found many. I realize that it is a rare individual who can learn from others mistakes, but if you are one of those folks, than you can probably hide a cache just fine. For folks who are less inclined to book learning, than practical field experience may be a better teacher.
  6. These coords should be very near your hotel. N50°58.890' W113°59.880' Link to search for those coords. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...ong_mmss=59.880
  7. The cache I have in mind to hide will be a large container traditional final cache. The only reason I want to make a multi there is so hunters will see more of the nature reserver (all points and the final will be in the reserve). There is a selection of trails, with intersections etc. Along the trails are a few interpetive plaques with nature information on them. Finding 2 or 3 plaques before the cache site would ensure that hunters get to see more of the trails and the area. Any thoughts on this plan ????
  8. You can use anything from my cache galleries if you wish. There's a well camo'd log cache in there. Just use my profile to get to them. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....13-18e3cd5f1551 If you want a bucket cache use pics from this cache of mine. GCJJ2C
  9. I'll take a stab at a tropical background if you like. Please post a photo of a typical scene (could be a real place near where you live) and maybe I can "cartoonize" a version of it to place the wombat and hat in front of. I was worried that the rock may be too big of an Aussie cliche, but it does scream Australia to us North Americans. (which a tropical scene may not as much).
  10. You would have to head south of Grand Prairie on (40) which would take you to Hinton. (I have not driven this road, so cannot speak about it) From Hinton you'd go SW on (16) to Jasper. (93) goes SE from Jasper to Banff. About halfway there is a T junction with (11) that goes East to Rocky Moutain House, and then straight East to Red Deer. (43) to Edmonton is a shorter faster drive and will take you through more areas where there are caches and cachers. The other route will take longer, but be more scenic. If you come down (2) from Edmonton (as you are planning) you could stretch your legs and hit our cache in Lacombe. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...63-6ff3de49dcae The nearest to the turnout I mentioned above are.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3a-909bdff76ddf http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bf-814ee9b872d1 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...83-ad61bbbc5a98
  11. Edmonton to AB-2 south through Calgary (sorry, guys) and on to AB-3 and AB-4 to meet up with I-15S at the Montana line, so I'll miss AB-93 completely, it seems. Well that's even better. There's a pullout that is on (2) west side of Red Deer, you can pop into the Alberta Sports hall of fame right there, and there are two caches within walking distance. It will also mean about 250km (one way) less for me to log Clayjars cache. I could even gather a few RedDeer cachers I'm sure for a roadside cache event. ClayJar - I don't know your route from the north - I presume from Dawson Creek (end of Alaska Highway) down through Beaver Lodge, Grand Prarie, and east (16) to Edmonton. The (93) route is much more scenic, and if you want to hit (2) north of Calgary you could take (11) from (93) to (2) - very nice drive as well. I've done Edmonton-AB to Whitehorse-YT many times if you'd like to e-mail me with some questions, I'd be happy to share of course.
  12. If the route is indeed coming down (93) then you will pass quite near our cache parking point which would be just a ways east on (11). Of course there is a little matter of a hike to the cache and back. There is a truck stop/gas station at that junction. (of 93 and 11)
  13. Something for GEO Wombat to try... and the small one... BTW - what about the idea of sharing some components that others could chop into pictures. For instance I'd be happy to share the Meridian simplified drawing I used in my avatar for others to chop into their own if they are Meridian users.
  14. Mustard Devil - I read about the Avatar size, and the max being 75 pixels wide, so I re-exported the JPG at 75 pixels. This new small one with grey background should make the best avatar of this image as possible.
  15. I asked about specifically using the 4 colours (or very similar ones) in the original GeoCycle post. Since I did not recieve a reply in that thread, and the question of chopping the logo appears again in this thread, I am asking again.
  16. But what is a Mustard Devil?? One of these? Sorry it's a bit rough - I'm at work and don't have all my paint toys with me. Seamus - I'm posting to say I'm sorry if I stepped on your toes by grabbing your mustard bottle and running with it. By way of explanation, I jumped into this thread on page 3 and since MD was using your image already, I thought I was just working on his avatar. I did not realize until I backtracked to page one tonight that it was your work in progress.
  17. To AmishHacker re: Did I make this from scratch.. No - I started with Mustard Devils current avatar. Created a vector drawing based on the image. (not by ray-tracing - by mouse) Added tail from scratch. Got face and arms from a second clip art (created vectors again) Pieced together with other objects. Moved the MD crest lower on mustard bottle. I use vector objects for all items, so I can move them in relation to each other, and get the same colour into each piece. Than when done manipulating, I export to a jpg.
  18. OK - pitchfork and evil grin added.... Small size with grey background...
  19. Devil Mustard - I felt to be truly Devlish, your avatar needed a tail.... What do you think ?
  20. This one is not TOO far from Calgary. It's on my watchlist. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e0-c722cf1c8505
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