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  1. And more, I recently discovered how to add trails and features to my topo maps. I bought the platinum because of it's qualities back when I did buy it. What can anyone say about the 610 as a replacement? I had both the Canada and Canadatopo sets before, but I doubt the old map SW will work with the newer models, 610 included right?
  2. My Platinum was stolen :-( Now I need to research for a replacement. Can anyone help me with which current models have both an altimeter and magnetic compass built in? Anything with features at least the same as the Platinum. Thanks. Gerald
  3. Another youth club which is similar to Scouts in many ways, has already implemented geocaching some time ago. Here's a link to the requirement they use, which may be of interest to Merit Badge counselors, etc... http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Adventist_You...tion/Geocaching http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Adventist_You...hing_-_Advanced
  4. Also the public domain "G" that marks the spot. It's a widely recognized symbol. As is the TB (Travel Bug) sticker.
  5. Unfortunately the upload pic page states... "Final images will always be converted to jpg." JPG file type does not allow a clear or transparent background, so our hands are tied. (pls someone correct me if you know a way to have GIF/transparant avatars) Joe - I sent you a private message, yes you can use this image for any purpose.
  6. Oh and I had one more idea right after I posted... * rotated and jumbled the "SPA" a little to indicate some more "SPAZ!" messed with the colours, just to see what it would look like.
  7. No problem. You'd loose a lot of pixels, since the space is only 75X75 pixels. I'm open for suggestions on a different colour scheme. Please suggest colours for various components, if this version is not quite there yet. Thank you so much for trying to incorporate my ideas. I can see now that the variety of letter sizes actually adds a quirkiness that goes along with the "spaz" concept, keeping them the same size is to "normal." Also...especially in the forums which are blue and white, the blue and white color scheme doesn't work at all. I was trying to thing about colors that would "POP" off the page. I guess my biggest concern now is to make the "Z" feel like more of a part of the work Spaz. If the "z" is rotated more towards the alignment of the other letters, but...let it extend out above the "A" and off the the bottom right on the other side?? Once again thanks for trying to help me come up with a great avatar. Yours is very cool! Now how to tweak it just a bit.... OK... * made the "O" a bit bigger again. * altered the "Z" to try and match your description * put orange against the light blue. Orange is opposite blue on the colour wheel, and this creates high contrast. * left the smiley face yellow, since smiley faces are yellow.
  8. No problem. You'd loose a lot of pixels, since the space is only 75X75 pixels. I'm open for suggestions on a different colour scheme. Please suggest colours for various components, if this version is not quite there yet.
  9. Wow. I got kind of burnt out on the Groundspeak forums, and have not logged in for some time. Then I see this thread is still active and WOW going along. I've not posted in this thread since 2006, back on page 39!!! Good to see some things are still the same. Too bad the forum has changed from a kb max to an enforced 75X75 pixels, since it squishes down all the avatars which were a bit taller than 75, but still under the kb limit. I guess I'll have to make a new one for myself now, so it can fit without squishing.
  10. I've submitted the listing - it's been approved. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a2-778b8ee1e18e Would someone be willing to make a post about this event in the Edmonton and Calgary areas boards, to get the word out, in case someone is travelling through central AB on the 22nd ? Thanks
  11. Would people who have previously organized a CITO event care to share any examples of letters or emails to land managers that they have used to introduce the CITO concept to them. I would appreciate some assitance in this area. Thanks D.H.
  12. Thanks for the notes folks. I'll keep on reading this thread, and plow ahead with plans. D.H. PS does anyone have an example of a letter of introduction to use for sending to land managers ?
  13. Hi Canada cachers. I am writing this topic to ask some questions etc about organizing a CITO event in my neighborhood. I am considering organizing one, and plan to conscript the Youth club, I work with as volunteers to help out. April 22, 2007 fits into our clubs schedule nicely as a day for holding this event. This is also Earth Day in the USA, but I understand that international Earth Day is Mar 21. Do you think I might offend too many Canadians by holding the event on this day ? With the amount of snow that's fallen this winter, I'd be suprised if most of the trash would still be under snow in march. April 14, or 15th do not work for our club schedule at all. Our Youth club is based in Ponoka, Alberta and I plan to hold the event in this area. I've been reading all the CITO event tips in the CITO forum, and plan to have a fairly "basic" event here, but would appreciate any specific tips on this topic too. Is there any cachers near enough to Ponoka who read this forum who would be interested in assisting, by maybe planting a new cache, or other wise helping out. Please post here or send me a message directly. I will be contacting the town Monday to start planning with them. Local business next to see if they want to get involved. Also I think it would be good if locals would post in this thread some expression of interest. I'll post the event as soon as possible once I know it is going to happen. Thanks everyone. D.H.
  14. As I recall, they were implemented after many people posted that they wanted them. Yes, but for what reason did the many people request the feature ?
  15. Just another case of why the PMOC idea is a bad idea. In my opinion it is one of the main items that gives me the perception that Groundspeak is running a bit of a "bait and switch" marketing plan. The reason often quoted for PMOC (Was implemented for cases of cache pirates, to help keep pirates unwilling to pay $$ from seeing the cache listing) seems like a very thin veil to me. Since the cache owner in this case is not using the PMOC for the reason most often given for having PMOCs, then the find should stand. It is true that PMOCs were not implemented as a marketing strategy, or to keep the best caches for members only, or for other silly logging requirements right ?????
  16. I'd think that "Great White Hunter's Trash" could be the more offensive part of that log.... And the now correct terms for electrical connections are "plugs" and "sockets".
  17. This confluence is relatively near me. I''ve explored around in this area, and it is rough country. I will not likely ever do it since it will require real climbing to get to, and my limit ends at extreem hiking :-) Link.... http://www.confluence.org/confluence.php?l...117&visit=2
  18. For Passing_Wind - a little bigger version so you can see it better....
  19. For RatJumper. Sorry for the delay - I lost the original files for a time. Here's a couple of larger versions one with the GPS and one with the cheese. Also the avatar size with the cheese...
  20. OK - I made the GPS a little darker, and the sky a little lighter for better contrast. Here's the avatar sized image... and a bit bigger so you can see it.... P.S. less than 300 views more and this thread hits 50,000 views !
  21. I can, but it kind of disappears into the sky. I figured Noid would have a red GPSr :-)
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